WARMER MIXTAPES #455 | by Jesse Briata [Lockbox] of [eye]GEISHA

1. Ryuichi Takada | Water Dance (Soulcalibur III Original Soundtrack)
I had a dream to this song once. It was about an Infinity Mall, involving these Hello Kitty type Fire forms floating as advertisers to a Crystal Sequintress Omegiaria Lionesse Queen in robe den of Deep Pink Morph Shade, like Deep Deep Pixel Tech.

2. Gel Body | Gel Boi
Used to bump this on the way to the Arcade with my crew (back then the Broom Grins).

3. Mink | Monk
Heard this for the first time when I was 15, completely changed everything. I mean whose life didn't this piece change? Such an underrated song.

4. Kenji Kawai | M01 Chant I - Making of Cyborg (Ghost In The Shell Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Nothing more, Urban Jungle, really.

5. Corn Cat | Catnap
Really helped me vibe to the Original Rainbow.

6. Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu, Toshiyuki Ueno | Whoops!
Whoopps! This tone in it for itself is very Chromatic, very Heaven.

7. Plus-Tech Squeeze Box | .o.
I LOVE Plus Tech! Nobody else does Fuzzball Crayon Bass better, to be honest.

8. Yen Dynasty | Big Tall Ancients
One of his better tracks, on the rarer side, but it's in typical Ancient Cheeseball Beam Gleam.

9. MC Iedh | Chief Clancy Wiggum Sez 
Great piece, for all emotions, really.

10. Steve Roach | Magnificent Gallery 
Just a great piece of Dream for any occasion, really.