WARMER MIXTAPES #1224 | by Shannon Hurley of Lovers And Poets

1. Donna Summer | I Feel Love
The best Electronic Dance song of all time, thanks to Giorgio Moroder’s innovative use of the Moog and the drum machine. Plus, Donna Summer’s voice worked so well in the world of Dance Music. It still sounds so timeless, yet futuristic.

2. The Beatles | Here Comes The Sun
George Harrison’s sweet, simple song contains two of my favorite things: Moog Synthesizers and handclaps.

3. Joe Jackson | Look Sharp!
Jackson combines Jazz, Pop, and Punk with just the right balance of polish and attitude.

4. Zero 7 | Destiny (with Sia Furler and Sophie Barker)
Sia’s rich, soulful voice raises this track high and above the rest of Zero 7’s catalog. This is one of the first songs I heard on KCRW after moving to LA and reminds me of that place and time.

5. Chantal Kreviazuk | In This Life
This is my ultimate sing-along song. Chantal’s writing reaches pure perfection here, and her voice is the vehicle for the song. It has a lovely arrangement and the mixing is top-notch. Sonic Pop Enjoyment.

6. Boards Of Canada | Roygbiv
Emulating the soundtracks from old projector films used for Public Schools in the 70s, Boards Of Canada nails it with this song. The warm analog sounds bring about a great sense of nostalgia.

7. The Human League | Don’t You Want Me
The hypnotic drum machine, the heavy synth riff, and those ultra-cool vocals (not to mention the band’s androgynous style in the Music Video) have earned a righteous place in 80s Pop Music history.

8. Bill Withers | Lovely Day
The warmth of the Wurlitzer gives me goose bumps in this incredibly vibe-y song. The Sun always comes out when listening to it.

9. Keane | Somewhere Only We Know
Tom Chaplin’s soaring vocals make this song a standout on Keane’s debut album Hopes And Fears.

10. Gerry Rafferty | Baker Street
One of my earliest Musical memories is this song coming on the radio. It has the greatest saxophone riff of all time.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1223 | by Narongrit Ittipolnavakul [Hope The Flowers/Hon Narongrit]/(Poxydonz, Disaster Of Abyss, SendingPop, Landfall, Step Touch) & Wasin Wainiya [Arm Wainiya] of HOLD ME and Willshare

SIDE A | by Narongrit Ittipolnavakul

1. L'Arc-En-Ciel | Jyojyoushi
The first song I listened in J-Music when I was 15. I goosebumped when I heard it. I didn’t know the meaning of it, but made me want to compose Japanese-style songs. It describes me right now and brings me closer to Music and Composition.

2. The Devil Wears Prada | Swords, Dragons, & Diet Coke
In 2010 there were many Metal-Core bands. I felt into this song because its unorthodox and heavy rhythms stirred me so much. That’s why I compose Music with heavy rhythms and focus on Bass rather than Treble.

3. miaou | Anything Goes
The first time I heard Post Rock Music. I was trying to find my favorite style from the American, European or Asian bands. Then I found miaou. I love their sweet Asian melodies and riffs and inspired me to compose Tsuki No Minna. Honestly, they are my main influence. I want to prove that I can make what I want. All or nothing.

4. Mono | Dream Odyssey
It makes me dream deep in Space. Mono is very good on making those moods. I’ve watched their live show in Thailand and loved it. Everything out from the instruments is gracefully integrated. And this is the another influence in my Music.

5. This Will Destroy You | Threads
While finding Post Rock Music the best fit for the idea in my work, I found This Will Destroy You. They have sweet guitar melodies and heavy rhythms. This is it! This is what I will combine with my Asian style.

6. Inspirative | Felicity Is Out There
The first Thai band I’ve known in Post Rock Music. They’re so great in describing the Thai style with their non-lyrical Music. It’s like they compose the Music inspired by the experiences in their own lives. It’s like they’re telling the story in the song. That makes me want to make my own Post Rock band.

7. Afternoon | Thomas Alva Edison
When I’ve listened to Inspirative I continued finding more Thai Post Rock bands from the Post Rock label named FinalKid. That's how I found Afternoon. First time I watched the video for this song I felt that I was missing someone and it brought back some old memories. It’s fantastic.

