WARMER MIXTAPES #1141 | by Kirill H. [zaika]

It took me a long time to choose the best tracks of many thousands I’ve been listening to for the last few years. Now this is gonna be a journey...

1. Adventure | Rio
I chose this one as #1 to show you who I really am. This track somehow reminds me of my childhood because of those synths. When you were born in the '90s you will understand. I really like that bright and playful melody and I’ve also been down so long... Do you feel it? Aha-aha-aha-aa… Very catchy.

2. Charles Murdoch | No Lungs
One of my latest favorites… I just love this one because it soothes me.

3. Rain Dog | Regolith
My personal Spring tune because it sounds refreshing to me. What else can I say.

4. Lapalux | Swallowing Smoke
Imagine like you’re on vacation and it’s a hot bright summer afternoon. Lapalux’s Music inspires me and makes me think positive about here and now.

5. xxxy | You Always Start It 
Another lovely, positive summer tune. Never going to forget the memories associated with this track.

6. Wild Beasts | Thankless Thing
This is like water to a thirsty corn. My inner self literally grew each time I listened to this track. It gives me a feeling of being mature and strong.

7. Synkro | Get Down
It’s like sitting in a train and longingly watching out of the window. I don’t know why but the calm guitar passages in this tune remind me of some idyllic, Futuristic Background Music from the movie The Fifth Element. I really like that movie, by the way.

8. Opium Flirt | Saint European King Days
Whenever you’re sad, just listen to this track and it will put a smile on your face.

9. Aereogramme | Exits
One of my favorite Post-Rock tunes. I used to listen to it a lot during solitary walks. Imagine how it’s nighttime now, you walk outside with your eyes closed and listen to this track. Turn your head towards the sky, but don’t open your eyes yet, just wait until the first kick drops and the hats start running. Do you feel how it is? Do you feel how it releases you from all your worries? Now open your eyes and watch the stars.

10. Guerre | Millenium Blues 
This one is very personal. I used to listen to it a lot when I was in a relationship. It’s so intense but calm like that relationship was. And you’re still the one. You held me closer than anyone. – these words wake many memories in me. And I’m not only feeling and seeing them like as if they’re still present, I can even smell them…

WARMER MIXTAPES #1140 | by Ryan Weber [REW<<] of Eric & Magill

1. The Sundays | Goodbye
I remember laying on my stomach on the rug in my father’s house when I was a kid watching MTV waiting for the Sundays' video for Love. I went out and bought the tape. Shortly after that time I moved to Costa Rica. I used to walk around some dingy parts of capital with my yellow Walkman listening to Blind. The whole record reminds of that time. The bright Central American Sun, the chaotic surrounds, and this unusual brand of Brit Pop permeating my headphones. David Gavurin’s production and guitar playing is truly inspiring. As are Harriet Wheeler’s vocals. I just chose Goodbye because it's one of my favorite tracks off of the record.

2. Cocteau Twins | Fifty-Fifty Clown
Considering my love of the Shoegaze genre and my previously mention of the often compared Sundays' Blind, it almost surprises myself that this record was introduced to me so much later in life. It was a dark dark Wisconsin winter night that I went over to my friend and former band mate Franz’s house with the purpose of lending some guitar tracks to his of gorgeous musical project called Single Drift. We ended up drinking wine and till the wee hours while he played me Heaven Or Las Vegas in utter shock that I had never heard it before. I think I was in shock too. Now when I listen to it I usually drift back to cold and dark Wisconsin winters, playing Music with friends and drinking more wine than is probably good for me. Everything about the record is genius. Fifty-Fifty Clown is one of my favorite tracks mostly because of Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals, but that could be said about any track on it.

