WARMER MIXTAPES #1652 | by Leon Smith and Ross Standaloft of Too Many T's

Photos by Caitlin Mogridge

SIDE A | by Ross Standaloft

1. Slick Rick | Children's Story
This was the first Hip Hop song I learnt all the words to, I literally used to rap the whole song to other kids at school when I was 14 and I got my first proper girlfriend out of it (I was that cool).

2. Dilated Peoples | The Platform
Dilated... were absolutely massive for me when I was a kid. I used to skate and I'd take the Dilated Peoples album Platform to the skate park - they'd put it on and I was literally having the best time of my life.

3. Eminem | Drug Ballad (feat. Dina Rae)
Just such an amazing visual from the raps in this song, my fave Eminem track.

4. Edan | Mic Manipulator
First Edan track I ever heard - trippy Hip Hop with incredible lyricism, heard it on a Yoda mixtape arund 2004. Edan's been my fave ever since (not that he's ever put much out!).

5. Jurrasic 5 | What's Golden
You just can't not nod your head to this track. Sample is the nuts too! J5 are my fave crew.

6. Zero 7 | Somersault (feat. Sia)
I love Hip Hop, but over 50% of my listening time has probably been to Trip Hop. Bonobo, RJD2, Nightmres On Wax - but this Zero 7 song strikes a chord, the strings are powerful and full of Emotion. Love it.

7. Dizraeli | Bomb Tesco
A witty and funny track, my fave off Dizraeli's solo album I think. But it's more the significance of this album why this is in my top 10 - it made me start writing again, it was around 2009, I'd kinda lost interest in UK Hip Hop and stopped writing, but this album got my creative juices flowing again and I've ended up progressing far beyond what I ever thought I could as a lyricist.

8. Rick James | Give It To Me Baby
I'm no chauvinist, but I just absolutely love this track, Funky as hell.

9. Commodores | Brick House
What number 8 said.

10. Wu-Tang Clan | Method Man
I was obsessed with Wu-Tang as a kid, went to get a Wu bat tattooed on my arm aged 16 (luckily got ID'd and didn't do it). Meth has one of the best voices, delivery and flows in Hip Hop and it'd be a crime to not have a mention here!

Special shouts to Atmosphere, DJ Format and Abdominal, Bonobo, Asher Roth, The Kinks, Arctic Monkeys, Bill Withers, The Roots, James Brown, Jamiroquai, De La Soul, Gorillaz and LOAD more I couldn't squeeze in.

SIDE B | by Leon Smith

1. DJ Format | Vicious Battle Raps (feat. Abdominal)
This came on MTV at a mate's house about 2004 and I was like what the f*ck is this!! The beats so sick and I was instantly hooked on Abdominal’s rhythm and flow and have been since – real inspiring, positive rapper. So lucky I got to work with him on our last record.

2. Eminem | Infinite
Early Eminem is one of the main reasons I started rapping and this track is a lesson in Multi-Syllable Rhyming and matching the beat perfectly with his flow. Still the pinnacle of Rhyming for me.

3. The Notorious B.I.G. | Notorious Thugs (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
Biggie’s deffo in my top 5 rappers, but he’s not known for his double time. He absolutely nails it in this track alongside Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I transcribed the whole song to learn the lyrics and master that double time 'n' rhythm 'n' show off to my mates.

4. DJ Kool | Let Me Clear My Throat (Live at Bahama Bay Club, Philadelphia)
I love it when you can feel the energy in The Music, but it can sometimes get lost through the recording process. This track was recorded live in Philly and the vibe and energy of that room comes through on the track like I've never heard on any other.

5. Method Man & Redman | Da Rockwilder
I love the way Meth starts his verse before the beat drops and Red & Meth work off each so well.

6. Busta Rhymes | Gimme Some More
Samples Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho theme-tune all the way through… Normally samples get chopped and changed, but this just stays consistent the whole through and just works. Then Busta’s flow and rhyming on this track is on another level.

7. Michael Jackson | Billie Jean (Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever Live Performance)
Performance.com! To this day I haven’t seen anyone own a song and a stage and a performance as well as MJ does here. I was captivated. I had the performance recorded on VHS – I wore the video out from watching it over 'n' over to learn it.

