WARMER MIXTAPES #83 | by Erik Undéhn of The Early Days

Here is my ten songs that my feelings go bananas when I listen to, also a nice picture of me with my Rickenbacker.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre | If Love Is The Drug
When I first heard this song (I think it was around 2000) it had a sound I had wanted to hear all my life. I didn't know the sound existed. It's the perfect mixture of psychedelic 60s music mixed with newer sounds and personality...The whole song is only four chords - E A G D - but the way they are played together with the organ etc. it sounds like it's more than that. Also the lyrics is wonderful, the comparison between love and drugs is very strong. Everyone that ever been truly in love can feel the lyric, the same would refer to someone that has been addicted to drugs.

The Byrds | Renaissance Fair
When you hear this song you don't really think about The Byrds it has some kind of backward swing which gives the song a grove that would be impossible to copy, its a one of a kind song that can't be written again. Gives me goose bumps overtime I hear it.

The Raveonettes | Lust
A song with a great mood and ambience, the guitar theme is so simple but played wit a lot of feeling. Also the lyrics is fantastic.

The Asteroid No. 4 | My Love
What can I say, one of the best songs from 2009. The vocals of the first verse makes me think of the sound that was created in 1967. Now recreated in Philadelphia in 2009. I can listen to this over and over.

5. Love | A House Is Not A Motel
One of the best songs I ever heard. When I hear it ,my mind goes directly back to a time unable to imagine without being there. I would like to know how Arthur Lee felt when he heard it the first time in it's recorded state. I think it's the only song that is just as good in the cover version by Yo La Tengo.

Pavement | Range Life
An early lo-fi classic by The King Of Lo-Fi - Stephen Malkmus. I don't really understand the lyrics or what he mean but this was one of the most played songs on my stereo in 1996.

The Hollies | Maker
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London it had the sound that only could be created in that studio, a nice mix of 60s pop and psychedelia.

The Quarter After | Early Morning Rider
Another outcome of The Committee To Keep Music Evil, I think it's the organ player from The Brian Jonestown Massacre that formed this band. I have never ever heard a better recreation of the sound of The Byrds. It's had not to believe that it's not Gene Clark or Roger McGuinn singing.

9. Neil Young | Cowgirl In The Sand
Listen to this and close your eyes and you're back in the early 70s...The bass player I probably dressed in jeans from top to toe, the studio smell from sweat and weed and the guys are just jamming, one of the best guitar songs ever made. There is also a great version of this song by The Byrds.

The Smiths | Unhappy Birthdays
All these ten songs could have been The Smiths songs. Johnny Marr is my all-time favorite guitar player. This song doesn't really demonstrates his skills as a technical guitar player but it does demonstrates his skills as great strummer on the guitar. Great lyrics and beautiful arrangements.