WARMER MIXTAPES #127 | by Peter Lundbergh [Biker Boy]

Mixtape for lazy days.

1. Thirteen Moons | A True Story
One of the best Swedish bands ever. Totally unique sound. Swedish folk mixed with dark and moody soundscapes.

2. The Divine Comedy | A Lady Of A Certain Age
A future classic. Everything else is unfair.

3. The Sundays | Here's Where The Story Ends
A true pop classic. Simple tune with a lovely, lovely voice on top of it.

4. The Smiths | Well I Wonder
One of my Smiths favourites. The sound is quite unlike any other Smiths song.

5. Pet Shop Boys | King's Cross
Perfect tune with lovely chords and atmosphere. I passed King's Cross this summer and I immediately started to hum the song.

6. Cocteau Twins | Pearly-Dewdrops' Drops
I heard this song for the first time when I was about 13 years old. It's still one of my favourites.

7. Suede | The 2 Of Us
This is a forgotten masterpiece. I saw Suede live in Glasgow, 1994, and it's the best gig I have ever seen. That show is actually released on DVD.

8. Leonard Cohen | Famous Blue Raincoat
Words can't describe. Just listen.

9. Memoryhouse | To The Lighthouse
This song will be the soundtrack to spring 2010.

10. Mina | Se Telefonando
This is a true masterpiece in singing and songwriting. I have tried to make a cover but it's almost impossible. The song sounds so simple but it's a nightmare to sing.

+11. Frank Sinatra | It Was A Very Good Year
The beauty of this song is that it's so timeless. It will follow me all my life.

+12. David Sylvian | Brilliant Trees
You either hate or love David's voice. I totally love it. It's totally unique and together with his soundscape it's just wonderful.