8. Nas | Rewind
Nas raps the whole track in reverse. Genius.

9. Q-Tip | Things U Do
There’s an unusual arrangement to this track, but I really like the instrumental break between the verse and chorus – it gives a real nice laid back atmosphere to the record.

10. Amy Winehouse | Stronger Than Me (Reggae Version By Reggaesta)
I love the original, obviously Amy’s vocals are incredible, but I love the bounce of this remix you get from the offbeat Reggae staccato chords.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1651 | by Regina and Günther (Heroina, M. Arfmann & The Naked Factory) Janssen of Donna Regina

SIDE A | by Regina Janssen

1. Dusty Springfield | The Look Of Love (Casino Royale Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
A classic in the words' true sense. Burt Bacharach is a master, there are so many excellent songs written by him. I chose this one because I had a personal Donna Regina moment: we were playing in Japan, it was my first ever concert, I had never sung in front of people. I am still very stagefright, but this evening was nervewrecking for me. After the concert, a shy, young Japanese woman came to me and gave me an audio cassette with cover versions sung by her, among them was this jewel of a song and one of our songs, too, Almaty, I guess. I could only listen to it back home, and it brought tears to my eyes. The young woman was singer Ayako Akashiba, we became friends and we still are. Thank you, Ayako.

2. David Bowie | Where Are We Now?
There are so many songs by David Bowie I really like, I also love his instrumental, more Ambient stuff like on Low, but somehow I lost interest in him for many years. Too much Rock for me. Then all of a sudden this song came out, and it brought back the old fascination. A frailer voice as the young Bowie, but he got older so well. He was back. And then he died. I still miss him. 

3. Beach House | Other People
I love almost everything from Beach House. It was difficult to chose one song, I might as well take the whole Bloom album, which is my favourite. I am a fan.

4. Pet Shop Boys | Being Boring (Album Version)
This one is the opposite to Beach House: I am not a fan, much of their music is too polished and, hmm, speculative. But this song always kills me, the lyrics, the way they play with words, The Melody, The Melancholy, an ode to Being Young, I just love it.

5. Jacaszek/Miłka | Gra Towarzyska
We were touring in Poland many years ago with the two of them, they just had released Sequel. The tour took place in a very cold winter, we had hair-rising experiences on Polish streets, covered with snow and ice. It was very romantic and beautiful. After returning home I discovered the beauty of this music, I like the album very much, it's like the Polish answer to Portishead. They did not continue working together, Jacaszek is a very successful musician today, doing mainly film scores and Experimental Music, Milka became a writer. Still like it!

6. Ducktails | Headbanging In The Mirror
The album – St. Catherine – became a true friend of mine: reliable, trustworthy, maybe not too exciting, but always there to make me feel good. It is difficult to single out one song, but Headbanging... has it all.

7. Biosphere | Kobresia
Biosphere's Substrata is one of my favourite Ambient albums, this is Cinema for the head. I don't know what the guy in Kobresia is talking about, maybe it is a manual for a vacuum cleaner, but it touches me deeply.

8. Ryuichi Sakamoto + Taylor Deupree | Disappearance
Another Ambient album, I have to put the whole album on my list. No problem for me, because this one works like opening the window when the air has become thick.

9. Kraftwerk | Autobahn
No list of a German Electro-Indie-Avant-Lo-Fi-Pop musician would be complete without Kraftwerk. How elegant they were, how inventive, and how sad it is that they have been doing only remix stuff for so many years now.

10. Hildegard Knef | Heimweh Nach Dem Kurfürstendamm
This is very nostalgic, la Knef sings about a street, an avenue in Berlin. I love the German word Heimweh, it means a kind of Nostalgia, longing for Hhome. This street does not possess its past grandezza anymore, but still, as we are living not far from it, it goes through my head from time to time – and always will.

+11. Joni Mitchell | Blue
No.11!!! But no list of mine would be complete without Joni Mitchell's album Blue – and I just cannot say which song on it I like best. She's The Queen.

SIDE B | by Günther Janssen

1. Syreeta | Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
Syreeta was married to Stevie Wonder, together they made beautiful songs like this one – maybe the instrumental Cover version of Jeff Beck is more well-known. But I prefer the original, produced during the golden creative years of Stevie Wonder in the 1970’s.

