WARMER MIXTAPES #1135 | by Samuel Austin Wilkinson and Elvis Benjamin Craig of Racial Purity Beatbox, Moonjean and Jensen Sportag

SIDE A | by Elvis Benjamin Craig

1. Chick Corea | The Woods 
One of the first Experimental Jazz records I can remember hearing. Vivid synths, spring reverb and beautifully fleeting themes all weave into each other.

2. Benedek | Laser Forest 
It has such an elastic thrown-around quality that is Funky as hell. Killer progressions and Moog lines.

3. Janet Jackson | Come Back To Me 
Worth it just for the intro.

4. Hugo Pratt | Night Loop 
Killer new jammy from our good buddy Sam Obey. 80's inspired synth soundscape fusion bumped through tape and just wooly enough to satisfy.

5. Oneohtrix Point Never | Cryo
Wonderfully syrupy track with an unpinnable agenda. Fantastic textures and mood by our boy.

6. Blood Orange | You're Not Good Enough
This is one of those tracks that feels like it slipped through the gate of my childhood. Classic Pop vocal anthem.

7. Yellowjackets | Shades
The Yellowjackets doing a track the Donald Fagen wrote for them. I have to love this. It's in my contract.

8. Mark Fell | Multistability 7-B
It's so much fun when you hear someone going into totally alien Programming territory. I have no idea what he's doing. Dude is a stud.

9. Theophilus London | Figure It Out (feat. Blood Orange, The Force MDs)
Maximum vox and sex appeal on display here. The chord changes are just 100% perfect.

10. Alan Braxe | One More Chance (with The Spimes)
Extremely Cinematic and Romantic piece of work by Alan. I can spot your chord progressions from 14 kilometers away, Alan.

SIDE B | by Samuel Austin Wilkinson

1. Samo Sound Boy | Open
The sveldt boss of Body High opens in full glorification of labor. Ever-rising, ever working, ever progressing, slyly uplifting. House beater with all gears exposed.

2. The Tuss | Synthacon 9
The secret Electrofunk of Richard D. Regenerating, recasting, rearranging, self-unaware. Technical College after-School lessons from the emotionally disheveled professor.

3. Drew Gragg | Metroplex Theme 
Dry-shampood. Dry-light. Gazing outside my window on a weekday. Studio Ghibli. Tape deck daydreams. Very interesting Metaphysical Leisure Music on Nicolas Jaar's Other People label.

4. TÂCHES | Malindi
Leaping, lurching, dip-dyed and soaking wet. A Dub-deep jewel of a prayer for House Music.

5. Kangding Ray | Dimen Andesso
Throbbing and cycling with purposeful excursion. Cell multiplication of elegant radial complication and a sensation of infinite duration. The Techno of a modern master.

6. LB | Thatness And Thereness (Mental Organic) (Ryuichi Sakamoto's 'Thatness And Thereness' Cover)
Mental Organic Atom™/Lassigue Bendthaus' rework of Ryuichi's Existential Escapist Poetry. Hi-Tech Kyma-Graphing. Endless precision. 808s tunneling slowly through the center. Ego surrender. Comfort in sorrow.

7. Illum Sphere | Ghosts Of Then & Now
Sweetly grave plastic parlor shuffle. Urns polished for some unknown relative. A loving Dub of doubtful duty. A new favorite on the old reliable Ninja Tune label.

8. Philippe Saisse | Glamorous Glennis
A Windham Hill highlights reel in MIDI. Arppeggio. Staccato. Toccata for toy drums. The fretless bass bemoans the beauty of the soldier in the rain.

9. Fennesz | Perfume For Winter
Cold comfort from the Austrian master of Psychedelic Ambience. A title that leads with a notion. A missing photograph wears snow. Frowning branches tell you otherwise. An act of Kindness amongst creatures less gentle in fairer weather.

10. The Sundays | Here’s Where The Story Ends
I recommend that everyone join at least one Sundays cover band.

+11. Mark Fell | Sections 8-14
A painstaking set of next-language makesnd cycling hyperlinks.

+12. Masayoshi Takanaka | Rising Arch
The tail end of peaceful levitation dream. Going straight, feeling flat. Pale stems curling outwards and upwards dripping glare from the Sun.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1134 | by Thomas Ouf [Kulkid]

1. Mono | Moonlight
This is THE tune for me. It's the track I'll take with me on a desert island, the track I'll die with, the track my future wife will have to love, etc.... It's the kind of Music I was doing before I got into Electronic Music. It brings so many feelings when you listen to it, heat & cold, bliss & happiness, etc.... You could rock a baby when the Music starts, and almost be pogoing at the end. You can picture whatever you want while listening to it. It's gentle and violent at the same time. To sum up, it's exactly what Music means to me: it's a background, a soundtrack that allows you to imagine whatever you want to see.