3. The Beatles | Rocky Raccoon
Though I never really listened to White Album much growing up, my sister was named after Rocky Raccoon, her name was Magill, but she called herself Lil, but everyone knew her as Nancy. When I got into The Beatles I always thought how cool it was she got named after an obscure Beatles reference. When I started doing Music on my own I thought since she wasn’t using her name to its fullest potential I’d borrow it, and that is the reason our band is called Eric & Magill not Eric & Ryan. Also when I listen to this song I think of my parents being young, with their first child on the way and how they must’ve been feeling. I think it’s a pretty unique association with that song.

4. Ruben Hakhverdyan | Yerevani Gishernerum
Though I only lived in Armenia for short time, it's one of my most beloved places in the World. Not much makes the capital city Yerevan more than this song. It also reminds of the time I met my wife, so it really can’t get better than that. I love Ruben’s often skeptical, tongue in cheek lyrics and classical guitar playing.

5. Ryan Adams | My Winding Wheel
Heartbreaker. In my nearly ten years playing and touring with Decibully Heartbreaker was probably one of our most listened to records in our history. To me this song represents riding in a van with my friends off to the next city, off to the next show, the next adventure, the next disappointment, the next wherever; point is we were going somewhere, on the road as long as the van kept going.

6. George Michael | Freedom! '90
Listen Without Prejudice. I had this tape when I was in High School. I’m pretty sure I would dance in my room in front of the mirror to this song. I’ve always dug it, and I don’t really care what people might have to say about that. I must have worn out the cassette because I didn’t have it for the longest time so I downloaded it few years ago. This was around the time I was married. One night also around the same time I played a show down in Chicago. As my wife and I were trying to stay awake on the two-hour drive back to Milwaukee at 4AM she found my newly downloaded George Michael on my iPod. She was a bit surprised to find out I was fan, but turned out so is she. We spent the rest of the night singing along loudly with George trying to stay awake. Now George Michael is kind of our thing, so if you ever stop by our house unannounced don’t be shocked if you find us dancing in the mirror together to Freedom! '90.

7. The Smiths | A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours 
When I was 15 I started playing in a Rock band but couldn’t get to band practice, so I relied on my cousin who was about a year older than me and had a car and was fucking cool like that. She never listened to anything ever in the car except The Smiths and would sing along loudly. I can’t listen to The Smiths without warmly remembering those happy moments that I’d ride in her car to band practice. Plus I love The Smiths.

8. Lullaby For The Working Class | Boar’s Nest
This jam is off what might be a fairly underappreciated record by folks that went on to form the backbone of Bright Eyes and other great Omaha bands. Anyway, I lived in London for a spell a gizzilion years ago and these guys came through on tour and played to like 3 people in a bar including myself and they put on such an amazing show they might have been playing to 10,000. I was really into this record back then so it reminds of walking around London in the winter all alone with my thoughts. My path has crossed with a few of the guys from Lullaby since then and it’s always been a pleasure.

9. múm | We Have A Map Of The Piano
When I was touring with The Promise Ring we had a day off in Brussels. We were living on a bus that was parked outside the club and were told we could come see the show that night by a band we hadn’t heard of from Iceland called múm. múm played in nearly pitch black and just played one of the most magical sets ever to a small room. That record became the soundtrack for us while we were touring Europe. It reminds me of hot days in France and looking for a bar to watch the World Cup in Germany or wandering aimlessly with the guys around Amsterdam. I always associate this with that amazing Summer.

10. to be added

WARMER MIXTAPES #1139 | by Sima Kim

1. Arvo Pärt | Spiegel Im Spiegel (Performed by Vladimir Spivakov and Sergei Berzodny)
To depict this song correctly I should invent something more than words. One day, my mate introduced this song to me and I was shocked. Actually this song is so simple. Just repeats some chords and a very simple and slow violin melody. That's all. But actually is more than that.

2. Karlheinz Stockhausen | Studie II
This song is one of my favorites and a really important song of my musical life. This song has interesting sounds, texture and aesthetics. And urged me to study Music. I mean, somewhat I went to College of Music for knowing what is the Beauty, what is the Logic, what is the Music and so on about this kind of compositions.