2. The Ronettes | Be My Baby
For me, this Phil Spector written and produced single is a sort of trip back to a Pop paradise that probably never existed. In my teens and twenties this kind of Music was definitely not my thing… Whereas now, while driving my car, I always turn up the sound and smile.

3. Manic Street Preachers | Motorcycle Emptiness
I don’t know whether in my deepest inner musical me I am more a bluesman or a rocker (carefully hidden behind all the other aspects of making songs and sounds…) – this one is a Rock song not only with the right attitude but real substance, The Melody, The Singing, The Lead Guitar, the ever changing parts and above (or underneath?) a good portion of Melancholy.

4. Pink Floyd | See Emily Play
While still growing up and absorbing all kinds of Music listening to pirate radio stations, Pink Floyd (the early ones with Syd Barrett, a fallen angel genius) was probably the first group I discovered by myself and not through my brother’s recommendation. Suddenly there was Music especially made for me, Beatles vs. Stones was a foolish game for the others…

5. Mathilde Santing | I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face (Rex Harrison Cover)
Mid 80’s, of an now forgotten EP by the Dutch singer Mathilde Santing, who was never better on later records than on her self-produced debut. Nearly under-produced, she sang (I think) 5 cover versions, this one being an old American standard.

6. Hank Williams | I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
It’s a funny thing when or why a song moves you… I never had an ear, a heart for Country Music… And then, suddenly, this tune by the late Hank Williams always drives me to tears… Strange.

7. Joy Division | Love Will Tear Us Apart
In 2017 I saw New Order live at a festival here in Berlin. As an encore, they played this Joy Division song, with great respect, totally devoted and not at all in an ironic way. Thank you, Ian Curtis for giving us so much passion!

8. Nick Drake | Time Has Told Me
The same as with other comments written before: a beautiful song, the voice, the arrangement, the lyrics. Nick Drake was bitterly disappointed when his debut album had been totally ignored by the record buying public. Perhaps his songs, his singing, he as a person was too intense… I don’t know…

9. Jeff Buckley | Lover, You Should’ve Come Over
Still living in Cologne, I saw Jeff Buckley twice in concert (both in a club called Luxor). The first one is one of my all-time favourite Live experiences, the band, the playing, the songs and of course Jeff Buckley himself... He had such a great voice, not just in a technical way. His death has to be one of the biggest losses to Music, nevertheless I am so glad I had the honour to see him performing live.

10. Scott Walker | If You Go Away (Jaques Brel's 'Ne Me Quitte Pas' Adaptation/Cover)
Ne Me Quitte Pas was the original by Belgian chansonier Jaques Brel. Scott Walker sang it on one of his solo albums (with the titles being Scott 1 – 4) after his time in The Walker Brothers. Big drama, big arrangement, big singing, perhaps all too much? It still moves me, though

WARMER MIXTAPES #1650 | by Peter Broderick

Photo by Markus Shearer

1. David Allred | Harter Way
I love David’s Music and this song feels very special to me because the first time I heard it, I felt immediately that David’s songwriting had evolved significantly deeper.

2. Sibylle Baier | I Lost Something In The Hills
Sibylle’s album Colour Green is a thing of Soft Beauty.

3. Chet Baker | My Funny Valentine (Mitzi Green Cover)
I just love Chet Baker’s sweet voice so much.

4. John Cage | In A Landscape (Performed by Stephen Drury)
What a beautiful piece of Music with a calm sense of Mystery...

5. Brian Eno | 1/1 (From Ambient 1 (Music For Airports))
This piece has such a calming effect for me. Any time I put it on, I feel it brings a sense of Serenity.

6. Milton Henry | Let The Sun Shine In
This song makes me so happy!

7. Joni Mitchell | Both Sides, Now
Joni’s voice is so incredible, and this song is just a classic which so many people have learned to play over the years. I’d like to learn it one day.

8. Arvo Pärt | Für Alina (Performed by Jürgen Kruse)
This piece is so quietly devastating. Arvo Pärt does such a beautiful job of capturing the Deep Melancholy of The World.

9. Arthur Russell | This Is How We Walk On The Moon 
I think this was one of the first Arthur Russell tracks that really blew my mind.

