WARMER MIXTAPES #1635 | by Ray Willson [sundrenched]

1. Anathallo | Hanasakajijii (Four: A Great Wind, More Ash)
This collection has continued to inspire and create ideas for over a decade now and it never seems stale. Anathallo is like a fresh breath of Air - the name literally translating to to renew, refresh or bloom again. Their Music flows without Human boundaries, their Sound is emotionally explosive with quiet whispers turned to loud chants. They are never afraid to be or sound silly in order to get their idea across. Using both raw techniques such as banging on drums and more musical techniques like arranging melodies across several instruments, this album could have been made 300 years from now and it would be just as good. The image in their head is never compromised by Fear or other Human traits that get in the way. The individual members seem to disappear as all the moving parts work together to form an incredible and organic musical wave of Emotional Energy.

2. Explosions In The Sky | The Moon Is Down
A true journey. One of the first Instrumental bands that showed me you can say as much or as little as you want with what I thought was a limited format. Literal visuals appear in your mind as the guitars drift in and out of Melody. The range of Energy on this one song alone is ridiculous and it really feels like you've gone a trip with them by the end of it. The entire EP is incredible.

3. Teebs | Wind Loop
Teebs was one of the first artists that showed me you can be as musical using only Production techniques as you can using real instruments. Every sound has a specific place in the song, never overlapping each other, always complementing each other. Everything seemingly works together to unify into a complete image. He finds the sweet spot in every sound he shares and constantly keeps it changing and interesting.

4. Flying Lotus | Camel
Los Angeles. This whole album deserves this next slot. Released 10 years ago from the day I'm writing this, words can't do it justice. In a lot of ways it single-handedly changed the face of Beat Culture, bringing it into the realm of Legitimacy with every other genre of Music. And in a way, it is Genre-less, Timeless, etc. While the Production is beautiful, somewhere in-between Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada and everything that was going on in the LA Beat scene in the mid 2000s, he really shines in his form. Programmed drums sound like they are being played live with the natural improvisational changes of an actual live drummer on a set. What you think is a keyboard for almost 3 minutes reveals to be a woman's voice in the last couple seconds of a song. At the same time it makes you stop and try to find all the layers. It is Sonic Art through and through. I think to this day I still put on this album and hear a sound I hadn't heard in the previous 1000 listens.

5. High Places | Head Spins
High Places have a special place in my heart. So innocent sounding, so raw, yet incredibly Experimental in their approach to creating Music. Their focus on the Nature of Music was what got me excited. Fooling around with rhythmic themes and ambiguous melodies over incredibly detailed productions while making you feel childlike. Crash Bandicoot comes to mind. Everything appears to have organically grown out of some Futuristic Nature.

6. Ben And Bruno | New Friend Song
The realest sounds I ever heard. This taught me it is OK to be vulnerable through Music, whatever you are feeling is also a valid sound you are allowed to make. Why should you front through a guitar-bass-drums trio when a man with a guitar can express more Emotion without words or even constant Tempo... The same way the Romantic Movement in Classical broke apart strict Tempo structures, New Friend Song seems to float in and out based on not Time, but Emotion and Energy. Watching him play live, eyes shut the entire time, gives a new light to the already incredibly fragile sounding studio version.

7. Sigur Rós | Hoppípolla
Everything by them! Arguably one of the most important bands in the past two decades. Their Sound was doing things Production-wise in 1999 that others only started to think about in the late 2010s. Their collage of sounds hits the spot, Music boxes, weird percussion and soft chants mixed with Jónsi's Pop tendencies and Classical background finds a new space they can truly call their own. One that is fragile, beautiful and genuine. Could be called Ambient at times, but once you get past the term and listen, it is a ton of concrete noises playing with each other. Sigur Rós never disappoints.

8. Justin King | I (from King West Manring Vamos)
Between Justin King, the CandyRat family and Nick Drake, my entire guitar background was based on Avant-Garde fingerstyle. Some would be surprised to hear I only played Instrumental Acoustic/Percussive Guitar for the better part of my life. Something about getting lost in the melodies. Something about trying to play so fast the listener can't quite catch all the info being presented. And the quiet/dulled Production gives you the ability to listen if you are energetic or even about to go to sleep.

9. Bibio | Light Up The Sky
Bibio is amazing through and through. He hits my favorite spot when he is focused on guitar based songs. Something about two or more instruments coming together just to form melody is always so beautiful to me. I don't know if it is the idea of Unity amongst Opposing Forces or if it is really just the Hi-End being turned down and having you focus on only simple sounds, or maybe the combination fo the two. His early work almost reminds me of Boards Of Canada arranged on guitar strings. Bibio is always beautiful.