3. Ludwig Van Beethoven | Piano Sonata No.1, Op.2 No.1 (Performed by Daniel Baranboim)
Maybe this song is the Beethoven's favorite  Piano Sonata of almost all guys and gals who plays a piano. And often first thing has a very special meaning. I started to learn playing a piano when I was 18 year old, applying for the College of Music.

4. Johannes Brahms | Symphony No. 4 In E Minor, Op. 98 (Performed by New York Philharmonic; Conductor: Leonard Bernstein)
When I was in the Military Training camp I couldn't listen to any Music. Then I listened to this song in my dream. Actually I listened this song firstly in my University days. And then I learned how Brahms organized this song and I was fascinated with his way. This composition is beyound logic to me.

5. AKB48 | Ue Kara Mariko
Shinoda Mariko is my first and last idol.

6. Bill Evans | Waltz For Debby
Too beautiful. Simple theme. I can't remember where/when I heard it firstly. Sounds always fresh to me.

7. Jeff Buckley | Grace
Perhaps I had listened to this song before I saw a CD with it in my mate's house. But my first memory about this song is in that room. This song is more than a Pop/Rock anthem. I don't know why. But just feels distinctive and gorgeous.

8. Victimae Paschali Laudes (Sequence prescribed for the Roman Catholic Mass of Easter Sunday) (Performed by Benedictine Monks of Notre-Dame de Triors)
I encountered this Kyrie song in a class about Music History in my Uni days. This song is what Monophony means, there is no accompaniment, contrapunctual devices and so on. But still beautiful. Moreover, this song has structure too!

9. Joe Pass | All The Things You Are (Hiram Sherman/Frances Mercer/Hollis Shaw/Ralph Stuart Cover)
Joe Pass is my favorite Jazz musician and his version of All The Things You Are is my favorite Jazz song.

10. Elliott Smith | Between The Bars
I knew him before I heard he died on TV. I can't remember if I played this song exactly that day... In fact, almost all things on Earth are ironical like this.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1138 | by Glauco Salvo (Comaneci), Mattia Mercuriali [mERCU], Paolo Gradari (64 Slices Of American Cheese), Francesca Amati (Comaneci) and Marco Trinchillo of Amycanbe

SIDE A | by Glauco Salvo

1. The Beatles | Back In The U.S.S.R.
Five years of Music Videos. I saw the movie of a concert of The Beatles which sent my head all over the Moon.The next day my father turned back from work with the The White Album. Back In The U.S.S.R. is the opening track, and begins with the sound of an airplane.

2. Edward Jackson | Does Not Make You Drop Your Arms
A child could not hear this song without being moved, was in a box out in the annex with the unity that ran continuously in the car of my father. It was my favorite song and I guess it still is now.

3. Elizabeth Cotten | Honey Babe, Your Papa Cares For You
The first song I learned to play on the guitar, but still I've never heard the original version. The only version I know is that heard at the School of Music, made with classic tiny guitars.

4. U2 | Van Diemen's Land 
I listened to the elementary Rattle And Hum every afternoon, playing Lego. This song has always fascinated me in a strange way, sung by The Edge, with his cowboy hat and suspenders.

5. The Rolling Stones | Bitch
As a child listening to a box of my father that had only the logo printed in black on white plastic, was an object worthy of attention. Collected the hits of The Rolling Stones, Mick Taylor era and shortly after, and Bitch was my favorite. Then my mom has melted the tape approaching a lamp, one day when I vomitted...

6. The Clash | London Calling 
London Calling was the first record I bought with my pennies, along with Lou Reed's Transformer. Always read a section of Musica! by La Repubblica which was called La Discoteca Di Babele, which spoke of great records of the past, well cut out the page. And we also still have the clippings. I discovered The Clash, because it was written that they were punks.