10. Nina Simone | I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good (Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra Cover)
There are so many wonderful songs that Nina sung which touch my heart so dearly, and this is the latest one I’ve fallen in Love with.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1649 | by Samuel Charles Regan [Sam Regan/HALLOLEAN TAPE] of Satan Wriders, Lotion Boys, Kanko Fetti and Baseball Gregg

1. Carly Rae Jepsen | Boy Problems
E.Mo.Tion was easily my favorite release of 2015. It is never out of my car’s CD player for too long. Both The Production and Songwriting aspects of this song are really original. The song manages to remain super Poppy without sounding anything like other contemporary Pop songs, which I unfortunately think is part of the reason that Carly isn’t widely considered to be the genius that she is. She is truly in her own lane.

2. SZA | The Weekend
Another album that stayed in my car’s stereo for months. Also another song that really creates it’s own Sound Production wise and melodically. The Story-Telling in the lyrics of this song is really vivid. SZA’s album came out before our album Sleep, but our whole album was written and recorded before this was out, and on our album there is also a song (Together In My Dreams) about being in Love with a taken man. I’ve never actually been in that situation, but I’ve definitely had crushes on married people, and this song has given me an interesting outlet to exploring those feelings.

3. Solange | Cranes In The Sky
I can’t say I’m sure what Solange is speaking about in this song, but to me this song is about trying to stave off Depression. The constant looming of the mellotron is the perfect sonic description of a what it feels like to have a dull sadness underlying everything. So many of the lyrics in this song hit me really close. I tried to run it away... Thought then my head be feeling clearer... I traveled 70 states... Thought moving around make me feel better. And the line about the cranes in the sky, Sometimes I don’t wanna feel those metal clouds. It’s beautiful, the cranes in the sky aren’t elegant birds soaring through the sky, they’re The Machines of Construction. There’s a lot of different I feel about this line. At first I thought the song was about birds, but then I realized it’s not. That’s like Life, it’s not what you think it’s going to be, the cranes aren’t graceful, soaring, and elegant. They are just metal claws dangling in the sky, constant and dull, and you can’t escape them.

4. Boy Romeo | Don’t Call Me Girl
John Steiner is my best friend and he wrote this song. But I didn’t pick this song because he’s my friend, I picked it because it’s fucking great. Melodically and structurally this song is really amazing, but the lyrics are really what make the song one of my favorites. It’s about a partner telling you to that they don’t want you to gender them as female. I first heard this song around a time when I was thinking a lot about how I personally related to Gender, and it felt super relevant to my life. (Also I’d highly suggest checking out all of Boy Romeo’s Music, they’re my favorite band and are criminally under appreciated.)

5. Kate Bush | Hounds Of Love
It’s only been the last 6 months or so that I’ve been listening to Kate Bush, and she’s been really incredibly important to me lately. She has such a powerful and unique sound, nothing else gives me the same feeling. It’s difficult for me to pick a specific Kate Bush song to put on this list (I’m still working through her discography), but it seems like every month or so there’s a new one that takes over my life for a week. I love the melody and the energy in this song, and the metaphor of Love as a pack of dogs to run away from is really poignant. It’s especially beautiful how she’s afraid of Love, and she is looking for someone to help her, and she then sings Don’t let me go!... Hold me down!... It’s coming for me through the trees! Help me, darling! Help me, please!. She is begging the person she loves to keep her from running away, it’s the person she loves who she trusts to help save her from herself, but it’s that same love and trust that she is afraid of.

6. Mount Eerie | Now Only
Phil Elverum has been one of my favorite artists since I was in High School. The last two albums he’s made since the death of his wife are unique and powerful. On this song It feels like Phil is attempting to put his life back together. The songs starts with Phil describing how he felt in the hospital waiting room while his wife was dying, surrounded by people in similar situations, and how even surrounded by people in Misery, he felt alone, his devastation is unique. Then the song shifts to the most Pop-oriented section of the two albums with the musically light-hearted chorus, while Phil sings the matter-of-fact lyrics, people get cancer and die, people get hit by trucks and die. He feels less alone in his sorrow, and seems to be finding comfort in realizing he’s not alone, it’s actually common for people to just die for no reason. But this stability quickly crumbles. Phil sings I wrote down all the details of how my house fell apart as the scaffolding of musical structure he has constructed in the chorus also crumbles, opening the song to the Stream-Of-Consciousness feelings that characterize the rest of the two albums. This song is a beautiful glimpse into a specific moment of dealing with Grief. Healing is slow, unsteady, and tumultuous.

