WARMER MIXTAPES #382 | by Nicholas McCarthy [Box Codax] of Franz Ferdinand and FFS

1. Creedence Clearwater Revival | I Heard It Through The Grapevine
This version is so excellent I can't believe it. For me this has the ultimate summer feel. It's groovy, chilled and you don't know the time has passed when it's finished. Time to put it on again.

2. Neil Young | Alabama
In my head it's always warm in Alabama. That's why it reminds me of summer. It's not really a happy song but it makes me feel strong. I can see that Cadillac with it's wheel in the ditch, kicking up the dry dust of summer. I'm glad Lynyrd Skynyrd have a go at Neil Young for not liking Alabama in their best known song because I hate them. Fucking right wing bastards. That always makes me feel good and strong for summer as well. Yeah.

3. Dead Moon | Walking On My Grave
This is a band I went to see when I was about 11 with my big brother. Just found them again in my head. They are one of the best Rock 'n Roll bands of all time for me. They are fucking great live. A big inspiration for me and my Rock 'n Roll. Check it.

4. Metronomy | She Wants
Metronomy is the best thing that's happened to new music. I love the whole thing. I love everything they do. Every piece is connected somehow. And it's a beautiful atmosphere created for all our lost hearts.

5. U.N.P.O.C. | Come In
Any song... U.N.P.O.C. created this great album and never followed it up with anything else. My favourite band on Domino.

6. Erik Satie | Gnossienne No.1 (Played by Daniel Varsano)
I know this is the advert song, but I've come round to liking it again. I think Satie was one of the cool kids around. I imagine him with a lot of attitude but with great clever modern ideas. That's my main man.

7. GOD | My Pal
This is one of my favourite tunes from when I was growing up. I heard it somewhere by chance the other day and I had to sing it to my brother to see if he could remember and he couldn't believe I came up with that song. It's such an unknown gem. So here you go. Take it. Take my youth. Thanks to my brother for being such an inspiration.

8. Steve Reich | Six Marimbas
Suddenly got into this again as well. I'm going back in time. I don't know. Just can't listen to anything other than classical radio just now. Who can't love Marimba arpeggios.

9. Cecil Taylor | Conquistador
And here's another one I found in the back of my record collection. I've been sitting around at home a lot for a change. And I tell you it's been quite cool. I mean I am drifting off a bit but a bit of loud free jazz has got to be in there somewhere. My second choice would be Albert Ayler.

10. The Damned | Help (The Beatles Cover)
I love The Damned and always will. And The Beatles aren't bad either. So here they are together at last. This gets any party going if you're djing. At least you can throw a few bottles at the walls. I've ignored the mainstream cause it's just full of shit right now. But I'll come back round to it I'm sure. Enjoy your lunch.