WARMER MIXTAPES #282 | by Rafael Fauria of The Miracles Club

1. Lil' Louis & The World | Club Lonely (I'm On The Guest List Mix)
One of my favorite tracks to play out. Also the cover art is so beautiful. This one is really dear to me. Haha.

2. Hercules & Love Affair | My House
I saw them perform this live recently. The energy of the singers was amazing, the crowd was eating out of their hands. I really love what they are doing.

3. Marcus Mixx | House Flash Back (Original Mix)
It doesn't get more house then this, so raw and sincere.

4. Finesse | Elevate
My good friend Avalon K's new project. The name pretty much explains the music and the vocalist Susan is a really provocative performer and she sounds kinda like Paris Grey mixed with Madonna. I liked it so much that I decided to produce them and put out their first record on our label Ecstasy.

5. Shit Robot | I Got A Feeling (feat. Saheer Umar)
Really hypnotic jackin' track. Saheer's vocals are subdued but have such a playful and beautiful presence. Definitely one of my favorite tracks this year.

6. Romanthony | Testify (Soul Vamp)
I love everything Romanthony does. Testify #2 is the last record of his I picked up. He really goes to church on it. So spiritual! I catch the holy ghost on this one.

7. Brian Ferry | Shameless (Still Going Remix)
Brian Ferry is one of my favorite male vocalists. He still totally has it! Danced to his music a lot as a teenager in my long haired silk shirt bellbottom days. Haha.

8. Kim Ann Foxman | What You Need
This track has it all. It's deep, it's jacking, it's emotional, it's poppy clubby...

9. Ja Dene | Can't Read Your Mind (S.Y.B. Work It Mix)
I am pretty much a sucker for anything with a swung out snare groove, some horns and someone telling me to work it or come on.

10. Jon Hassell & Bluescreen | Club Zombie
Just got into Jon. So good!