WARMER MIXTAPES #402 | by Shawhin Izaddoost [VVV]

1. Scott Walker | The Electrician
Oddly enough, I seem to gravitate toward his tunes in the summer months. There are these polarizing moments to this song that are truly beautiful, and the harp notes always seem to warm my heart. The Climate Of Hunter record he did years later was really amazing too.

2. The Caretaker | The Sublime Is Disappointingly Elusive
The sounds of a world within another past world. There are these nice production subtleties and textures that really do it for me. I think the reverb and panning tricks are some of my favorites in recent memory.

3. The Byrds | Have You Seen Her Face
This song evokes moments from my childhood. Listening to Younger Than Yesterday on vinyl at Joseph's house was more of a background affair in those days, but the melodies and harmonies still manage to work their way into my new memories. I even like the Crosby songs! For some reason, this tune in particular takes me back to the smell of lingering incense and dust inside of Inner Sanctum Records.

4. Downliners Sekt | From Under Spinning Lights
This one is a really interesting from start to finish, the kind of song that has changed my perception of modern electronic music altogether. Sparse, yet touching melodies reside towards the end, but the daring dynamics throughout make this tune a favorite as of late.

5. Kreng | La Poule Noire
There's a sense of utter despair and tranquility, almost in equal measure. A rich and complex texture laden composition that makes use of some brilliant choral vocal fragments and incredible interlocking rhythms. The strings are gorgeous, as well.

6. John Maus | Believer
This is one hell of a pop anthem! This guy makes music that I find incredibly fascinating, mostly because of the way he creates this totally accessible amalgamation of Punk, Synth Pop, and 17th century Baroque music. Dude blows my mind with his energy and intensity, something severely lacking in the music I discover nowadays. I think he still teaches a class in political philosophy and theory.

7. Rooflight & Birds Of Passage | A Years Worth Of Leaves In Your Heart
A beautiful song that I may have trouble describing. There is this ambient, almost decaying pastoral quality that reminds me of a nearby ocean yearning to be revisited and explored. The hushed vocals also provide an anchor of purity and singularity that urges the listener to connect with the moment... Gentle bliss.

8. Michael Rother | Sonnenrad
I have always been in love with his music, even before his solo albums. This song is one that takes me everywhere all at once. The guitar tone and pacing is something that is truly magical and unique.

9. Ali Farka Touré | Machengoidi
Mali's finest. This song is a story being sung alongside the instruments and voices of the desert blues. Slight audio imperfections, back-up vocals, conga drums. And calabass violin only add to the otherworldly experience.

10. Pariah | Left Unsaid
This guy is one of my favorite producers right now, and I believe this song is forthcoming on his next release for R&S. The drums alone make this tune worthwhile. As the crescendo of noise and synths slowly make their way to the forefront near the end, the pauses in the drums become meticulously bridged together like a mile-high levee holding back the most powerful storm on Earth.