2. Pink Floyd | Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
My dad is a huge fan of Progressive Rock, and of course of the Floyd. This tune is simply the most perfect evolving Progressive suite I've been listening to. And it's even more moving because it's a tune in memory of Syd Barrett, the ex-leader of the band.

3. Burial | Archangel
Masterpiece of Electronic Music. Sleepy and dancy at the same time. I can't help thinking of deserted streets of London by night when listening to this tune.

4. Bon Iver | Beth/Rest
We just listen to this tune all the time with my friends, so it brings lots of good memories. Bon Iver really got a unique sound, it sounds warm and vintage, but that Electronic feel is so modern too. I'm always speechless when I listen to their albums.

5. Burial + Four Tet | Moth
Two geniuses at work. When that loop comes in the intro, you're like where the fuck are they going with that, and as the tracks goes on it all makes sense. I love this kind of feel, when you don't understand something at first sight because you only have the main element, and then the sum of all the small elements around justifies it.

6. Gorillaz | Tomorrow Comes Today
This is my travel song. Whenever I'm on a plane/boat/train I put this in my ears. At first sight, it really sounds like a sad and depressed tune. But the lyrics + the childhood memories this tunes brings back make it super positive to me.

7. Jamie xx | Far Nearer
This tune has influenced my work as Kulkid A LOT. I've always been into Exotic instruments - I almost always bring an instrument back from my travels. I remember that, when I first listened to this tune, I found it was GENIUS to blend Exotic/Organic instruments and Electronic Music together. Anyway, this track is my iPhone ringtone since a year now, and this means a lot.

8. Arctic Monkeys | Arabella
I got their last album on repeat in my car, and I put that track whenever I go to a party. It pumps me up every damn time. So if you go to Aix-Les-Bains and see a Volkswagen with this tune at maximum volume, there's a chance it could be me.

9. Daft Punk | Veridis Quo
The best tune from the masters, according to me. It's the kind of tune and sound that has inspired and influenced a whole generation of musicians. And it still works today, that tune is timeless.

10. Aphex Twin | Rhubarb
This tune is just pure peace. The whole album Selected Ambient Works Volume II is a masterpiece, but Rhubarb is really my favorite tune. I don't really know why, it's just so simple and so efficient. I could be listening to that in loop on a cloud forever. Or in a plane.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1133 | by Ivan Erofeev [Aleph] of Prodavcy-Konsultanty

1. Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff | 12 Romances, Op.21: How Fair This Spot / Здесь хорошо (Zdes′ Khorosho) (Performed by Inessa Galante with Vladimir Choclov, Ingmars Zemzars, Janis Bulvas)
Inessa Galante has a wonderful voice, I can choose any of her Romance interpretations, sang in any language, to please my ears. I've watched a couple of her Operas and can't describe how unbelievably good she mastered her voice. I heavily recommend you to check out Jewish Folk Songs & Rachmaninov Romantic Songs album from start to end.

2. Floating Points | Shangrila
I won't tell you that Shangrila is my favourite track made by Sam, but it was my first revelation. I walked through the hood in my hometown of Omsk, it was a very cold winter. Scrolling randomly trough tracks on my player I stopped at Shangrila and was shocked and excited. I met my friend, then put this track on on my friend's soundsystem and sat in center of the room. Since that day I explored each and every of his tracks and constantly relistening it. Without a doubt I can say that he influenced me a lot, but you can't tell it from listening to my Music.

3. Lerosa | I Care
Italian producer who writes very elegant House Music and oftenly releases mixes that consists from very rare vinyls which is impossible to find in Digital format. This track's strongly inspiring, it's slow and gracious development drowns me in soundplay, and then you unintentionally embrace same slow tempo with your thoughts and it makes your attention free and clear. When the track breaks into second half I always want to close my eyes and see how this Music looks from inside.

4. John Tejada | Somewhere
This is the first John's track I've heard and I instantly fell in Love with it. I've goofled him, bought his complete discography and listened to him for days and nights, playing Somewhere in clubs on a regular basis. Especially I love his tracks which has lyrics on them.