8. Enuff Z'Nuff | Fly High Michelle
They’re my favorite Hard Rock band. I admit that I’m not in their generation. I feel like growing up when I listen to their sound. I want to compose Music like them, have a fashion style like them... I love it! It has some Asian scents... But it’s up to your feeling.

9. Hammock | Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life
This song encourages me, gives me a hope to fight the despair in my past. It’s like they bring me to the Stars. I always get some powers to stand and fight in my life and my journey. When I’m downhearted... I always pick this song.

10. Explosions In The Sky | The Only Moment We Were Alone
I didn’t like it a lot the first time I heard it. But on their live show in Thailand, in 2014, OH MY GOD!... It’s so powerful. It made me feel goosebumps and my heart shivered.

SIDE B | by Wasin Wainiya

1. Yellow Magic Orchestra | Rydeen 
First time I heard them on Live Earth (07/07/07), on TV. In a midst of many World's favorite bands, they were the last band in that broadcasting. I thought that they are really cool. And when I listened to this song in the show... I loved its peaceful melodies instantly. With Kiyomisu Temple in the background. It was a very epic show for me. And made me to be their fan.

2. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Energy Flow
Yellow Magic Orchestra brought me to him. After hearing this song, I suddenly dashed to my friend’s piano and composed my song named Cleansing. He’s my main influence in my own Music.

3. Inspirative | Felicity Is Out There
First Post Rock band I've heard. With the beautiful melodies and harsh harmonies in the last section of the song, I feel like I’m painting a picture that doesn't impress me enough. Then I splash the color into the picture and make a beautiful picture at last. I instantly loved Post Rock Music thanks to this song.

4. L'Arc-En-Ciel | Finale
I love their composition in this song. Long intro to make a mood, storytelling harmony and beautiful melodies. I have listened to this song nearly 50 times in a row.

5. Casiopea | Asayake
They bring me into the Jazz Fusion world with this song. With enthusiastic riffs, rhythms and the unorthodox chord progression, I fall in Love with this Music and I want to be able to play it. I’m still practicing...

6. Pat Metheny Group | Have You Heard?
Pat Metheny is a Jazz guitarist. He widens my Music World with his well-known exciting Jazz Music. With his unique Improvisation and Composition, he’s another inspiration to get various ideas from. This is the first song I heard from his group and I was thrilled with the exciting and funny rhythms.

7. Mogwai | Mogwai Fear Satan
They are my first foreign Post Rock band. I'm always amazed with their rages burst out from the song. It’s powerful and it feels like they blast all of their pain, anger, rage, fury... Everything in this song. Fantastic!

8. Slipknot | Surfacing
I’ve listened to this song since I was 8 via my elder brother. Everything from this song was new for me. The brutal riffs, heavy rhythms and harsh screams... I've been addicted and it made me fall into the Metal’s pit since then.

9. The Chemical Brothers | Elektrobank
Their Music is not only EDM. I think it has some IDM’s scent in it too. I feel the same like in the Music Video. It’s like the story. It brings me to another world of EDM.

10. Boards Of Canada | Reach For The Dead
The pure IDM, their Electronic Music is not for the clubs. It’s for the listeners! Well, not much synthesized sounds in this song. I can imagine anything freely while I’m listening. I can Free myself from the Real World to Imagination and do anything I want!

WARMER MIXTAPES #1222 | by Rob Cameron (Second Family, EEEK!), Daniel Ruiz (DruiZ, Aunts And Uncles, Synthcake, White Blood Cells, we just stole a car, Sorry Buttons, Like Animals Again, Slight Birching, Half Chinese), Andrew Janczewski (Second Family) & Tristan Orchard (DBL Dragon) of BESTiE

SIDE A | by Tristan Orchard

1. Deftones | Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) (Acoustic)
I don't really listen to Deftones at all but somehow stumbled on this Acoustic version which flips it from being a really heavy song into something the complete opposite. I love the Warmness to it, the crackles, the Lo-Fi-ness of it. I have it connected in my head to a Summertime memory of an oceanside cabin on Hornby Island, one of the gulf islands that's a few hours travel from Vancouver that is my favourite place in the World. It's night time and it's warm and I'm with good people.

2. Justin Bieber | All That Matters
This song is currently stuck in my head and on repeat.

3. Roy Orbison | Crying

4. Usher | Climax
This is one of my favourite songs. The vocal melodies in are amazing. I remember being in awe of them and thinking it was the hardest song ever to sing. I use it to warm up my vocals before shows.