7. Pavement | The Hexx
In High School they were my favorite band, came out in '99 on Terror Twilight. Even went to see them live with dEUS in a concert which is still spoken in our country now. An older guy who already had a driver's license was there to accompany me and my little friends, then his white Golf died leaving us on the road.

8. Ivan Graziani | Lugano Addio
One evening, smoking in the car with a friend, on Radio Italia Anni 60 they broadacsted this Italian song, which made us both crazy. Of course, in the Italian Heavy Rotation radio songs are not advertised, but the day after, giving a clue to my mother, who is a sort of human jukebox of Italian songs, I was able to go back to the title and author.

9. Robert Wyatt | Alife 
Before hearing the original version I knew this song in an A Cappella version sung by my friend Daniele in the little bar of Bellaria, after several beers. Both argue that Rock Bottom is unquestionably the finest in the Hard Rock history.

10. Nirvana | We Can Help You
Before Kurt Cobain and Grunge, Nirvana were an unknown group of English Psychedelia of '67, my friend Flavino (Lele Marcojanni, author of the last two videos of Amycanbe) found the record, The Story Of Simon Simopath in a stall near the ice cream shop where they both worked. We heard this song together a thousand times... A thousand...

SIDE B | by Paolo Gradari

1. Suzanne Vega | Luka
Solitude Standing was the first album of my childhood... Was also the first tape I stole from my brother.

2. Dire Straits | Tunnel Of Love
School trips with friends and my Walkman... A long Love (the second tape stolen from my brother).

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Breaking The Girl
From Blood Sugar Sex Magic, the album that I listened to the most between 16 and 19 and if I listen to it again now... Remains a crazy cool one!

4. Otis Redding | These Arms Of Mine
This is the perfect song, sung from the heart really, how all the songs sung by Otis are, for that matter.

5. Built To Spill | You Were Right
It is a track that has always given a great spin to me, also the text is the subject of compilation.

6. U2 | God Part II
I discovered this song by U2 and I could not stay without for a while... In the listening room with the door locked, because I knew I was a nerd who sings pretending to have a microphone in hand, but I could not help it.

7. Tom Waits | All The World Is Green
(A clarinet solo that leaves you speechless)... I tie this Music for an unforgettable concert of an artist who, unlike many others who should retire, the more he gets older the more gives birth to master pieces.

8. dEUS | Instant Street
Like a pop song completely changes shape as you listen, leading to a result, overall, brilliant.

9. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Voodoo Chile
The definition of what we mean by Treccani Rock!.

10. Calexico | Minas De Cobre
This song has contributed a lot to make me pick up the trumpet and not pull it out the window when, after some months of study, the only known tunes that came out were bowels!

+11. Arcade Fire | Intervention
I and my girlfriend adore this piece and the whole Neon Bible... The only album that I actually consumed in the last 4 years.

SIDE C | by Francesca Amati

1. Elisabeth Cotten | Freight Train
The first time I felt it... I saw a very old video of her playing and singing in an absolutely heart-warming and wonderful atmosphere. There is so much to learn.

2. Ornella Vanoni | Tatuaggio
One of the most beautiful Love songs ever written, sung by her... Then even more.

3. Nina Simone | Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker Cover)
Well... It's perfect.

4. Karen Dalton | Little Bit Of Rain (Fred Neil Cover)
I would say that if there was a magician of the lamp that could satisfy my desire to ask to have her voice... I would bring her back.

5. Smog | To Be Of Use
Bill Callahan does not make a wrong...

6. Woody Guthrie | This Land Is Your Land
So much stuff!

7. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | Ain't You Wealthy, Ain't You Wise?
When I was little, I used to make cassettes of '45 with only one song that I heard in the loop... If I wanted to do so today, I'll take this cluster piece for sure... At least on one side... A piece about 4 minutes... For about 11 times...

8. Tom Waits | Ol' '55
Or Blue Valentines... The first tape and the first record I ever bought... More if there was a magician of the lamp... Also I'd ask for his voice!

