WARMER MIXTAPES #311 | by Sun Angels

1. Aaliyah | Rock The Boat
I was really upset when Aaliyah died back in 2001. I was 15 at the time, and there was a commemorative programme on the radio; Timbaland spoke really tenderly about her. This song wasn't written by him though, but by Static Major who, coincidentally, also died an untimely

2. Mariah Carey | Make It Happen
Mariah is probably my favourite female vocalist ever (male Ditto? probably Luther Vandross, thanks for asking). Also, I like it when gospel house jams make their way into the mainstream (see: Mary Mary et al), so this is both things in tandem.

3. Deborah Cox | Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector Club Mix)
Although this is a poor man's Toni Braxton remixed by a poor man's David Morales, it's pure class. I first heard it on Gaydar radio, which I used to listen to while working in an office; you can't make proper spreadsheets without quality vocal house banging in your headphones, that much I know.

4. Armand Van Helden | You Don't Know Me
The lyrics are really powerful, with a simple message of libertarianism and amorality, but more importantly, the beats are amazing, still to this day. Pretty much the gold standard of house music.

5. Dark Society | Rose Rouge (Rework Mix)
Well, you should all recognise the sample. This is the kind of subtle remix that is really difficult to pull off; no grand gestures, no big breaks, no unnecessary flourishes, just more oomph.

6. David Ekenbäck | Breathe (Jamie Anderson Remix Dub Edit)
One of my favourite tracks of 2010, and works like a charm in combination with the previous song. Although I love the groove, I felt it was a tad monotonous for a mixtape, so I threw another track on it, namely...

7. Jasper Street Company | Smile (Smile-A-Pella)
When I first got into house music in the beginning of the noughties, I was all about gospel house: if God was somehow mentioned in the lyrics, you could be sure it was my cup of tea. Consequently, at the time, Jasper Street Co. was my favourite group, and I still have a few acapellas of theirs that come in handy every so often.

8. Sun Angels & The Radio Dept. | All About Our Love (Sade Cover)
I don't want to say too much about my own track, only that it owes a great deal to Oni Ayhun and soca. Hope you enjoy it.

9. The Lovefreekz | Blue Water (Lovefreekz Vocal Mix)
As much as I like warm, subtle deep house grooves, I will never turn my back on big, brash pop house records like this one. I want to jump up and down like a school girl when the chorus hits, that is the power of music.

10. Ellie Goulding | I'll Hold My Breath
Lights was my favourite album of 2010, if anyone is keeping tabs. I don't understand why she isn't bigger than Lady Gaga, although that might be an irrelevant comparison. Anyways, this song is just ace.