5. Todd Terje | Inspector Norse
There's a short film documentary about this song called Whateverest which details this guy's who the song is about, who makes this homemade drug out of household chemicals and gets really high. He's also an artist and does this piece he calls No Bad Days which is the inspiration for our album title.

6. Best Coast | Bratty B
Best Coast's Crazy For You album got me through a break up and this is my favourite song from it.

7. Björk | Hunter
In my second year of University, I took half the year off and went back packing in Europe. I was on a ferry leaving Turkey for the Greek Islands and this song was playing and I have that moment locked in my head.

8. The Beach Boys | Good Vibrations
Before I was old enough to choose Music to listen to, I would listen to a lot of The Beach Boys that my dad would play. I love this song. It's perfect. It embodies everything all at once. The harmonies, the production, the instrumentation.

9. Monie Love | It's A Shame (My Sister)
One of my biggest pet peeves is having a song in your head but no idea what it is or how to find. When I was really young this song was on the 90's US TV show In Living Colour which was a personal favourite. They used to have these dancing parts of the show for the intro and before it would go to commercial and JLo was one of them, LOL. It was super badass. They played this song. Maybe 15 years later, working as a DJ, I was digging for vinyl at a shop and speaking with a DJ who had been playing for a while and hummed the melody and he knew the song! Then I had to find it and ordered three different versions of it as it turned out the version I had heard was only on the 7" single.

10. Miguel | Sure Thing
This is basically the sexiest song ever written. I want to cover this song, but the rest of the band won't do it because they have black hearts. I hate them.

+11. Drake | Best I Ever Had
About a year ago I needed to get out of town and convinced my best friend to travel down to Portland with me to hang with some band friends we have down there. We didn't really plan anything and just winged it. We ended up camping in the middle of nowhere on the coast on a beach and doing some psychedelics. At a certain point I swear thought we were being visited by aliens but it turned out it was the US Coast Guard and they were watching us with this night vision infrared light for 30 minutes from a boat. They finally left after deeming that us foreigners weren't a threat. We had this little tiny speaker thing and this song played.

SIDE B | by Daniel Ruiz

1. Lucho Bermúdez y Su Orquesta | Arroz Con Coco
I love this song because it not only has my grandfather singing on it, but it also is one of the funnest Cumbias from the great Lucho Bermúdez. I always want to dance to this and sing along.

2. Charles Mingus | Cumbia & Jazz Fusion
This song made me want to study Music, it especially gave me a great perspective and made want to study the Jazz idiom in the drumset. It blends Cumbia Music with rainforest sounds that transcends into an epic Charles Mingus Jazz composition, which involves a very inspired performance with the uniqueness of his writing.

3. Queen | Don't Stop Me Now
Queen is one of the best bands of all time, their 1988 Live Aid performance is by far the best live set ever! Ha. Don't Stop Me Now is an excellent crafted tune that just gets more epic as it progresses, it is not an epic over played Bohemian Rhapsody, but also it's not just a simple Pop tune. Plus it is about having a good time!

4. Tony Allen | Jakelewah
Afrobeat at its finest, by Fela Kuti's drummer; a very amazing musician. This tune like most of his others, has a great message, a cool arrangement with really interesting polyrhythms and a great musical craftsmanship.

5. Radiohead | 15 Step
In Rainbows is in my opinion Radiohead's best album to date. It incorporates a solid intricacy of really Experimental writing with an unique Pop sensibility. I could choose pretty much every song of this album, but I went with 15 Step because it's in 5 or 10 or 15, whatever you want to see it as.

6. The Meters | Tippi Toes
The guitar riff on this song is basically what draws me in, it is so creamy and catchy, for me The Meters will always be an inspiration to Funk and R&B.

7. Daft Punk | Contact
Although Random Access Memories is a new album, it really caught my attention, it blends Electronic sounds with an amazing Live studio band. When I first heard the last song of the album, Contact, I thought it was a perfect way to end it, because of its climactic nature. Also shout out to Giorgio By Moroder and Motherboard from the same album.

8. King Crimson | Indiscipline
This song has one of the most epic drum buildups with a very wacky riff and super intricate storyline. To be honest ever since I heard it I have been a huge Bill Bruford fan.