10. Animal Collective | Fireworks
These albums were the soundtrack to my Coming Of Age era. This is the Sound of Freedom, Exploration and Fun. Dripping in Emotion and Lost Love, between the incredible Songwriting, Avey Tare's unique approach to vocals, Panda Bear's affinity for incredibly Natural Rhythms and Geologist's Psychedelic soundscapes and adlibs, they were truly one of the greatest bands in our current age. Strawberry Jam & Feels... These two albums were used for new relationships, messy breakups, fun one-off nights and everything in between to help make me feel alive.

+11. Dilute | Apple
I bought this CD in summer of 2008. Best decision I ever made. The guitar tones, the such literal interplay between guitarists, melodies were made across three instruments... All really struck the right feeling in me as I felt I was understanding themes and ideas I never had even thought of before. Math Rock, but with tons of vocals, would almost call it Indie Rock if the time signatures and instrumentation wasn't so upfront. The minute long break at the end of Apple with each of them going from musician to musician making small improvised noises is so incredible... They never lose track of Tempo or Time, locked into the Dilute aural ride at a constant pace. Being that they are Math Rock, the Time signatures don't disappoint either. (Some song segments are in 7/13 time?? How the hell!) Must have taken some serious time on Song Structure here.

Honorable mentions to Akron/Family and Matthewdavid for further reinforcing musical themes and ideas that helped make me who I am today as an artist.
Their Experimental nature and never ending output is continually inspiring to me.

Extra special honorable mention to Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada for being the first Electronic musicians I ever heard when my brother showed me them back in 2006/2007. Really changed how I looked at Music being that I was brought up around guitars and pianos.

Music can be anything if you are willing to hear what is there.
Even the little clicks your fridge makes in-between observed time.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1634 | by Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher of Aquilo

SIDE A | by Ben Fletcher

1. Bloc Party | So Here We Are
I will always come back to Bloc Party. This song reminds me of when I first got an mp3 player as a kid and I only had a few tunes on there. This was one of them and, to be honest, it’s a nostalgic song anyway.

2. Manchester Orchestra | I Can Feel A Hot One
Probably the first band I had a true obsession with. I’ve never really figured out what this song's about, but I like that. Andy Hull, the front man, has this ability to lead you to believe you understand him and his reasons until the end of the song.

3. Broken Social Scene | Lover's Spit
This song and the album it comes from just straight up reminds me of my sister. She showed me them, so it’s quite a song for me.

4. Eels | I Need Some Sleep
Eels just writes some interesting songs. This one in particular, so simple, but I wish I’d written it.

5. Mount Kimbie | Carbonated
Circa 2012 I found myself at this festival called Beacons near Leeds with a few of my mates. I remember hearing this song when I was in a pretty bad state, it’s stuck with me since. These guys were actually a pretty big influence for me and Tom from the beginning. I know it’s hard to see, but it got us interested in Minimal Electronic elements.

6. Local Natives | Colombia 
I’m a fan of all of their albums, but this one in particular is a classic for me. Just a lovely song by a lovely band.

7. Billie Marten | Bird
Billie is pretty new and probably destined for big things. Her voice reminds me of what I felt when I first listened to Laura Marling. Sort of takes me back even though she’s so current.

8. Michelle Featherstone | Coffee And Cigarettes (from Music From The Television Series One Tree Hill Volume 2: Friends With Benefit)
As a kid I think I heard my sister watching One Tree Hill and this song was on there. It was in a really sad scene (blah blah), so it’s stuck with me. I gave up coffee and cigarettes, I hate to say it hasn’t helped me yet as an opening line is quite something.

9. Little Dragon | Twice
Just a class band. The production proper sticks out for me in this one. The Moog that just moves around in the background is so unique.

10. Jeff Buckley | Lover, You Should’ve Come Over
Jeff Buckley has always had a particular hold on me. Too young to hold on and too old to just break free and run has always stuck with me. So I’ll leave you with this one.

SIDE B | by Tom Higham

1. Pink Floyd | Wish You Were Here
My dad used to play this song to me. We actually did a cover of it because we love it so much.

2. Explosions In The Sky | Your Hand In Mine
These guys have always been a big influence for me. Stunning Soundscapes.

3. Sigur Rós | Untitled #3 (Samskeyti)
This album is probably their best in my opinion, this track feels like a real stand alone though.