5. Ten Walls | Gotham
This is a masterpiece. It's hard for me to imagine how this melody was written, but it is geniously tailored. Especially it's last part, mystical run of notes around tonic. Things like this are priceless and therefore Ten Walls quickly found its ways into World's charts, into podcasts of Techno and House bosses. I may not rate previous tracks by this artist so high, but I think he's a very talented guy. Meow.

6. Deepchord | Glow
Before I heard Deepchord, I had no clue about Dub-Techno. But he, on his own, proved to be able to make me obsessed with this genre. I don't want even to talk about this Music, 'cause there is no words that can be more important than listening to it. I want to share a secret with you: currently I prepare a Dub-Techno album under disguise and it looks like I will work on it for another few years.

7. Fudge Fingas | Snow Day
Classy House with a ripe groove, I played this bit in different spaces, times and tempos. Speaking of dances, it's a firestarter.

8. Art Department | All Mine
Love-from-a-first-glance type of track. Amazing duo from Canada which has no need for presentation. Mega popular guys who made a style of their own and they keep it in both tracks and mixes. Pleasant listening, I advise you to visit their live shows!

9. N.A.D. | Distant Drums
My recent discovery, let me put aside the fact that it was written in '89. The swinging drum machine rhythm with interesting speech above makes you listen to the sound of distant hits hidden in the background. It's the first track from an album which tells you a big story. A story about the Future and much more.

10. Zbigniew Preisner | Dies Irae
I close my list with a Female Opera song, in the same key as I started it. It's a Polish composer who's widely known as an author of Movie Soundtracks. I've never seen these movies, but a couple of these compositions deeply printed in my consciousness.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1132 | by Denis Kolomensky [Dany Kole]

1. French Horn Rebellion | Swing Into It (feat. HAERTS) (Chordashian Remix) 
It’s just a magic groove for me, this track mirrors my mood for the last week I think. I played it for hours on repeat. Great job by all the people involved in it.

2. Moon Boots | C.Y.S.
Moon Boots is one of my favorite artists now. His tracks always put me in a different mood - very sensual, but still cool and funky. Very good combination of emotional vocals and Dance grooves.

3. Sam Smith | Money On My Mind (MK Remix)
Angel voice of Sam Smith is already recognized by everyone. MK brings his classic House groove to that track. Can’t resist to dance on that one.

4. Jonas Rathsman | Feel What I Feel (Extended Mix)
Jonas combines unique Deep House sounds with interesting track structures. This is one of the tracks which brought my attention to Deep House Music.

5. Drake | Hold On, We're Going Home (feat. Majid Jordan) (Kastle Remix)
Absolute non questionable banger from Drake, but even a better club version from Kastle. Amazing groove here. This is one of the tracks I was totally obsessed when I travelled to Miami. There is an amazing place called Bardot, which totally fills my Musical taste. This track just blew me and my friends there. We were dancing like crazy.

6. Holy Ghost! | It Must Be The Weather
Holy Ghost! is an amazing band. The lyrics I think about my age resonated with me here, I thought the same in that period of my life. Really emotional and well composed song, but also very cool.

7. Perseus | Shadow Of The Beast 
Perseus is a king of crying R&B Dance Music. His tracks are instantly making sentimental moods and making you to text to your ex. And this recognisable snare is like saying to you I will be on every track and I will wipe you again and again, this will work, I don’t care.

8. Capital Cities | Nothing Compares 2 U (The Family Cover)
This is actually a cover, but that interpretation of this song is very close to me. I was obsessed with it when I had very strong emotions in my relationship.

9. New Order | Crystal
New Order has so much amazing songs. This band is very important for me. They made me actually believe that I can make Music and I can sing. Because, when I listen to New Order, I understand that your unusual life experience that has impact on your personality can make it work even if you’re not a good singer. (Sorry, Bernard, now you’ve learned so much).

10. Cut Copy | Hearts On Fire
This was one of the first club bangers from an Indie band for me. And one of my first turns to Creating Music with Electronic instruments.

+11. Ladyhawke | Paris Is Burning
This song makes me remember the younger times, and yes, my trip to Paris, emotions that I felt that time and my complicated relationship. I don’t like to forget such things, that’s why it’s very important.

+12. New Young Pony Club | The Bomb
One of the first song which introduced me to the Hipster Culture. That was fun.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1131 | by Simon Torssell Lerin and Bettina Hvidevold Hystad of Lerin/Hystad

SIDE A | by Bettina Hvidevold Hystad

1. The Mars Volta | Goliath
Picking one song from this band is difficult. Their mix of genres and their energy is just perfect. I choose this song because of Cedric's screaming vocals and all the flipped out instrumental parts.