7. The Beach Boys | God Only Knows
Pet Sounds has been so important to me for so long that I don’t really feel like I can say anything about it. If anybody asked me what my all time favorite song was, I would say God Only Knows. I don’t have any tattoos, but I’ve been thinking about getting a Brian Wilson tattoo for a while.

8. Kanye West | Runaway (feat. Pusha T)
This song is larger than Life. I’m not sure if this makes sense, but it feels like the Bohemian Rhapsody for my generation. This is the kind of song that, if played at the right moment at a party, people seem to come out of the woodwork to yell every word, and that’s a really powerful and unifying feeling. One of my favorite things about this song is how imperfect Kanye’s vocal takes are, it fits perfect in a song about imperfections, and is beautifully juxtaposed against such a meticulously composed album. I remember once I was driving on the I-5 free way in California from Sacramento to Stockton around sunset listening to this song. Everything was golden. During the vocoder solo at the end I drove past some cows standing in a small river and instantly started crying. It was such a beautiful moment.

9. Tatsuro Yamashita | Love Talkin’ (Honey It’s You)
This is maybe the most fun song I’ve ever heard. I’ve been speaking a lot about the lyrics of the songs on this list, but since this song is mostly in Japanese I can’t really say much. The arrangement on this song is so good, it fills me with Joy and makes me want to dance.

10. Rich Gang | Lifestyle (feat. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan)
I’ve loved Young Thug since I heard the mixtape 1017 Thug in 2013. I think he’s been one of the most exciting voices in Rap. I also really love Rich Homie, but unfortunately he hasn’t continued to make Music at the same level as Thug has. This song was HUGE when it came out. I couldn’t go anywhere in summer 2014 without hearing this song blasting out of cars, and it’s still fun as fuck to listen to.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1648 | by Phebe Jay Starr [Phebe Starr]

1. Kraftwerk | Computer Love
Is there a better song that predicted The Future and pays homage to The Past?... No, there is not. I love everything Kraftwerk stand for. I named my first EP Zero after their affiliation with the Art movement ZERO in Germany. They wanted to make Art accessible and enjoyable to everyone and that's something I get behind. You can read more about that here.

2. Johnny Cash | Man In Black
Johnny Cash has to be one of the biggest influences on my life. I grew up hearing his music from as early as I could remember. His lyrics are the thing that really gets to me. It wasn't until I was in High School that I started to appreciate everything he stood for. There was a period of my life where I only wore black. It was hard to sustain, but I so wanted to be as consistent as Johnny!

3. Rosalía | Malamente (Cap.1: Augurio)
She has to be my favourite artist in the last 5 years. I love everything this woman does. There is Pain in her voice. This song has the most amazing video too.

4. A$AP Rocky | Praise The Lord (Da Shine) (feat. Skepta)
I have no idea what A$AP is talking about in this song and I think that's the point. I just like the line I praise The Lord, then break The Law. I feel that. Also the use of flutes on this track really influenced my whole album. He definitely brought flutes back in.

5. Michael Jackson | Bad
This was my Karaoke song from when I was 10 'til just recently.

6. James Blake | A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell Cover)
The best cover that has ever existed. Honestly, it never gets old.

7. Joni Mitchell | California
I felt the need to pay respects to James Blake's "mother" Joni Mitchell, for without her there would be no A Case Of You cover. She's honestly the best songwriter ever.

8. Lorn | Acid Rain
The sound design in this track blows my mind. I could listen to it all day. The texture is a big sandwich of Joy. The video to this song is one of the most well produced videos I've ever seen. Ahhhhh! Sandwich of visual and textural designs.

9. The Flamingos | I Only Have Eyes For You (Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler Cover)
I listen to this song whenever I'm sad. It makes me feel like there is a love in The World that will one day consume me until I feel no pain ever again. I think it's their harmonies.

10. Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton | Hound Dog
Again, an amazing song written by a woman, but more popularly known as covered by Elvis Presley. This song was recorded on the shittest mic ever. 1 mic, 1 performance. Her voice resonates Perfection and Authority. Ahhhh, I'm obsessed!

WARMER MIXTAPES #1647 | by Sebastian Hughes Chesney [blyolk]

1. Methyl Ethel | Shadowboxing (Live)
I'm not sure why, but there's something magical about the way Jake Webb's feminine-like vocals blends into the huge layers of wobbly, echoey guitar sounds.