9. Otis Redding | Pain In My Heart (Irma Thomas' 'Ruler Of My Heart' Cover)
I listen to Otis Redding to Infinity... The sensuality of his voice is incredible.

10. B. J. Thomas | Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head (Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This is Love and nothing else.

SIDE D | by Marco Trinchillo

1. Mina | L'Importante È Finire
I get crazy for this arrangement and these sounds!

2. Lucio Battisti | Amarsi Un Po'
I mention this but I would say at least twenty other Battisti songs, but, since we played it also in some gigs, I particularly love it.

3. Radiohead | Nude
Not so much to say, I love Radiohead.

4. Portishead | Only You
They made me change my view, mixing up all the cards that were at the right place before then, at School I listened to them with my Walkman during lessons of Sculpture and Paint.

5. Elliot Smith | Between The Bars
Once I asked a friend of mine which record by E.S. I should buy and he replied: anything, with him you are never wrong.

6. Sean Lennon | Dead Meat
A record I consumed... Should rebuy it.

7. Lhasa | De Cala A La Pared
Unfortunately I've discovered her late, I think it was the artist that I listened the most in 2010/11, this song in particular reminds me of a beautiful summer.

8. Dr. Dog | My Old Ways
One of the bands that I love more live.

9. Pino Daniele | Viento 'E Terra
It reminds me of a car trip with my family when we went down for the holidays in Naples, and when you return back with bread, pizza and mozzarella!

10. Paul McCartney | Jenny Wren
A beautiful song in Paul McCartney's style, one that I would like to play with the guitar but I never learned.

SIDE E | by Mattia Mercuriali

1. The Beatles | Golden Slumbers
Simply because it is the most perfect song in the known Universe.

2. dEUS | Instant Street
Beautiful arrangements and a final crescendo of excitement. It drove me and learn to play guitar and find a myriad of bands I've never heard before...

3. Wilco | One Wing
Because they never stop to amaze me.

4. Graham Coxon | Flights To The Sea (Lovely Rain)
A text that I love in a song so simple that makes me feel guilty.

5. Nick Drake | River Man
If there's one thing I love are the mellow arrangements with violins and Acoustic guitar. One of Drake's songs as simple in terms of structure, but nevertheless full of pathos.

6. The Chemical Brothers | Lost In The K-Hole
One of the first bass lines that I learned to play... I did understand that sometimes you just need very little (maybe even when cloning classic old Funk) to make a great song.

7. Sonic Youth | Schizophrenia 
Love at first listen.

8. Radiohead | The National Anthem
Another song where the bass affects (almost) everything here... For me here they were at their best.

9. The Beach Boys | Wouldn't It Be Nice
The intro of a masterpiece... You can love it or you can hate it... I ignored it for a long time... Then I finally appreciated the reason why it has this love/hate reputation...

10. Lucio Battisti | Sognando E Risognando
Every time I listen... How he got in mind to do something so absurd?...

WARMER MIXTAPES #1137 | by Alexis Bruaert and Médéric Martin of BeatauCue

SIDE A | by Médéric Martin

1. Disclosure | What's In Your Head (Mak & Pasteman Remix)
We usually play this one in the beginning 'cause the vibe of the break get the crowd into an enjoyable mood and the chopped up vocal on the drop is wicked.

2. Samo Sound Boy | 5 Dollar Paradise
This track has a really functional groove, really easy for the crowd to follow. It's not too loopy, but still have a Techno feel and there is a great Ghetto sample in it. We usually play it before going Techno.

3. Switch & Erol Alkan | A Sidney Jook
Switch is one my favorite producers and Erol Alkan - one of my favorite DJs, so when I heard about this collaboration I was pretty excited. It's a heavy Techno track with a lot of glitches and craziness in it, I'm not sure if people are always gettin' it when we play it in the club, but it's still fun to drop it.