4. Mogwai | Hungry Face (Les Revenants Original Soundtrack)
This song just proper takes me back to driving to School on the bus.

5. Hiatus Kaiyote | Fingerprints
A recent favourite of mine. The production and her voice are unreal.

6. M83 | Wait
It’s hard not to listen to this song without getting to the end.

7. Washed Out | Great Escape
I listened to this song a lot when we were on tour in America. It’s enough to take anyone away.

8. Lana Del Rey | West Coast
I remember hearing this song for the first time, and the chorus slightly throwing me. I’m pretty sure it’s produced by Dan Auerbach too. His sound is very unique.

9. Fink | Looking Too Closely 
Fink was a big inspiration for the two of us. This and Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us are two brilliant songs of his.

10. Nick Mulvey | Fever To The Form
I went to go watch him with a friend somewhere in London and ever since have been hooked. This song much like the album just makes me want to make Music.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1633 | by Jowie Schulner [JOOWI] of Swartz & Schulner

1. Jeff Wayne | The Eve Of War 
One of the songs that stands out and has everything in it.

2. The Tornados | Telstar 
A lot of times people compared me with this song and Joe Meek, but at that time I didn't really know who he was and what song that was. After a while of people mentioning it and comparing me to Joe Meek and this song Telstar, I decided to listen...

3. Delia Derbyshire | Doctor Who (The Original Theme)
In a time where Electronic Music was brand new and Experimental, this woman made this theme. To this day the Doctor Who theme is still seen as one of the biggest theme songs out there. Worth mentioning also is that it was one of the first ladies in Electronic Music and no synthesizers were involved (only made with organic sounds).

4. Audrey Hepburn | Moon River (Breakfast At Tiffany's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
A very special song, a theme song for the movie where Audrey Hepburn was featured in, called Breakfast At Tiffany's.

5. Vangelis | Missing (Missing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Just feel it...

6. Wendy Carlos | Title Music From A Clockwork Orange (Electronic Transcription Of Henry Purcell's Music For The Funeral Of Queen Mary) (A Clockwork Orange Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This composition is originally from Henry Purcell, dated from the 1695. A really nice version this is, combined with a good movie.

7. Jeroen Tel | Myth (Myth: History In The Making Original Soundtrack)
A true legend of the Video Game (Music) Industry. I just came to meet him online recently... It was a real honour and became friends.

8. Ekseption | Drawbars 
Rick Van Der Linden, great keyboardist, who can be seen as the Dutch Keith Emerson, but he was more than that.

9. Elvis Presley | The Wonder Of You 
Elvis had many great songs and people don't see this coming from me, but this song is best to my liking.

10. Giorgio Moroder | The Legend Of Babel (Metropolis Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Giorgio Moroder is definitely counted as one of the pioneers of Electronic Music. He has done many great songs, but this one is my favourite.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1632 | by Frank Cervantes (The City Music Project) and Josh Dowiak of The Once Was and RETROGLYPHS

SIDE A | by Frank Cervantes

1. Madonna | Borderline
To us, the ultimate 80s classic. An incredible synth bassline. Madonna's convincing vocals really sell this track. She sounds so natural and she doesn't overdo it like today's Modern Pop singers.

2. Talking Heads | This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
The best song ever? It just might be. Talking Heads were bringing synths to the Mainstream helping pave the way for the 80s.

3. David Bowie | Young Americans 
Another classic that inspired the Music of the 80s and still inspires artists to this day. Bowie is a true icon.

4. FM-84 | Running In The Night (feat. Ollie Wride)
When we first started working on RETROGLYPHS, we were largely unfamiliar with a lot of the newer acts on the scene. Most of our influences are genuinely from the 80s. We searched Retro Wave on YouTube, this is the first song that came up and we immediately loved. Then we discovered the NewRetroWave label, and we've been listening to their artists ever since.

5. Kavinksy | Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxxx)
What new Synthwave artist wasn't inspired by the movie Drive? The movie basically jump started the whole scene.

6. The War On Drugs | An Ocean In Between The Waves
There are a lot of great Indie Rock bands incorporating Synth and the influence of 80s Production into their Music. Our favorite of these is definitely The War On Drugs, you can hear their influences, but their Music still feels new.

7. Tears For Fears | Pale Shelter
When it comes to full band instrumentation 80s Music, look no further than Tears For Fears.

8. The Cure | Close To Me
The Cure is so charming, and people tell us we sound like them all the time (?).

9. The Smiths | This Charming Man
Speaking of Charming, this was the first Smiths songs I discovered, and I still think its their best.

