WARMER MIXTAPES #401 | by Cale Suesskow, Charlie Murdoch [Charles Murdoch], Dominiqe Bird and Jad Lee of Mitzi

SIDE A | by Jad Lee

1. Gang Of Four | Damaged Goods
So much love for this song. The lyrics/vocals, guitar, bass... I love it all.

2. Gepy & Gepy | African Love Song
Everything about this is a total jam. I used to play this in DJ sets all the time I’m not sure why I stopped but I’m going to bring it back again!

3. The Rolling Stones | Emotional Rescue
One of my favourite stones songs a true jam. I’ve heard Tiga drop this in the midst of Techno and it didn’t seem out of place.

4. The Wonder Band | Whole Lotta Love
My favourite disco came from the late 70’s early 80’s. I think The Wonder Band were fairly underground and didn’t achieve too much success, however this cover of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love is genius. The picky guitar about halfway through is killer and the change up at the end with the male vocal is so great.

5. The Stone Roses | Waterfall
Factory Records have been a big influence on me. Waterfall is a sing-a-long and a half.

6. Most Requested Rhythm Band | Brick House
This is one of the funkiest 12 minutes of music out there. The horns in this are insane, improvisation at its best.

7. Motorbass | Les Ondes
Motorbass were pretty genre defying and before their time. Les Ondes sounds like what Motor City Drum Ensemble (one of my favourite current producers) is doing right now. I’m also a big fan of Étienne De Crécy’s and Phillip Zdar’s work post Motorbass - especially Zdar.

8. Andrew Weatherall | Feathers
Andrew is quite an iconic figure. Primal ScreamsScreamadelica is incredible and his DJs sets are amazing... Always super eclectic exploring different genres. Feathers is still one of my favourite instrumentals going around.

9. Out Hud | It's For You
I have the 12 inch of this. It’s a really great song with fun, infectious vocals. A few of the members from Out Hud are now in !!! who are also one of my favourite bands. The keys at the end of this tune are killer.

10. LCD Soundsystem | Someone Great
I have all LCD records and I still can’t decide which is the best. James Murphy always delivers… The vocal delivery / lyrics on Someone Great gives me goose bumps every time. The song also reminds me of someone great.

SIDE B | by Dominiqe Bird

1. Nina Simone | Baltimore
A good friend of mine introduced me to this song not to long ago and I really dug it. It was originally conceived by Randy Newman, but I think Simone's version has a lot more feeling and groove to it.

2. Bob Marley | Small Axe
My father's neighbour gave me a Trojan Records 12" with this song on it. Out of the whole compilation, this song and the Toots And The Maytals - 54-53 Was My Number, were the standouts.

3. Talking Heads | Once In A Lifetime
David Byrne is my favourite artist. He has continued to explore not only music but art in general for over 30 years and is just a relevant as he was when he started. I can't help but dance when I hear Once In A Life Time.

4. SBTRKT | Trials Of The Past
SBTRKT's album came out this year and it's amazing. It's mainly electronic and the beats and samples are quite eclectic, but at the same time the whole album has a perfect pop sensibility to it. Sampha's voice is a little brash and off key but very honest, especially in the Trials Of The Past.

5. Fleetwood Mac | Gypsy
One of the things I like about Fleetwood Mac the most is the interplay between the drums and bass, this song is a perfect example.
6. Death Cab For Cutie | Title And Registration
Ben Gibbard has an stunning voice and Death Cab make some really good songs. Title And Registration was the first song my first band learnt when we stopped playing Jazz standards.

7. Fela Kuti | Gentleman
You can't go wrong with a two minute saxophone solo at the start of a song. Fela Kuti is an inspiration.

8. Radiohead | Where I End And You Begin (The Sky Is Falling In)
I could have picked nearly any Radiohead song. This song is off my favourite Radiohead album, Hail To The Thief.

9. OutKast | She Lives In My Lap
Andre 3000, similar to David Byrne, has never stopped reinventing himself and is never afraid to experiment. Love the lyrics in this tune.

10. Ryan Anthony Francis | Etudes For Piano: Loop
This guy is a New York composer. I cant find much information on him, but he is a piano virtuoso and composes some great modern classical music.