2. Björk | Crystalline
Björk is always pushing the boundaries of Popular Music and this song and the whole Biophilia album is an excellent example of amazing Electronic Music. The scaled down mix of instruments and vocals is so airy, less is more, this always makes me dance.

3. Boredoms | 77 Boa Drum Part.1/Seven
+ 77 Boa Drum Part.2/Sun Loard... One of my all time favorite musicians is Yamantaka Eye. I really love his early projects with Hanatarash, but these drum concerts by the Boredoms are great. This was performed in Brooklyn, New York together with 77 drummers.

4. Popol Vuh | Aguirre I (Aguirre Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
One of my favorite soundtracks, to one of my favorite movies.

5. Fausto Romitelli | An Index Of Metals (Performed by Ictus Ensemble)
I saw this piece performed at the Borealis Contemporary Music Festival 2014 and it made me speechless. It was conducted by Baldur Brönnimannan and performed by the BIT20 Ensemble, but it was the soprano Christina Daletska that fascinated me the most. Her amazing voice and stage presence made this piece very memorable.

6. Fire! Orchestra | Exit! Part One And Two
+ Exit! Part Two... Mats Gustafsson is the best saxophone player in the World and he really made magic in this concert and record.

7. Bo Ningen | Nichijyou (feat. Jehnny Beth)
Best live show EVER. These four Japanese guys have a bright future ahead.

8. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. | OM Riff From The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. (Part 1)
The band name says it all, Hypnotizing Music. The guitar player Makoto Kawabata is involved in so many interesting projects.

9. Masonna | Part II (from Spectrum Ripper)
A legend within the Japanese Noise Music scene. I was lucky to see him perform in Osaka in 2012, the concert lasted only 1 minute and 40 seconds and I have never been so scared and excited at once.

10. Atsuhiro Ito | Black Pharmacy (feat. The Lefty)
Atsuhiro Ito is a Japanese Visual and Sound Artist. He works mainly with fluorescent lights. He has created his own original musical instrument called the Optron. He also creates extreme optical noise core with his band Optrum.

SIDE B | by Simon Torssell Lerin

1. Fausto Romitelli | An Index Of Metals (Performed by Ictus Ensemble)
I saw this being performed live recently and it was an amazing experience. An incredibly powerful combination of dark haunting dissonance, Opera, Contemporary Classical Music, Noise and Doom.

2. Earth | Land Of Some Other Order
This is from the record Hex; Or Printing In The Infernal Method. I love Earth, especially their more recent albums. Dylan Carlson is one of my favorite guitar players because his riffs are so simple but so haunting and powerful.

3. The Mars Volta | Cygnus.... Vismund Cygnus
The Mars Volta are one of my all time favorite bands so to chose a single song is difficult. But to me Cygnus.... Vismund Cygnus from their second album Frances The Mute is a great example of the band's amazing combination of Freak Out, Salsa, Progressive Punk-Rock.

4. Björk | Where Is The Line
Björk is one of my favorite singers and I love how she has always pushed the boundaries of Electronic Pop Music. This track is from her album Medúlla and I just love the Sound and Production.

5. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Castles Made Of Sand
Jimi Hendrix needed to be on this list. Playing along to his Music was how I learned to play guitar. This track is from the album Axis: Bold As Love.

6. John Frusciante | Untitled #2
My absolute favorite guitar player. There is so much emotion, beauty and feelings in John's music. This track is from his debut album Niandra Lades And Usually Just A T-Shirt.

7. Barn Owl | Into The Red Horizon
Amazing Ambient, Drone, Doom. This is the opening track to their beautiful album The Conjurer.

8. Boris with Merzbow | Akuma No Uta
This is from the album Klatter. The whole album is amazing, it sounds like a lost tube-amplified demo of the 1970's with Boris combining their heavy Drone Doom with amazing Krautrock influences and Merzbow filling any remaining space with atmospheric Noise soundscapes.

9. Pierre Boulez | Domaines (Première Partie) (Performed by Ensemble Musique Vivante with Michel Portal; Conductor: Diego Masson)
+ Seconde Partie... I found this record in a second-hand store a few years ago and since then it has been my favorite record to practice Guitar to. It always challenges me and provides me with new ideas.

10. Magma | Mekanïk Kommandöh
Magma is probably my favorite band. I love their vision of combining Opera, Contemporary Classical Music, Wagner, Progressive Rock and Free Jazz and presenting it as a Science Fiction story. This is from their album Mekanïk Destruktïw Kommandöh.