10. a-ha | Take On Me 
My favorite Music Video ever. Music and images, a great partnership that really exploded with the onset of MTV in the 80s. When we grew up, MTV was for watching Music Videos and this was one of the best.

+11. RETROGLYPHS | Two Years (Jowie Schulner Remix) 
Honorable mention! The greatest reward about being a musician is in the Creation Process. There's also something really special about when another artist takes your work and makes it their own. We Love what Dutch artist Jowie Schulner did with our song Two Years.

SIDE B | by Josh Dowiak

1. Daft Punk | Robot Rock 
The record label Astralwerks had such an amazing roster at the turn of The Century. Daft Punk was my favorite and most influential band to come out of that group.

2. 10cc | I'm Not In Love
Speaking of Astralwerks, Sofia Coppola loved to include their artists in the soundtracks of her movies, as well as some amazing classic Retro tunes. This Synth-laden Love song pioneered the Synthwave movement.

3. Herbie Hancock | Watermelon Man
I was a student of Jazz and Classical and started out playing the double bass. I also Love synths, and nobody combined all of those elements together better than Herbie.

4. STS9 | Tokyo
When it comes to Live Improv Electronica, STS9 is my favorite on the scene.

5. Marvin Gaye | What's Happening Brother
Marvin Gaye is my favorite Soul singer and his message is just as relevent today as it was during his era, and James Jamerson is one of the best bass players, period.

6. Radiohead | Reckoner 
One of my favorite groups of all time, it's hard to pick one track for a playlist... Reckoner has a really unique arrangement.

7. George Clinton | Atomic Dog 
Parliament-Funkadelic... Masters of the Funky Synth, you just gotta get down and Funky every once in a while! Bootsy on the bass!

8. Grateful Dead | Shakedown Street 
The Dead were incorporating synths and sounds into their Improv, and Jerry had Midi effects on his guitar. They innovated their instruments at every turn, so much more than just a jam band.

9. Talking Heads | Life During Wartime 
They have these Minimalist arrangements that simultaneously blow your mind wide open.

10. Paul Simon | I Know What I Know
Bass is my primary instrument and Graceland-era basslines are Funky!

WARMER MIXTAPES #1631 | by Jason Vaz [Jay Bloc] and Harvey Wise [CMYK/RV] of Art Bloc

SIDE A | by Jason Vaz

1. Change | Hold Tight
I have played this song pretty much everyday from as long as I can remember! There’s something about this song that makes me extremely happy, and this one just reminds me of my incredible parents and brother as its always been played in the Vaz household, amazing vibes.

2. George Benson | Love X Love
First record I bought when I was about 15, my dad and myself love to listen to this when we get a good fry up going in the morning!

3. Burial | Unite
If I had to say who my favourite producer is, it would have to be Burial. He has influenced my Music Production so much, and every song takes you on an incredible journey.

4. With Joyful Lips | The Promise Of Sleep
This one is actually my amazing brother who I owe a lot too, absolutely stunning production and whole EP is timeless, released in July 2012 and this EP still goes in! May be being a little bit bias, but has to be the best producer I know, an all round creative that has definitely inspired me to be a Music producer. Muchos Love!

5. Chaos In The CBD | Luxury Motivation
Back in 2015 my mates bought me a shower speaker for my birthday and I have been boogying everyday in the shower listening to this… Don’t think I will ever get bored of this song.

6. Bonobo | Transits (feat. Szjerdene)
Saw Bonobo and Gold Panda Live at Alexandra Palace with Harv and a load of our best mates and it was 100% the best live show I have ever seen. Transits live with a full orchestra gave me serious goosebumps.

7. Mala | Alicia
Discovered Deep Medi when I was about 12 and have been hooked on this scene till today. Love this one as Harv and myself always have this on repeat, an Art Bloc favourite!

8. Cabasa | Collapse (Nuvaman Remix)
This remix is BIG! Delicious breaks and vocal snippets. Definitely recommend checking out a circle of talented producers such as Nuvaman, Hypho, Yak, Cabasa, Earth Movement, Foxmind and Lokua! Big things from all of these guys, loving their sound.

9. Tom Misch & Laura Misch | Follow
Me and my best mates listen to a tonne of Tom Misch, Kaytranada, J Dilla and Rejjie Snow and this song is always on repeat when we're all together.

10. Chet Baker | Autumn Leaves
Vaz loves Jazz.

+11. Will Papworth | POKO
Wicked track by one of my best buds, really admire this track… Saw a lot of hard work go into this production and it really shows with the outstanding percussion and groovy melodies.