2. Tiny Little Houses | Easy 
Just a perfect Folk-Pop song! Probably my favourite song released in 2015. Caleb Karvountzis' whispery vocals really make the song for me and puts them above a lot of other similar groups.

3. AC/DC | Shoot To Thrill 
I've loved AC/DC since first hearing the Back In Black album in my dad's car as a nine year old. This particular song Shoot To Thrill sums up everything I love about the band: their simplicity, amazingly tight groove, Raw Power and the insane vocals from Brian Johnson.

4. Cloud Nothings | Wasted Days 
When I first heard this song, I could've swore that I'd heard the lead guitar line somewhere before, but alas, I never found the similar song. Steve Albini's production/engineering on the track is absolutely breathtaking to me, the drum sounds are so big yet so natural, it totally changed my approach to recording bands as a Live entity.

5. Seasloth | Marshmellon
A band from Melbourne, Australia that I worked with producing their track. It's an amazing Shoegazy/Post Rock epic that clocks in at nearly 8 minutes long. Inspired by Steve Albini's production (see above), when I recorded Seasloth and used approaches that I imagined Albini would use. The guitarist Michael Ratcliffe got some really sparkly reverb sounds that sat perfectly with Ryleigh Pallot's soft vocals on the track.

6. Death From Above 1979 | Romantic Rights 
What a bass tone, what a riff, if this isn't Dance-Punk then I don't know what is. I love the track's simplicity - only bass, drums and vocals from the Canadian two-piece. Also the singer Sebastien Grainger is the drummer which is super cool.

7. The Smiths | What Difference Does It Make? (The Peel Sessions Version)
I love the key that this somewhat famous Live version of the song is in, it's two steps up from the original version and I love how alive this version sounds. Johnny Marr's guitar playing is a game changer for me as a guitarist, in the way that instead of playing chords behind Morrissey's vocals, he played lead guitar lines. I do similar things with some of my songs.

8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra | Ffunny Ffrends 
The Old School Funk beat, a kinda Jazzy take on Indie Rock guitar. It amazes me how Psychedelic Unknown Mortal Orchestra sound without using traditional Psych-Rock effects (Phaser, Chorus, Tremolo, high use of Delay).

9. Carol Woods & Timothy T. Mitchum | Let It Be (The Beatles Cover) (Across The Universe Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This cover of the song starts out with a young male singing the song solo throughout the first verse. Then in the second verse it transforms into Gospel and the song just grows from there. I heard this back in High School in Music class, my teacher insisting I perform it like the movie, which I started out singing solo then backed by my school choir.

10. Big Scary | Invest 
A beautiful piano song, there are so many voices put together. It creates this very dreamy, choral texture that makes it hard to pick out singer Tom Iansek's vocal tone, which I think is a really interesting Arranging/Recording technique - one that I employed a little on my track Don Wowry in the chorus sections. Drummer Jo Syme's almost Electronic/R&B drum fills are super cool and inspire me to this day to create interesting Beat-like patterns on my drum kit. (see other Big Scary songs: Gladiator and Luck Now for other amazing drum beats)

WARMER MIXTAPES #1646 | by Alexander Openchenko of Nauchnyy Sotrudnik

1. Кофе | Баланс
I love this track. This group did not become a popular group like Кино, but they are very respected in the underground circles.

2. Гражданская Оборона | Вечная Весна 
The best band in the Soviet and post-Soviet space. This Russian soul... But at the same time, very positive, as it sounded grim. The purest Punk Shamanism.

3. Инструкция по выживанию | Погляди на небо
Stunning melody, stunning lyrics. Everything is perfect. They are also wilds of Siberia as well as Гражданская Оборона.

4. Kraftwerk | Trans Europa Express
Excellent track. When listening to it immediately you feel submitted to the European landscape and the desire to hit the road. I love this group. All Indie Music came from them.

5. Linear Movement | The Game 
The brilliant Minimal Wave label. I love all of the label's releases, but I think this album is one of the best in this genre.

6. She Past Away | Rituel 
Excellent drum machines, melodic guitar... Everything is here. This Gothic Sadness.

7. Lebanon Hanover | Sadness Is Rebellion 
My favorite band in this style. Bass and drum machine... Nothing more is needed.

