WARMER MIXTAPES #272 | by Agustin Benicode Ilya Santana Marrero [Ilya Santana]

1. The Alan Parsons Project | Mammagamma
I was really obsesed with this song, is so simple but have all that a good track need, intro, bridge, break and an end, only in 3 minutes!!

2. Ray Lynch | Celestial Soda Pop
Marvellous melody moving up and down with a very depressive background.

3. Andreas Vollenweider | Behind The Gardens - Behind The Wall - Under The Tree
One of the most impressives musical works I have been listen, it's like the hymn of Heaven...

4. Giorgio Moroder | Knigts In White Satin
I know that it's obvious but is one of the best re-interpretations of a classic of the Moody blues, this inspired me to make my version of Dolly Parton's Jolene.

5. Idris Muhammad | For Your Love
Amazing drums arrange and bassline, the background sound like the piano... Great!

6. Gaz Nevada | Special Agent Man (Female Version)
It's one of the dark italo tracks that still make thrilling me, I listen before go night hunting!

7. Edgar Winter | Above And Beyond
Great track, love the entire composition, perfect for a summer boat/beach party...

8. Lindstrøm | Long Way Home
I thought that I will never listen to something like this from a contemporary musician, it's like Tangerine Dream of the future.

9. Sumeria | Golden Tears
I discovered this record thanks to Daniel Wang, an amazing history... With a background of pure classic disco madness.

10. Tangerine Dream | Force Majeure
The last two years I was really obsesed with this, the very first time I listen I feel some familiar with this kind of making music, this record inspired me to make Burning Jupiter.

+11. Demis Roussos | L.O.V.E. Got A Hold of Me
It's not a very famous song, it's around 10 minutes long and the end is epic with a cool lead and the bassline rolling the instrumental part...