SIDE B | by Harvey Wise

1. Bonobo | Terrapin
I thought I would start off with my favourite track ever by Bonobo. Listening to this track takes me back to family holidays going trough Europe on long car journeys. Subconsciously these CD’s would begin to shape my taste and Love for Music.

2. Four Tet | Jupiters
I had to feature a Four Tet track within my top 10 as he has had such a big influence on my taste and working style. I Love the way Four Tet has such a open mind to Music which is evident within his productions.

3. Happa | Hallucinations
By far my favourite tune by Happa. Hallucinations was my gateway drug into the Underground of Dark Techno, Dark Garage, etc.

4. Mala | Changes 
A timeless tune which I feel will still have the same power 10, 20 years down the line. Seeing Mala himself drop this tune in the main room of Fabric in 2016 showed me the immense power the song still has.

5. Digital Mystikz | Anti War Dub
To me this tune has so much Emotion to it, and I Love songs which hold emotions... Everything in this song is just perfect, I even added this song on my bucket list To Hear Live. Luckily, in the summer of 2016 during a Digital Mystikz set at Sunfall the duo dropped it… My God, did I lose my mind, I was almost brought to tears. This reaction to a song is why I Love Music and The Power it maintains.

6. Burial | Endorphin
Going along with the theme of Emotional and Power, it feels wrong not mentioning the Experimental work of Burial. I think in general I like Music that is interesting and sounds unheard of, so when I came across Burial, oh boy, was I a happy person. I Love the atmosphere Burial crafts in his productions and in particular with Endorphin. I Love how this track doesn't feature drums and is more of a pure soundscape track which will give you goose bumps. I also remember watching a documentary called Bitter Lake which featured a couple of Burial's tracks, I think the Emotion of the documentary which ran along with this Emotional Music gave both aspects so much Power and I would also recommend the documentary as a much watch.

7. Lamont | In The Field (feat. Nico Lindsay)
In The Field has to be one of my favourite songs of 2016, I Love its Simplicity and power of its Minimal sound paired up with Nico Lindsay to create a massive track!

8. Yak | Magg
Along with In The Field, my other top track of 2016 has to go to Magg by Yak. This track has a tremendous amount of Power with its Wonky percussive sound. I Love this tune because there's not much sounding like it at the moment and I Love the fact that you cannot assign this song to a certain genre, it just is what it is.

9. EVA808 | ALL CAPS
Waited a long time for the official release of this. Sounds too good.

10. Soloman | Bokeh
I think this may be my favourite track to hear get dropped when out. If this doesn't make your body move... Then I don't know what would.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1630 | by Emily Wryn

1. Cat Power | Metal Heart
When I was 13 I used to frequent the local Music shop to wander the aisles and browse for CDs. I was at the very beginning of my Music exploration and just starting to play open mics. Randall, who worked at both Morning Glory Music and Sugar Magnolias (a local coffee shop that hosted open mic nights) had seen me play out. One day I was struggling to find an album to bring home with me. I was looking for a few options to take with me on my trip across country to visit a friend who had recently moved. I knew barely anything about Music that I hadn't heard on the radio or stumbled across. I don't remember the exact interaction, whether he had suggested it or if he had just given it to me, but I came away with Cat Power's Moon Pix. It was my first trip alone; I managed to make it through all my flight transfers safely and finally to West Virginia. I had barely arrived - maybe a day or two, when suddenly a terrible stomach flu hit me. I remember climbing up the stairs and with great force vomiting all over my poor friend's guest bathroom. For the next few days I lay in darkness listening over and over again to Moon Pix. The Creativity and Strength in her choices were apparent to me even then. The vague lyrics that left me wondering what she meant, the delicate dissonance that rang when her guitar and emotion-fueled voice clashed, and the sloppy/sexy, I don't give a fuck of her playing was all something l had never heard before. It opened a door to The Power Of The Feminine in my young self. I chose Metal Heart off of her album because it was a favorite of mine then.

2. Elliott Smith | Son Of Sam
When I was 14 I went on a missionary trip to Scotland. I was an outsider among everyone there and had made a reputation for myself, as all young women do who aren't 'good girls'. That said, I had a lot of time to read, explore and listen to Music. I had borrowed some CDs before the trip and among them was Figure 8. I have a distinct memory of being on the train reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman and listening to the record for the first time. It was my first taste of international travel which sparked my never ending craving for new cultural experiences and love of the smell of old wet stone and Earth. I have such respect for Elliott as a songwriter and have other favorites tied to other memories, but this album is like a time machine. It jets me back to Scotland's ancient streets. I chose Son Of Sam because it's the first track off of Figure 8 and is the true beginning of my relationship with Elliott Smith's Music.

