WARMER MIXTAPES #430 | by Andrew Clarke

1. Ali Love | Late Night Session (Ali Love - Midnight Mix)
I just love this song and it always make me smile!! It's got everything, a thumping bass, lyrics about late night dancing and its seriously funky!!

2. New Order | Mr. Disco
New Order was the first proper band I got into and probably the band that got me into electronic music. I got slightly obsessed with them collecting everything, vinyl, magazine interviews, tv clips etc.

3. Faze Action | In The Trees
What can you say about Faze Action!! Apart from being dons of House music, I wasn't listening to a lot of Dance music when this came out but this definitely put me back on the right path!!

4. The Grid | Floatation (Subsonic Grid Mix)
A classic Balearic track given the once over by the genius that is Andrew Weatherall. Put this on and whatever the weather, close your eyes and you'll be transported to Warmer Climes!!

5. 40 Thieves | Don't Turn It Off (feat. Qzen) (Hot Chocolate Cover)
I wasn't aware when this came out that it was a Hot Chocolate cover but it's a great track with amazing production and lovely vocals by Qzen.

6. Downtown Party Network | Days Like These (Vocal)
Who would have guessed that Lithuania was a hotbed for great production talent. Along with Mario Basanov these guys are doing everything right for me!!

7. The Blow Monkeys | La Passionara
Another classic Balearic track that I can't get enough of!! A lot of Pop stars jumped on the Balearic bandwagon but this is pure Sunshine for your ears!!

8. Still Going | Still Going Theme
I love Still Going and don't think they've done a bad track or remix. Quite a simple track in that there's not many elements to it but it shows that sometimes less is more!!

9. Talk Talk | Give It Up
I remember buying The Colour Of Spring LP when I was about 13 and putting it on the turntable and my jaw dropped. It was such a departure from they're previous pop sound and I loved it. Mark Hollis is a genius, fact!!

10. Slow Hands | Headgear
Probably the newest track here but again outstanding production and has all the elements I love about House/Dance music. Production that I can only aspire to!!