WARMER MIXTAPES #1246 | by Valentin Toma [Qewza/Toma Carnagiu] and Felix Petrescu of Makunouchi Bento

SIDE A | by Valentin Toma

Here's a list of 10 songs that aren't my favourite, but certainly meant something once. Consider them some sort of milestones in my Music exploration trip.

1. Elvis Presley | Suspicious Minds (Mark James Cover)
One of my earliest memories as a child is falling asleep at night listening to my father's Elvis Presley tapes. That was the first Music I got really into, when I was only a few years old. I think I memorized all the lyrics, without even speaking English. That was fun.

2. Manowar | The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)
Then, as a teenager, I got into Heavy Metal. And for some reason, my favourite tracks were the cheesy melodic battle hymns of Manowar. Here's one of the ballads I used to enjoy. Sick.

3. 2 Unlimited | Workaholic
I think it was this song that drew my attention towards Eurodance Music. I grew a bit bored with the guitar/bass/drums formula of Metal, and became fascinated by the endless possiblities in Sound Synthesis. But having no mentor/Music connoisseur around, I started with the Mainstream.

4. Raver's Nature | Hands Up Ravers!
Still, I was more fond of Rave/Happy Hardcore/Hard Trance Music. I had this song on a very poorly recorded tape, with no tracklist. I played it over and over. It took years until I finally found out what's the artist and title. No Shazam back then, how did we even manage...?

5. The Prodigy | No Good (Start The Dance)
This was the song that got me into The Prodigy. After buying Music For The Jilted Generation, I looked for their first album (and pretty much anything else they did), and realised I already knew songs like Out Of Space or Weather Experience, but without knowing the artist. There was really no one that sounded quite like them.

6. Elvis Presley | I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (John Baptiste Calkin Cover)
And then The Internet arrived. I met Felix and other people that were listening to and producing Underground Electronic Music. So I started to discover all kinds of genres, to trade mp3s and browse the Web for interesting Sounds. My first love was the Minimal and Detroit Techno. When I decided I really want to produce Music, in 1999 (well, the first attempts were around 1996, but...), it was Techno. And The Bells is one of the classics.

7. Busta Rhymes | Woo-Hah!! Got You All In Check
I wasn't digging Hip Hop at all in my youth. I think it was this song (possibly the remix with Ol' Dirty Bastard) that made me interested. I hope it was this and not Puff Daddy!

8. Aphex Twin | Come To Daddy
This song is how I found out about IDM. And listening to IDM made me and Felix want to start our Makunouchi Bento project. Funny thing was, I heard Come To Daddy on TV (Viva, I think) and for me it sounded like a Hardcore version of The Prodigy's Breathe. I went straight to my computer, connected to the Internet (oh, the Dial-Up days) and searched for Aphex Twin. Of course, it was impossible to find his albums in Romania in the 90s... And this was the first mp3 I ever downloaded, suddenly realising that there are alternative ways to find Music I'm not able to purchase.

9. John Coltrane | Blue Train
I wasn't paying much attention to Jazz when I was young. But at some point, I found myself listening to Jazz, late at night, at a local Radio station, before going to sleep. And I started to love it. Coltrane's Blue Train album was possibly the first Jazz album I copied from a friend.

10. Dr. Nelle Karajlic, Vojislav Aralica & Dejan Sparavalo | Bulgarian Dance (Black Cat, White Cat Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Black Cat, White Cat was a fucking hilarious movie. Went to see it at the cinema 2 days in a row. And the Music was really addictive. Imagine playing this really loud in the car, while going berserk. It might be this soundtrack that made me start digging into World Music.

OK, and now, here are a few tracks, from the all-time favourites I guess.

+11. Cylob | Rewind!
I liked this one very much, including the video starring Chloe Bruce. In a way, it inspired our Computer Boy Machine song.

+12. The Sabres Of Paradise | Wilmot
Addictive theme, I'll never forget this one. Shantel covered it too, calling it Bucovina. Bullshit. This was an old Calypso song.

+13. Eat Static | Mondo A Go-Go!
Fast-paced Psy'n'Bass'n'Roll madness.

+14. Adam F | Circles
Probably my favourite Drum 'n' Bass track of all times. No idea what happened to Adam F after Colours... I mean Smash Sumtin' was funny and sounded dope, Redman's good, but still...

+15. Homeboy Sandman | Bad Meaning Good
Talking about Hip Hop. I recently discovered this MC who's now part of the Stones Throw family. Quite interesting and different. Not your typical beat, either.

+16. Beirut | The Gulag Orkestar
This song gives me goosebumps. I've been lucky enough to see it performed live, and... Well, it gave me goosebumps, didn't it?

+17. Antony And The Johnsons | Hope There's Someone
Talking about goosebumps. Antony Hegarty's voice is out of this World.

+18. Baby Dee | So Bad
Jesus got my Mom in there and beat her up so bad... 'Nuff said.

+19. Björk | All Is Full Of Love
One of my favourite female singers. I immediately fell in Love with this song, and Chris Cunningham's video.

+20. Gultskra Artikler | Begushemu Vpered
Probably the only artist I know that sounds a bit similar to what we do. Gotta like that.

+21. Art Of Noise | Il Pleure (At The Turn Of The Century)
Hard to choose only one song from this amazing album, The Seduction Of Claude Debussy.

+22. Oi Va Voi | Yuri
How about a trip to Outer Space, with comrade Gagarin?

+23. Felix Kubin & Coolhaven | There Is A Garden
Uber-funny Love song, toilet water included!

+24. Henry Mancini | Lujon
THE soundtrack for holidays, lazy evenings by the pool. Plus Sexy Beast, plus Big Lebowski.

+25. Autorotation | Ginger Pants
Our friends from London, formerly known as Bleep. Highly recommended.