9. Holy Fuck | Super Inuit
This band is awesome, and they play and amazing live show, full of energy and great upbeat tunes. This song to me is the amalgamation of High Energy sweat drenched super good times, and it's all condensed into one song. Great tune to get work done to.

10. Return To Forever | Captain Senor Mouse (feat. Chick Corea)
This song is very intense, and it's from the 70's Jazz Fusion era, very challenging and performed with pristine precision. I am not the biggest Chick Corea fan, but this song in particular gets me every time, I love it!

SIDE C | by Andrew Janczewski

1. Art Ensemble Of Chicago | Thème De Yoyo
I don't know what you would call this kind of Jazz, but it's fantastic. Very raw and stripped down, with a great groove. Whoever recorded this really found an amazing sound for the band. The song is taken from an album called Les Stances A Sophie, which I found through Soul Jazz Records. A really wonderful label that generally focuses on re-issuing albums or genre compilations of older Music. I got into them when following my love of Jamaican Music. I highly recommend checking them out.

2. Lokonon André & Les Volcans | Mi Kple Dogbekpo 
I came across this track not that long ago on a compilation record called African Scream Contest on the Analogue Africa label. I really love older African Pop Music. You can often hear an influence from the Popular Western Music of whatever time it was recorded, but they take it somewhere else with unique approaches to rhythm and melody. I'm often fascinated by African guitar players, but this song has a great vocal melody.

3. Loose Joints | Is It All Over My Face (Female Vocal)
Tristan turned me on to this song and it's now one of my favorites. It's Disco, from the Disco era, but completely stripped of any of the saccharine, lush production and instrumentation often associated with the genre. Guitar, bass, drums, Rhodes piano and a superb vocal line. Just an amazing song.

4. George Harrison | Wah-Wah 
I had never listened to George Harrison's All Things Must Pass album until a friend gave it to my girlfriend a while ago. The whole triple album is amazing. I could have chosen many of the songs from it, but I like this one too, so here you go.

5. Freddie Scott | (You) Got What I Need 
Not much to say about this one, just a solid old R&B song. It's the basis for the Biz Markie classic Just A Friend.

6. A Certain Ratio | Do The Du (Casse)
Here's a really danceable Post-Punk, Punk-Funk kind of thing that I always come back to. I really like ACR. The late 70s/early 80s seemed like a very interesting time for Underground Dance Music, with disparate worlds coming together. Punk influenced white kids from Manchester adopting New York dance styles and Martin Hannet producing ESG.

7. David Bowie | Word On A Wing 
I love, love, love David Bowie. This is from the Station To Station album, which I think stands up alongside the three Berlin albums that came immediately after (pretty much everything he did in the 70s is incredible). What gets me about this song is his vocal delivery. It might equal his singing on Heroes.

8. Hannah Epperson & Oh No! Yoko | Soft Shoulder 
This is a collaboration between some friends of ours and produced by Howard Redekopp, with whom we worked on our album. A group of very talented people all around. We were there when Howard played them the first mix, and I remember being blown away when Hannah comes in with the hook. It arrives out of left field and is beautiful.

9. Peter Tosh | I Am That I Am
I'm a big fan of Jamaican Music from the 60s and 70s. A small island that produced a disproportionate amount of staggeringly good Music. My mom had Peter Tosh's Equal Rights album on tape when I was a kid and now I have it on vinyl. Maybe that's why I like that album and this song so much. Thematically, it's pretty classic Peter Tosh, but the simplicity of the lyrics and melody in the chorus really stand out for me.

10. Portishead | The Rip
This is from the album Third. Beth Gibbons has the most amazing, haunting voice. I love the way this song slowly builds, but still remains perfectly understated. Also, I'm fascinated by songs that never deviate from one chord progression but don't feel at all repetitive (Gut Feeling by Devo, Radiohead's The National Anthem). I hope to write one at some point.

SIDE D | by Rob Cameron

1. Joni Mitchell | All I Want 
I had a turntable in my room when I was a teenager in the late 90s. I would fall asleep listening to my mom's copy of Blue. Anytime I hear any of the songs off that record it makes me think of home and my mom. Like a safety blanket for my ears.