4. GTA | Booty Bounce (feat. DJ Funk)
This one is a high energy track for the club. The vocal sample is awesome, the broken rhythm pattern on the drop is mental. There is not that much to say about this track, it's just about having your body moving.

5. Rebecca & Fiona | Dance (The Loops Of Fury Remix)
It's one of our peaktime tune for the club, we always get everybody's hands in the air with it. I love the original too, but it's only for my iPod 'cause it's too calm.

6. Chief Keef | Cuz My Gear (feat. RiFF RAFF)
I didn't know which one to choose from RiFF RAFF, so I choose the one with Chief Keef. I love RiFF RAFF's craziness and funny flow. I don't know that much about Rap, but his Music feels different. About Chief Keef, he is the rapper that get me the most excited at the moment.

7. Rihanna | Numb (feat. Eminem)
This is my favorite Rihanna track from her Unapologetic album. I love how the track mixes the serious mysterious vibe of the verse with the 4-chords melancholic party vibe of the refrain. On the other side I don't really get the Eminem verse, but, whatever, the track is awesome.

8. Seiho | I Feel RAVE
A friend find it on Soundcloud and sent me the link. Seiho is a Japanese producer from Osaka. I love Japan, but I don't have that much Japanese Music in my iTunes besides OSTs. I'd like to find more producers like him. The track is a kind of melancholic Trap beat with great chopped up vocal. I love it. Friendzone are doing this kind of stuff too.

9. Tuff Wheelz | So Strong (The Phantom Remix)
Like the previous track, this is a kind of Trap beat with a great vibe. I especially like the arp chords being Trancy on the break and becoming Lo-Fi on the drop.

10. Marina And The Diamonds | How To Be A Heartbreaker (Kitty Pryde Remix)
My favorite Kitty Pryde track. It takes a lot of codes from Rap Music and feels very girly and young almost innocent. I really feel this vibe, 100x more than Rick Ross.

SIDE B | by Alexis Bruaert

1. Jacques Lu Cont | In The Night
We actually play this track in the beginning, right after Techno/Tech House. It always makes a good atmosphere. We also love his remix for John Dahlback.

2. Rush Chimes | Back 2 You
It's more a melody club track, I love the break and the vocal is simple but effective. Good to play this one with our own stuff. The Logisitics Remix is great too, only if people want more.

3. Hey Today! | Guru Guro
A great groovy monotone Techno track released on Kitsuné, perfect to keep the intensity in the middle of the set. It always works.

4. Two Door Cinema Club | Sun (Gildas Kitsuné Club Night Remix)
Great remix for Two Door Cinema Club from our boss Gildas, the arrangement is perfect and it always gets everybody hands in the air at the last drop. Great job from the label head honcho.

5. Alan Braxe | Addicted
A very hold tune and certainly the best from Alan Braxe. Breakbeat drums with Trance arpeggio, perfect to end our set.

6. Sweater Beats | MLLN DLLR
It's extract from my Vibe iPod playlist with tracks from 128bpm to 170bpm. This one is in the beginning, I really love the vibe, the chords and vocal the cut/pitch. I listen to this kind of Music in the plane/train/bus...

7. Brent Still Life | I Could Blame You
It's more dark than the first one. The cut vocal is completely awesome, the chord synth is a little cheap, but I think it's appreciable and appreciated by purist people.

8. Slugabed | Moutains Come Out Of The Sky (ARP 101 Remix)
A Trap melody beat with a strange vibe but still great. ARP 101 is always a little strange.

9. Netsky | 500 Days Of Summer
Certainly my favorite Drum 'N' Bass producer, 500 Days Of Summer is my best loved track from his new album. This is smoother than his usual stuff, great harmony + speedy hit hat = great combo!

10. Purity Ring | Obedear
Sounds like Kito & Reija Lee, I don't know what to say but all the EP is great. (Also the name is great too)...