8. Deux | Game And Performance 
Very melodic track. Female and male vocals form a great unique style. Minimalistic Music, beautiful and direct bass synthesizer, it's all here.

9. Absolute Body Control | Automatic II
The synth sounds of this track are completely absorbed, everything in its place. Vocal moderately detached, drum machine beats steady rhythm, and along with the bold bass get a great mix.

10. Little Nemo | A Day Out Of Time 
That is how the guitar should sound in this style. It hovers over the whole track, so great... Excellent band with many albums that are worth paying attention to.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1645 | by Greg Salwen [Sonoak]/(Adam & Naive, City Museum, We The Chocolate Sparrow) of The Needs

1. Broken Social Scene | Looks Just Like The Sun
Meredith was my first friend to like Cool Music and she showed me this band in 8th grade. I think this was the tipping point into part of my life where I really started to become a person. Looks Just Like The Sun is one of the best produced songs I’ve ever heard. The sound and arrangement of the little comments makes me feel like I’m right there in the recording session. I also can’t help but feel nostalgic for the zeitgeist of Teenage Passion captured on the whole album, You Forgot It In People.

2. Animal Collective | Winters Love
In 2008, my Senior Year, a kid in my High School got into a car crash during lunch and died. The next day, during English, I found myself confused to the point of crying without understanding why (I was only friendly with him, if that) and was escorted to the gym where hundreds of students gathered to comfort each other. I ended up holed up in the corner of one of the bleachers with one of my best friends, Konrad, where I listened to Animal Collective’s Purple Bottle for the first time (I had read the lyrics on his AIM away message days before and was really curious to hear the actual song). I don’t know how much the emotional intensity of that day impacted my relationship to Animal Collective, but I was barely able to listen to almost any other Music for the next few years. It was the most obsessed I’ve ever been with any Music and it’s hard to choose one song by them for this list. But I actually selected Winters Love because it particularly sweeps me up into a sort of magical wintry world that I’m missing from my current home in LA. Also, later in my Senior Year, my friends and I performed Winters Love at our school’s Acoustic Cafe night. I think we wrangled together 9 people or so last minute to all strum, tap, bang, yell and hum along. I remember the applause from the crowd of students and parents being rapturous and like we were able to convey to the normie world at large a sliver of the magic that we felt AnCo had provided us.

3. Joanna Newsom | En Gallop
I have distinct memories of coming back to my home on Long Island during winter breaks from College and just driving around town, from friend’s house to friend’s house in the cold and sometimes snowy nights. Joanna Newsom’s album, The Milk-Eyed Mender, was a revelation at the time. Her voice was so different and high and squeaky and it was the only time I’d ever listened to harps. I loved her advice to never get so attached to a poem, you forget truth that lacks lyricism as I struggled to do just that! Her quick little complaints of the laws of Property and the Free Economy also quietly foreshadowed my current obsession with Leftist politics...

4. Mount Eerie | Through The Trees Pt. 2
I moved out from New York for the first time in my life right after College for an internship with the US Geological Survey in Olympia, Washington. Those six months were an uncomfortable combination of incredible Excitement to be encapsulated by the nature of the Pacific Northwest as well as incredible Loneliness - away from my friends for the first time in my life, I often found myself glued to my phone or computer as I couldn’t seem to fully enjoy this exciting new place without a friend. I fell in love with this song at that time and, to this day, feel that there’s been no song as poignant about the critique of the Romanticism of Nature. Phil Elverum sings about how there is no other world: mountains and websites and asks can you find a wildness in your body and walk through the store after work, holding it high? I feel like Elverum captured all the beauty of his Nature-as-Romance songs in way that could be critical of it and still just as beautiful. Meh, in actuality it just might have done that for me, because Elverum also sings I meant all my songs not as a picture of the woods, but just to remind myself that I briefly live. He knew!

5. Cloud | Melting Cassatt
My friend Kenny and I rode bikes across the country from New York to Los Angeles. It was easily the greatest thing I’ve done in my life. Around the time we reached Colorado, Tyler sent us the demos for his newest album, Zen Summer. Kenny and I were in love with the album. We would countdown 3, 2, 1 then sync our iPods to listen together while being blown about by headwinds on the sides of Wyoming’s Interstate 80. It was truly a time of Magic in my life and one of our best friends created the soundtrack to it: Extra Magical. Melting Cassat particularly gets me because of its locational focus on David Welds, a beautiful beach spot from our hometown on Long Island that has achieved near mythical status from the nostalgia of our late teens and early 20s.