SIDE C | by Charlie Murdoch

1. Trentemøller | Take Me Into Your Skin
One of my all time favourite songs, every section takes you on a journey. Some of the glitches and drum sounds are out of this World as well…

2. Alberto Iglesias | María Santísima De Araceli
Mum loves Alberto after a big night of wine. Great memories.

3. James Holden | Lump
This is incredible! All through School my friend and I would listen to this and be amazed every time. Incredible Sounds, Incredible Structure, Incredible Vibe. James Holden is what started it all for me. It would always put us in great moods and we would be obsessed on figuring out how he created all the Textures and Sounds.

4. Mario & Vidis | Changed (feat. Ernesto)
This is a fairly new song. Some of the best Production I've heard in a long time! So catchy as well. These guys always do it for me. I'm obsessed with the Production of this and the Vocals put me in a great mood. I also loved the video so much I got the dudes who made it (Phantom) to make me a clip for my latest release Dekire.

5. The Doors | Riders On The Storm
Who doesn't like that piano!?

6. Friendly Fires | Paris
Ex girlfriend loved this song.

7. Big L | Street Struck
The best Hip Hop I've heard. Nothing beats it, so smooth and silky.

8. Bonobo | Ketto
This would always make me feel better, such a great feel to the whole track. So much groove and swing in those drums as well. Easily one of my most played songs.

9. Clark | Ted
Sometimes, drifting out of tune is okay. Has such a great edge but is also very calm and welcoming. Hard to explain to people the feel I get from this song but it gets me every time.

10. The Clash | The Magnificent Seven

+11. Four Hands | Hizou
I never want this song to Stop. I Love everything about it, the Simplicity, Movement, Mood... Everything!

+12. D Tiberio | Make It All Everything 
D Tiberio (Dom) picked me up from the airport when I was in the US playing a show with Nosaj Thing. He was telling me he produced Music himself... Like everyone, when you hear this, you tend to disregard the situation and move on. But when I got home I was absolutely blown away with his new EP. I Love every song, Super Smooth and Dark.

+13. John Schuller Aka J. SLYCK | Trust Me
Also while in the US checking out a few Record Shops I randomly came across this record. It said played by DāM-FunK, etc., so I bought it. Amazing song and Groove!

+14. Motor City Drum Ensemble | Send A Prayer Pt.2
I just recently watched a Resident Advisor feature on this guy. I also have the same problem with Anxiety, especially with Flying and it makes me feel a little bit better that someone is feeling the same. It's only recently appeared for me, but good to know someone has overcome it!

+15. Tere$▲ Jenee | Tahitian Vanilla
Was recently searching though Majestical Casual on YouTube and came across this gem. In Love with the Vocals and the way it kicks in!

+16. Jon Hopkins | Open Eye Signal
Obsessed with the video for this track, fits the Mood and Movement of it so, so well. I also found out the Main Synth he used to create the Main Melody, it's one Synth I have, so if I haven't released some Music for a while I'm sitting in the Studio trying to work out how the Hell he made that...

+17. Internet | Give It Time
These guys deserve more cred for the stuff their doing. Vocals are Amazing!

+18. Nosaj Thing | Try (feat. Toro Y Moi)
Jason is a serious dude. Nicest guy out there. When I just had a couple of songs on Soundcloud, I fanboy messaged him on Facebook and he gave me a chance to release on his new Label he was starting up called Timetable Records. Things didn't really work out, him being overseas, work, etc., etc.... But he gave me a chance... Not many Producers do that! Big ups and absolutely Love every track on the new album!

SIDE D | by Cale Suesskow

1. Buffalo Springfield | For What It’s Worth
Early work of Stephen Stills and Neil Young, this is a great song. Represents the 60’s West Coast sound pretty well I think.

2. Bob Dylan | Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
This is by far my favourite Dylan song. A sullen reflation of a failed romance, I had this on repeat for weeks after I first heard it. I thought I could relate.

3. Death Cab For Cutie | Transaltlantacism
My favourite song of one of my favourite albums. Perfect!

4. The Beatles | Twist And Shout (Cover)
Outplayed the Isley Brothers version, so much energy, so much soul.

5. The Birthday Party | Jennifer’s Veil
Reminds me of how perfectly Rowland S Howard and Nick Cave worked together. Perfect guitar for this kind of music.
6. Chromeo | Tenderoni

7. Led Zeppelin | Whole Lotta Love
This song was played a lot in my household when I was a child.

8. Neil Young | Heart Of Gold
My father sang this to me when I was a child. I always remember this when I listen to it.

9. The Trammps | Disco Inferno
Earl Young is a genius! This is the first memory I have of a Disco song. My dad still plays it these days.

10. The Smiths | Barbarism Begins At Home
Fun song, amazing guitars and I like the production.