WARMER MIXTAPES #197 | by Laurel Halo/King Felix

Warmer Climes Mixtape | The Twilight Zone

I hope that before I die I can visit the twilight zone of the ocean. I once went swimming around a Japanese shipwreck off the coast of Bali - despite it only being 100 feet down, I was too frightened to go close. I could only imagine what being in a submarine 2000 feet down would feel like. Bioluminescence is prevalent in the twilight zone - anglers with flashlights to lure prey, shrimp that puke up glowing fluid to confuse predators - life is all about avoiding repetition and irrelevance. I find it amazing that more is known about the Milky Way than the oceans that cover 70% of the planet. Also, I am a huge fan of Ghost In The Shell - there's a famous scene where this female android goes scuba diving for relaxation. She knows that her metal skeleton would sink her, but the air tank on her back keeps her alive - she simultaneously finds coldness and hope when diving.

This mixtape is divided into three parts - Part I is The Dream, the excitement before departure; Part II is The Mission; Part III is Diving Far Past Sunlight, and the inevitable return to the surface.

Part I

1. Joy Orbison | So Derobe
2. Dark Sky | Leave
3. X-102 | Mimas
4. Zomby | Float

Part II

5. Turzi | Buenos Aires
6. Fabio Frizzi | Escape From The Flesheaters
7. Black Dice | Nite Creme
8. Wish | We Are Fools

Part III

9. Art Of Noise | Crusoe
10. Oneohtrix Point Never | Preyouandi
+11. Zs | Black Crown Ceremony II: Six Realms
+12. ARP | Catch Wave
+13. Ocrilim | Part 7