WARMER MIXTAPES #497 | by Paula García [Sobrenadar]

Photos by Ignacio Fanti.

1. Memoryhouse | Lately
This song makes me feel peaceful. The sampler of Jon Brion's song from Eternal Sunshine... Phone Call (one of my favorites from the OST) it fits excellent here. So addictive.

2. Air | Missing The Light Of The Day
I think it is difficult to achieve natural and fresh sound using electronic elements and they know how to do it always perfect and tidy. Each sound in place, brilliant.

3. Geotic | Union
I could hear this song on and on and on and on and on and on without losing my mind.

4. Charlotte Gainsbourg | AF607105
In spite of being afraid of airplanes, I love this overnight flight. The voice of Charlotte almost whispering and the synth that start in min 3:00 sounds like a space travel.

5. Gareth Dickson | If I
Sometimes just a guitar and a voice can reveal the feelings more beautiful...This album is one of the first that I choose to listen when the rain begins to fall.

6. Michael Andrew | When I Call A Name
This song is from the movie Me And You And Everyone We Know. The restful words of Miranda July at the beginning it makes you lose all your fears, restore to health and leaves you renewed to continue listening to the delightful sounds that Michael creates.

7. Devendra Banhart | Hey Mama Wolf
Devendra always transported me to the middle of the forest and assures me that everything is going to be well. It's incredible, I could choose any song from this album, all amazings.

8. Boards Of Canada | Satellite Anthem Icarus
I am pretty sure that these guys came from the Future. Full of mysticism, it seems like this tune is played by aliens. Love it.

9. Juana Molina | Insensible
Not all the songs of Juana have piano and French lyrics, which I think is why this is one of my favorites. It came out of the line but without loosing its essence, delicate and wonderful.

10. Ricky Eat Acid | Care-Oh-Line
I'm in love with all the songs that came out of this guy's mind. This is one of my favorites, almost like a lullaby, invites me to sleep thinking of happiness.