2. The Strokes | Under Control 
I was really into The Strokes around the time I first started playing Music with a few of my best friends. It was a great period in my life and this brings me back there. It makes me think of riding around in a minivan blasting tunes. Drinking beers and cheap wine in the driveway with the garage door open, taking a break in between trying to make up songs.

3. Born Ruffians | This Sentence Will Ruin/Save Your Life
Whole album... The first time my friend Simon played me this song it blew my mind. Again in the mini van. Some good tunes in that van. Born Ruffians are still one of my favourite bands 7 years later. The EP this song is off of would be on my top 10 album list if one existed. Simon is still one of my best friends in the world as well. Longevity, that's what's up.

4. Animal Collective | Fireworks 
Animal Collective helped change the way I thought about Music. Strawberry Jam is my fav album of theirs, and this is my fav song off that album. Tough call. I wanted one Animal Collective song on here. I love their songwriting. They write weird demented Pop songs that are catchy as fuck. Respect.

5. Grizzly Bear | On A Neck, On A Spit 
This song is beautiful. Grizzly Bear write beautiful Music. I find it cerebral and sophisticated. It makes me feel like a real grown up when I listen to it and is what I imagine young to middle aged intellectuals listen to. Being a pseudo wanna-be intellectual myself, I relate to that. Grizzly Bear are the real deal for the everyman. They take me to a specific place and affect a different approach in thought for me. Plain and simple, I like how it makes me feel.

6. A Tribe Called Quest | Jazz (We've Got) 
I Love Hip Hop. A Tribe... are one of the best. One of my favourite things about them is how they blend and sample other genres. Mainly Jazz. Bet you didn't guess I was gonna go there... It's an homage, adaptation, and re-imagining all in one. And it rules.

7. Miles Davis | Blue In Green (with Bill Evans)
One of the saddest songs I listen to on a regular basis. I put this on when it's raining a lot. Or when I'm feeling contemplative. It's not depressing. It's not always that sad every listen either. But it can take me there if I want it to. And Music that can take you somewhere is more precious than gold.

8. Joy Division | Atmosphere 
I just fucking love the bass playing in this song. The bass is one of my favourite parts of Joy Division. Peter Hook is definitely an influence for me. This song in particular though, the tone and simplicity just hit perfectly for me.

9. Konono Nº1 | Paridiso 
Andrew gave me this incredible compilation a few years ago called Africa 100. This song was on it. It's been on my iPod ever since. It was even my ringtone for a spell, I love it so much. If you watch a video of this band you will appreciate it even more. A lot of the instruments are home made out of less than ideal materials. This opened A New World of Music for me. Thanks, Andrew!

10. Kendrick Lamar | Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
I took a break from Hip Hop and Rap Music for a while. It became monotonous in the Mainstream and stagnated as a whole. Kendrick Lamar wasn't the one to break this monotony. He wasn't even the one to change my perception of Hip Hop and alert me to its departure from the dark ages. But this entire album... Wow. On repeat. Over and over. Please.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1221 | by Ed Allen (The Mavericks Of Love, We Found The Fox), Elliott Brown (Hang Fire), Adam Dolby (The Mavericks Of Love, Hyman Roth) and George Wheeler (The Mavericks Of Love) of Tilapia

SIDE A | by Ed Allen

1. The Magnetic Fields | A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off
Just an absolutely heartbreaking but hilarious tune. The guy is an absolute genius. He has a completely unique talent of triggering all sorts of emotions at once.

2. of Montreal | Id Engager
An amazing Pop song. Makes my hips wiggle, eyebrows raised and teeth chatter.

3. of Montreal | Feminine Effects (feat. Rebecca Cash)
This song is so relaxing to listen to. I always listen to it on the bus when it's raining.

4. Paul Nicholas | Magical Mr. Mistoffelees (from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats)
Me, Wheeler and Dolby did this in a School play when we were about 8 or something. I've loved it ever since.

5. Destroyer | Bay Of Pigs
This song gives me the chills. I get a real kick out of Dan Bejar's voice. When the Acoustic comes in someway through the song it's so natural and gives everything that kick. A song to listen to when you're drinking alone in the dark, and then someone turns the light on near the end of the song.

6. Jack Wild | Consider Yourself (Oliver! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Another song from a Musical. It's a family song. I was brought up on cheesy Musical numbers.

7. Modest Mouse | We've Got Everything
In the Summer of 2009 we drove around in Dolby's blue Mini listening to this on repeat. Everyone loved it and I think it's the best Indie Pop songs out there. Perfect for the Summer.