6. Angel Olsen | Lights Out
When I got to LA, I stayed with Tyler and a few other friends from home in New York. I was excited to be in a new place, having completed this awesome journey, but a couple of us just had so much trouble finding work. For a while we were unemployed and discouraged and spent most of our time drinking beer and watching The Sopranos from beginning to end. I felt like a failure and like giving up - it was a tough feedback loop of Depression. One of the few things I did to get myself out of the house was bike to Lake Balboa park with this in my headphones and I just felt so motivated by the song. Sometimes being told you're on your own could be really disheartening and demoralizing, but for some reason I just felt like Angel Olsen was the ultimate artist, full of Wisdom, and the way she sang was inspiring and totally motivated me to not give up. It took three months, but I eventually got a temp job and started getting out of the house and having a life again. Also of note: just before moving out of LA I went to an Angel Olsen show where several friends had to leave the venue in the middle of her set because it was so emotionally powerful that it made them sick. She is incredible.

7. Mazzy Star | Give You My Lovin
Simple, desperate. It reminds me of my very first days living in NYC. I had just moved into Brooklyn in 2014 with the aforementioned Konrad, and his girlfriend was playing Music from her laptop for hours, none of which interested me. Then this song popped on and passed by pleasantly in the background. At the end I looked up and Konrad had popped his head out from the kitchen and we simultaneously requested for it to be played again and again. About three years later he actually covered it on a compilation we did. This is one of those songs that was the only one I could listen to, nothing else satisfied for at least a week. Now, beyond just sonic quality, the lyrics really get me. She’s just so pathetic! The song just goes back and forth between how the guy (assumption?) isn’t into her/has said bad things about her/reminds her of Rain… To how dedicated she is to loving him and know she’s meant for him, etc. It can be a little embarrassing to admit, but at times aren’t we all that pathetic?

8. Bob Dylan | It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
I grew up hating Bob Dylan even though my dad loved him and tried to play his Music all the time. I thought all of his rhymes were dumb and cheap. It took until I was in my mid-20s to discover this gem and it fully converted me. Later I saw Dont Look Back (the Pennebaker documentary that followed Dylan on a UK tour) and was totally charmed by the shots where Bob out-cools Donovan in the hotel room using this song. I never quite grasped what he means entirely in this one, but the message of move on! is clear enough. I still get chills every time I hear the last line.

9. Sibylle Baier | Forget About
Tyler showed me her a while back, but it didn’t click until months later when I was listening to a live recording of a Trouble Books show and her song was played in the background between sets. That same winter I had been radicalized by anarchist texts and had chosen to quit my Masters program to become a teacher (I decided the next year to finish it), so I was stuck delivering food all over NYC for a while. My days were spent riding my bike, bumming around, and reading constantly. My fondest memories of this song and the rest of the album, Colour Green, are of listening to it on repeat while lazing around on my couch with the streets outside covered in snow, as I spent days doing little more than reading Building Stories by Chris Ware, smoking weed, and philosophizing with my roommates. It was romantic and cozy and I was excited for The Future.

10. A. Savage | Buffalo Calf Road Woman
This one is probably a bit of a stretch because I only discovered it a month ago and I don’t think it has sat quite long enough for me to know if it deserves to be top ten. Nevertheless, this list unintentionally followed my travels throughout the US and I just want to add one to the newest chapter of my life! I’m back in Los Angeles now, living with my girlfriend and trying to take it easy after two years of stressed out teaching in NYC public schools. I have been craving a return to politically critical Punk Music on both my iPod and in my own creative pursuits and I am just so amped on a lot of Andrew Savage’s Music (he’s the singer from Parquet Courts as well). This song documents how Buffalo Calf Road was the Cheyenne woman who is responsible for killing General Custer at the Battle Of The Little Bighorn, revealed by tribe members after more than 100 years of hiding it. Savage makes connections to how after stealing all their oil, Americans have nothing more to take but the Native Americans' Water and Spirit. It’s a catchy tune that exposes an otherwise naive listener like myself to an inspiring story that’s critical of US Imperialism. I hope I could someday contribute likewise!