3. Leonard Cohen | Suzanne (Judy Collins Cover)
This song reminds me of my first apartment, of having my first space to be alone and call mine. The sweetness of having tea cross legged in the living room without furniture, sitting in the light that shone through the trees cascading on my floor. The strawberries on the white and mint green tile in the kitchen. The cinder block and plank made bookshelves with tea lights lit inside. The Christmas lights that hung carelessly on the wall. The movie nights with friends scattered across the floor watching VHS tapes on the small television in the corner. Songs Of Leonard Cohen and Brazilian Jazz filled the small space in the short time I lived there.

4. Sufjan Steven | Death With Dignity
It's hard to fully express what emotions Sufjan’s Carrie & Lowell brings up inside of me. It hits many strings of a complex chord. The nostalgic Eternal Love of a child and Disillusionment when we see our parents as just people for the first time. The eventual certainty of the death of my mother and myself. The memories I want to leave for my children. The raw and true child-like emotions that are hidden beneath years of trained containment. This is one of the truest works of Art I have ever experienced. I can’t help but cry and want to be closer to the people I love when I listen to it. I chose Death With Dignity off of the album: I forgive you, mother... I can hear you... And I long to be near you... But every road leads to an end.

5. Johanna Warren | There Is A Light
I had fallen for Johanna's Music during my yearly trip to Big Sur after a mutual friend lent me her album nūmūn. A lot of her Music resonates with me and my ever-undulating mental, emotional and spiritual states. This song, off of her album Gemini I is uplifting, but not in an overly positive way. There Is A Light doesn't brush The Struggle, Concern or Pain of Life away. Her songs are intense and can deal with the darker sides of our emotional selves - this gives a sense of Hope in that turbulent inner world. I should wake up to this song as my morning prayer. Well, we could lie down and collectively seal our fate. You know it's now or never, but it's never too late.

6. Neko Case | I Wish I Was The Moon
I had just descended the Big Sur mountain roads and was close to realizing that the real world lay in wait for me. Driving through the rolling golden hills with the ocean on my right I spotted a coyote out in broad daylight. I turned quickly and parked, watching it stare back at me with knowing eyes. As the song swelled and Neko sang God blessed me, I'm a free man with no place free to go, the coyote unlocked eyes and trotted into the hills. It was a perfect moment.

7. Still Corners | Strange Pleasures
Strange Pleasures is a newer discovery for me. I found it while listening to Pandora and walking my dog in the hills near my house. When it came on I felt transported to a different place, everything around me became colored by the song so that even the light seemed to change. The synth line puts me in a trance. It's also nostalgic in a weird way - a kind of throwback – it reminds me of movies I grew up with for some reason, like The Neverending Story. There is something very strangely beautiful about it and has become one of the songs I listen to on heavy rotation.

8. Sarah Jaffe | Defense
Defense is a song I discovered in 2016, but feels close to my own mind. I can relate to every line in an uncanny way. It feels like this was written about the constant struggle to fend off my Fight Or Flight. It captures that on edge feeling so well. It is also a great driving/dancing in front of my mirror song. Looking for a reason to provoke my inner demons, lately they've been fueling my fire.

9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Maps
The first time I heard this song was on MTV. Their video had come on and I immediately fell in love with Karen O's distinct voice, her style, and the way she moved. She showed me that being in a Rock band could also be a Performance Art. I'm pretty sure that's what influenced me to start my very first band.

10. Erik Satie | Gnossienne No. 1, Lent (Played by Stéphane Blet)
I'm not an expert on Satie's Music or life, but they are absolutely fascinating. The Gnossiennes are several piano compositions that are mostly in free time (lacking time signatures or bar divisions) that are highly experimental with Form, Rhythm and Chordal Structure. Meaning that the pianist who plays the composition greatly influences how the song is portrayed. I've spent hours listening to different versions of the same song trying to find the perfect performance. I'd invite you to go down a good Wiki hole and read about Satie while listening to his Music. I love how whimsical, strange and dark Gnossienne No. 1 is. I get the craving to listen to it on days while drinking tea on my porch staring into the fog, nights driving through the empty barely lit streets, or laying on the floor in my den after midnight when the house is quiet and my mind is open to Satie's curious delights.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1629 | by Tamara Shmidt [Awali] of Coccoro and Artami

1. Daughter | Candles
I heard this song in Summer 2016, and it caught me. It may sound like a really girlish thing, but it sounds to me so personal, intimate... Like it's my story. With the songs like this one you just keep thinking, Damn, I should have written this song!...Have a little voice to speak with and you're too old to be so shy, there's something so sad and sincere about it. It reminds of all these situations when you realise (unfortunately later than you should) you were just filling space in your sheets... It's a lot about Injustice, that you can't fix, you can't prove that it isn't your fault.