8. James Baskett and Nick Stewart | Everybody's Got A Laughing Place (Song Of The South Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Br'er Rabbit's trick up his sleeve to fool Br'er Fox!

9. The Velvet Underground | Rock & Roll
This would be on Elliott's list as well I think. Just very suave. It's cool. It's cooler than anything else there is.

10. The Beach Boys | Don't Worry Baby
Charming fellas making charming tunes and I was well and truly charmed from the start. The way the melody moves from each line is like a flume or something. I get that warm romantic feeling of Togetherness when I listen to it.

SIDE B | by Adam Dolby

1. Why? | The Hollows 
A classic car song, reminds me of driving around the countryside in my derelict car with the guys, after travelling 20 miles to the nearest pub for 1 pint, risking our lives in a tin can, it’s a recipe for joy.

2. Alkaline Trio | Every Thug Needs A Lady 
Embarrassing to say, but it’s from my youth and let’s be honest they are great no matter what anyone says...

3. The Beautiful South | Big Coin
Another embarrassing one... I remember listening to this when iPods and things didn’t exist, plugged headphones in to a massive Hi-Fi and listened to their album Quench over and over in my living room, it’s a great album and a great song.

4. The Black Keys | Grown So Ugly 
Nothing to say, it’s just a great song!

5. Queens Of The Stone Age | Auto Pilot 
I remember hearing this on a Kerrang! compilation album and just loving it.

6. Gerry Rafferty | Baker Street 
Never trust a man who doesn’t like this song.

7. Phoenix | Consolation Prizes 
Poppy genius...

8. Mclusky | She Will Only Bring You Happiness
It’s the one song I can partly play on guitar and for such an aggressive band it’s a great attempt at a Pop song.

9. Future Of The Left | Manchasm 
Couldn’t not include Future Of The Left, the rhythm in this song is just incredible and it’s lyrical genius.

10. Bombay Bicycle Club | Open House
 House parties and being 16...

SIDE C | by Elliott Brown

1. Curtis Mayfield | Pusherman 
Such a good groove, Curtis is a bad motherfucker, the whole Superfly album is great and difficult to choose a song.

2. Blue Boy | Remember Me
I first heard this as a cover by Tame Impala, I went back and found the original, the sample is great! Takes me back to when my friend Ash and I would put it on at every party and get down.

3. Mac DeMarco | Ode To Viceroy 
I can’t knock anything Mac does, I get lost in his albums. This song was a highlight when I saw him last year.

4. Richard Hawley | I'm Waiting For The Man (The Velvet Underground Cover)
A great Velvet Underground cover and gives the song all the justice it deserves, love the Richard Hawley freakout, 9 minutes long but he holds you on for every second.

5. The Housemartins | Happy Hour
Norman Cook when he was in his youth playing bass! Love the skiffle type sound, and observant British lyrics.
6. Elvis Presley | Jailhouse Rock (Jailhouse Rock Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Whilst everyone my age was growing up were listening to Blink-182 or pretending they were into Nirvana, I was twisting my hips to the King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll, I found the combination of Elvis and Scotty Moore insatiable.

7. Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth | Bad Mutha 
A great sample and chilled beat, what more could you want? Put it on and sit back.

8. Jaakko Eino Kalevi | The Search 
Wheeler puts this on intentionally just to get me dancing, it works every time. Love the saxophone and flute!

9. The Velvet Underground | Rock & Roll 
I know Ed has put this, but I’ve got to put it too, Lou Reed was the coolest guy and this showed exactly what he could do, the coolest riff, the coolest lyrics and I love the way he screams. Cool guy.

10. Dexys Midnight Runners | Geno 
My mum's favourite band, as soon as the song begins, it gets me all riled up and ready to sing along with Kevin Rowland.

SIDE D | by George Wheeler

1. Yes Nice | White Washed Walls 
Having recently discovered this band, I’ve had this track playing a lot. At one point it appears there is a tremolo on everything but the drums. This daring move only enhances my love for the charming Pop song.

2. Girls | Heartbreaker 
I saw this band on my 21st birthday away at Uni in Nottingham. As a massive surprise, half way through the set 6 of my best mates from home appeared from nowhere in the crowd. This track takes me back to that great night.

3. Beach House | Wishes
Ever since I saw the video for this song (directed by the amazing Eric Wareheim) I have fallen in Love with it. The twinkling synths combined huge guitars and Victoria Legrand’s velvety voice make for one epicly sized song.

4. Nico | These Days 
This perfectly quirky Pop song is guaranteed to either elevate me to maximum Happiness or ultimate Sadness. Either way it is a powerful track.

5. Devo | Whip It 
Put this on if you want me do a dance with an invisible whip. The looping riff in this thing is insane.

6. Wild Beasts | The Fun Powder Plot
This track is the perfect opener to a great album. The finger picked baseline and bongos are paired making an unique atmospheric rhythm. Hayden Thorpe’s unique vocals are great too and are so much more important to this band than the gimmick they are often regarded as.

7. Weezer | Undone - The Sweater Song
The slow steady rhythm and dodgy tuned guitars combined with the background conversations makes me wish I was an 18 yr old American Freshman.

8. Tanlines | Cactus
I love this band's brand of Synth Pop matching African drums to intricate computerised rhythms. Great Songwriting too. Can't wait to hear more from this band.

9. Small Black | Moon Killer 
I have been a fan of this band's Music for a while now. When this track dropped a few years back I had it on repeat for months... I still do.

10. MGMT | Congratulations 
Strangely this is the most played song in my iTunes. Something about the descending chords in this song never seem to bore me, they could repeat on forever and I would die a happy man.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1220 | by Marcus Sadler [It Takes Two To Tango/Space Jump Salute]

1. Rozzer | Monster Dub
This track I found by complete accident, it was created by a small artist from the UK named Rozzer. It was created by taking samples from other songs such as Mack The Knife by Louis Armstrong and then having original material and drum beats played over the top. It's one of those songs that just chills me out and cheers me up when ever I hear it.

2. Pogo | Upular
This track is just amazing in so many different ways. It was created by Pogo who takes sounds and scores from films and then turns them into songs. This one is from the Pixar film Up, with the film already having one of my favourite films scores the amount of Creativity that was needed to make it into this song is just amazing and again I just love to sit and listen to it.

3. Kingston | Round We Go
This is another track I found on YouTube by complete mistake. Created by a band based in New Zealand, it is so catchy and uplifting and just an amazing track in its self. When ever someone new comes over to my place I show them to help spread the word, so go check it out!

4. Michael Giacchino | Married Life (Up Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This song is from the Pixar movie Up and is just an amazing piece of Composition. Having previously composed Music for films and adverts myself, I understand and respect the amount of work and thought that went into this song. Conveying the emotions of the characters with out one word of dialogue, just amazing.

5. deadmau5 | Some Chords  
This song for me is just the best way to start off an album. The build is just epic and just keeps building to a very satisfying conclusion. I hope one day to make an intro track to an album as epic as this one!

6. Alex Winston | Velvet Elvis
This song is just amazing, the amount of Emotion that is through the whole track is just amazing. After hearing this track on a TV advert I just had to find it and buy it. For me it's just one of those songs you can just loose yourself in, I would love to think I could make a song this amazing one day!

7. Vangelis | La Petite Fille De La Mer (L'Apocalypse Des Animaux Original Soundtrack)
Just an amazing creating of Sound and Atmosphere. This song is just one of those tracks that I find can help you go inside your head and have a deep think about a situation of problem you have. However, you can still just sit and listen to the amazing level of Composition.

8. Enter Shikari | Arguing With Thermometers 
This band is the reason I got into Electronic Music, with a history of Metal bands under my belt, this band were a big influence. However, with their edition of Electronic synths, this opened the world of synths and Production to me. This song, however, is just so full and getting you going and being a close friend with the amazing producer of this album just makes this track even better.

9. Oli Slack | Maple High
Another example of an amazing track created by a small artist who deserves to be bigger than he is. This track was created by a mate of mine and it is just amazing! Just an array of amazing sounds and emotions that go into this track. I don't know anyone who can make Music like Oli and he needs to be bigger.

10. Kill The Noise & Feed Me | Thumbs Up (For Rock N' Roll)
Two of my favourite producers working together on a track, just perfection. This is such a great track when you've had a few drinks with your mates at a gig and you just want to let loose and go crazy, moshing your head off. Just balls to the wall fun and groove!