2. Daughter | Home
I moved to Czech Republic when I was 21. Just came here alone with two big bags and 10 euros in my pocket, thinking how rich I am... Since then I moved about 20 times, every time trying to make the place feel like home. It took me long years to realize, that Home is about a feeling that dwells inside of you. I can't relate to Ukraine that much, neither to any other country, even though, I have to admit, Czech Republic is the place where I feel the best and probably - home. I hate to mention, I'm Ukrainian, because Czechs don't like this nation that much... And also, I'm really not that much of a Ukrainian, accidentally I was born there, but my family comes from Russian Siberia and then mostly from Poland. Ukraine was just a place on their way... And being treated badly just because of the nationality drives me crazy. We're all the same, sharing same planet, and should be kind to each other... Anyway... I came up with my own explanations: I see myself as a cosmopolitan or an elf. I heard it in the brilliant movie Under The Electric Clouds by German Jr. (Russian producer) where one of the characters - Marat - is half Jewish, half Armenian. The boy asks him if he's a Jew, and Marat says - I'm elf. The boys goes (a bit more aggressively) OK, perhaps your mom is an elf, but what about your dad? He has to be Jewish? ... No. We're elves, and we leave in the woods. This song gives me the piercing feeling of Loneliness and at the same time reminds me that Home is by the side of beloved ones.

3. AURORA | I Went To Far
From a Musical point of view I Love this song - it has such original back vocals and generally Aurora is such a talented girl, with a great deep understanding of Life, World. Again, it's something more from The Past, when you don't understand, Why? Why, while giving all of you, you still have to beg for Love? For a little of Love?... It took me a while to understand, the reason is: that was a wrong person. I'm left behind with an empty hole, and everything I am is gone... That's exactly how you feel when something you hoped would last forever breaks apart... I was afraid, I will not be able to cope with what happened within Awali. But I did; and feel more of a whole than ever before.

4. Imogen Heap | Neglected Space
When listening to this song in my headphones I'm enjoying every bit of it! Imogen Heap is one of my favourite musicians/songwriters and I really look up to her, trying to learn as much as possible. This song has amazing lyrics, so poetic and haunting... Everything in one song. I like how first it appeared ugly to me, and then I can't stop listening to it, discovering the beauty of it. It makes me think that Music is hiding in every little sound, surrounding me... And writing a song is about seeing the ends of these threads and being able to pull them towards you. Where doorways with no door stage a ballet of leaves... Who pirouette in the footsteps of once glorious days... Imogen is a great example of an artist who made herself. She's a very inspiring example of a one-man-project. Behind the majority of people there's always someone else, who helps with Music, Programming, Recording and stuff. But she managed to do it all alone (or with minor cooperations) - at least for the Eclipse album. I like this fact about her most of all. She is definitely a Music prodigy. Through my open wounds they let themselves in. It reminds me that we really have to learn how to protect our souls, our most fragile, most vulnerable part, invisible and intangible while staying open-hearted. This song makes me feel like whatever I'll compose have a chance to actually work out... There's so much Inspiration in it. And Nostalgia... Like you're in an abandoned building that is about to be demolished, and you see how beautiful is The Autumn outside, sunrays coming through the cracked walls and wide opened eyes of windows...You're sitting on the floor covered with dust and stones, and you say to yourself: Goddamnit, Life is so beautiful!!!... Isn't The World we've built a bit like this scenery?...

5. The Dø | Dust It Off (I Origins Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I heard this song first in the movie I Origins by Mike Cahill. And I remember how it gave me the goosebumps and then I feel like I'm going to cry... It's so simple on one hand, as for The Music, but there's so much in it. At least for me. The falling in Love and losing it all. Hopeful and Disappointing over and over again... It's like the Mono No Aware feeling... As the Japanese term says...  Sensitivity to Ephemera, Gentle Sadness. I feel like this is always a reminder that, even in the highest point of Bliss, you are sad inside... Knowing that this world is not exactly made for being just blindly happy... There's a lot of work to do... And Music is one of the tools that, to my mind, helps to heal The World within us... Teaches us to feel, to see deeper, touching our dark side and seeing hidden gems there... Also it sounds a bit crazy, all this loops and echoes... And it proves to me one more time that only crazy people can do Music, something so ephemeral, that nobody might notice in the end. When you write a song - you feel like you're at the top of The World or flying with a parachute or diving in a wild ocean, but for others it might be not more than a indiscernible spit on asphalt... And, as a musician, you have to live with it and accept it. 

6. Birdy | People Help The People
My old friend, great Russian pianist, introduced to me Birdy's Music about 8 years ago saying Well, I can't understand how she can make such a great song with playing just few chords on piano... I started laughing, as it was so true! Birdy is another one artist, that I admire, for being so special. You can always recognize her voice, her style, that's what I like about musicians most of all: when they're so authentic in their art that it's impossible to confuse them with someone else. I think this is a sign of real talent: it's the only one of its kind. Like, you're reading Bulgakov, or listening to The Music by Rachmaninoff - and you know they are unique. They managed to express themselves so truly, so precise in every note, in every word... They live their truth. You can do real good Music only if you feel like there's no chance you can do anything else, like you need it like Air. Out of impossibility of doing anything else at that moment. Absolutely sincere. Especially her first album has this signature... And it could be simple as a shovel, based on three chords, and still be genius! If this Music is True You...

7. Death Cab For Cutie | Passenger Seat 
I heard this song in spring 2015, while being in Spain, working day and night... Going from Sevilla back to Granada, where I was working at that time. It was a dark night. And I remember thinking to myself that even though all this work and my effort seems to be so important, and I think only about work and earning some money now, and everyone around me supports this illusion of Importance... It's not significant. At all. Like, it will disappear in any moment, like passing by cars, and will leave nothing behind. So, why am I spending my life, wasting my youth, health and power to make some other person's dream come true? I have my own and I have to work on it, fight for it, even if it's a struggle within me. And so I let my soul fly away from that car that was going down the empty highway, where an empty and lonely hotel room awaits me at the end of the busy day. It changed my perspective that night. And suddenly all the pressure was gone, because I realized that I didn't come to this world to become a better assistant of an assistant, but to become more of myself, materialize my own dreams, going my own way and not following someone else. My life has a better purpose. Even if I have to stay homeless and hungry, it still worth it, because I would know that I did everything to be more like me, to play my own game and make my own reality. I did everything through my body that my soul decided to come for in this world. This song just makes me feel pure and free. Crystal...

8. Frank Ocean | Strawberry Swing
Contains samples of the song of the same name performed by Coldplay. Frank Ocean's Music was introduced to me by my American friend. We were driving from Washington suburbs to Baltimore and he was telling me about Frank and his songs. So we listened to this album all over and over again... Especially I liked this particular song. That was my first time in US and everything felt so strangely distant and beautiful. The feeling of Big. Big cities, buildings, long distances... This song is a sheer joy and a memory of something indescribably nice. Just a possibility, an opportunity, a small chance that you almost can reach with your fingertips... Like falling in Love or walking down the busy streets of the city you've never been to before and knowing that everything is possible, all the best things you can imagine are possible! And you're the one who has The Power. Whenever I have it on my playlist, I wish the whole world could dance with me to this song and enjoy the beauty of the moment... We are all mortals, aren't we? Any moment this could go.... Magical!

9. Coldplay | Atlas (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I heard this song during a dance lesson first time, and dancing to it was so cool! Dim lights in the dance-hall, huge Sound and Music going through your body. I like how this song makes you feel strong and free. And the words match Music perfectly. Chris Martin has a remarkable talent in Songwriting and, when listening to his Music more, you can feel how natural it is for him - writing Music, lyrics, and sing... And again - he has his own style. I remember, at times, when I didn't know about Coldplay's existence, Chris Martin and such, my friends asked me to play the melody (from Trouble by Coldplay) and I grew to like it so much... And then hearing him singing first time, I thought - Oh my, this guy can't sing at all... But perhaps he really loves doing it and he does it badly, but it sounds so engaging! Now his songs and singing are wonderful and polished technically. I thought then, maybe, if I will keep trying, keep singing, just because I really love it - it will also work out at some point. I was thirteen then.

10. Beck | Lonesome Tears
I learned about Beck through one of the Ukrainian musicians - Dmytro Shurov, who shared Beck's Music. It's so rich in Sound and he seems to understand something very important about Music. Also I heard that Beck released an album in the form of Music sheets... Hah, I like that creativity. This is the way it should be - playful, authentic and crazy.