+26. Nagz | Pipi
Our friend from Hungary. This song is an instant classic.

SIDE B | by Felix Petrescu

1. Moses | Hollow
One of the best Pop tracks I've ever felt and one of the tracks I associate with urban spleen. Sometimes I feel like staging my own death just to hear this track from behind the crosses in a Romanian cemetery. Christian Dohber is such an underrated singer... This band and other Nordic bands were suggested to me by Jon from The Me Band, a long time ago.

2. Sandro Perri | Circles
The perfect soundtrack for my childhood adventures: swimming and floating in Bega river, sleeping under the starry sky, reading kids books and eating zesty peaches right from the tree. Found it on Soulseek, like many amazing tracks I've enjoyed.

3. Hanne Hukkelberg | Boble
Since I first heard Hanne, I felt a strange kind of Love. I idiotically-romantically felt that she and her Music could be my Life companions. Even if I don't understand a word she's singing, I consider this track being her goodbye Love letter to me (egotistical prick). I've listened to all her albums, so like the most good stuff in my life, I've found it with my own biased ears.

4. Nick Drake | River Man
When I heard this track for the 1st time on MTV UK (a very long time ago when they used to play good Music) I simply stopped what I was doing that night: Making Love. This lyrical jewel made me grumpy and dreamy and I went for a night stroll in a park near my home, waiting for Godot. I was quite surprised but she understood what got into me...

5. Jóhann Jóhannsson | Odi Et Amo - Bis
This piece casts a Magic spell over me. I'm totally frozen under the influence of Jóhann's vocoded voice. Like a robot monk from a 60s Sci-Fi flick it drives me through centuries and it hacks into my internal clock. Works like a Real Time-machine. Found it on Soulseek, still the best source of strange and interesting Music I know.

6. Bill Wells | Mizu Tori
I'm a Bill Wells fan and I like this Lemondale album the most from all his works. A nostalgic-sad summer song for me. It reminds me of the state of wonder when I spent my summer vacations watching Animes and I associate it with the Japanese saudade-like mood from Satoshi Kon films: Millennium Actress, Paprika, Perfect Blue.

7. Robert Wyatt | At Last I Am Free (Chic Cover)
Found this track recently in one of The Avalanches mixes and I quite like its almost-like-a-march Minimalism and warmth. It speaks to me about Retro-Futurism, Small Internal Revolutions and Freedom. A very intimate message in a bottle. It makes me open my arms wide and embrace the bokeh of the Future.

8. Manos Hadjidakis | The Urchins Down In The Meadow (Sweet Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Found this song in Sweet Movie's soundtrack and it's stuck in my head ever since. It is one of the Music bugs that I don't want to erase from my memory. It brings me Joy and Playfulness, it re-opens my appetite for Adventure and Mistery. When I listen the full soundtrack of this movie I'm feeling like Nick Carter from the Czech movie Dinner For Adele or like Fantomas. I am a twisted monster and I play it this way.

9.  Ennio Morricone/Joan Baez ‎ | Here's To You (Sacco E Vanzetti Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I heard this song 30 or more years ago on an AM radio, while I was in a summer vacation. I searched for more than 10 years to find it, but I did find it eventually. It's almost requiem-ish structure constructed by the genius of Morricone and Joan Baez' powerful (laic) Gospel voice are encarved in my soul forever. This is the anthem of my imaginary country.

10. Efterklang | Hollow Mountain
I can describe it as Danish White Young Men Caustic Cinematic Blues, but it won't make it much justice. This track/album, quite different from Efterklang's previous stuff, is one of the best Musical trips I've had in latest years. Just imagine that all I like from Contemporary Music is in this hat, masterfully mixed: great poetic vocals, orchestral interventions, Acoustic experiments and lots of Soul. I played this track and this album all this year. And it never gets wrinkly. It also has an alternative version, somehow richer, recorded with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra. Best of Organic Electronica for me.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1245 | by Francesco Rossi

1. Fever Ray | Keep The Streets Empty For Me
Fabian and Jens says: Fever Ray and the song Keep The Streets Empty For Me struck us immediately with its fateful sound and images of abandoned suburbia begun to grow in front of our eyes. We wanted to continue the journey that started in the former videos and our ambition was to catch the feeling in a very direct and true way and create a video where dream and reality intertwine. I completely agree!!! Big up...

2. Sting | Fields Of Gold
I always thought that Sting came from another planet. When browsing in the library of discs that we had at home, I came across a few albums by The Police, I was enchanted by his voice. In addition to that, there was this perfect fusion of Reggae and Pop that fascinated me immediately. Fields Of Gold is one of those songs from his solo career which I prefer... I often pull it out on special occasions.

3. Black Sabbath | Paranoid
Energy, melody, guitar riffs... These words sum up a masterpiece in the history of Rock that reminds me of an old jukebox in the pub that I frequented as a teenager. The song went on to repeat at least 10 times in the evening and gave us the illusion of being inside a movie. Thanks, Ozzy...

4. Emiliana Torrini | To Be Free
The voice of this great singer of Italian origin has always made me dream. I listened to this song every time I came back from a few evenings away playing. It's always just right! Amazing.

5. Montell Jordan | This Is How We Do It
When I started DJing in the 90s, in the early part of the evening I would play discs of Soul/R'n'B like this. The atmosphere that was created on the track was intimate and charming.

6. R. Kelly | Home Alone (feat. Keith Murray)
The hard party for Excellence. A song that transformed anyone into a professional dancer. Big Kelly!

7. Soko | We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow
Give me all your love now, 'cause for all we know, we might be dead by tomorrow...

8. Tom Odell | Another Love
The angelic voice of Tom for this Love song... Special moments are tied to this song for me personally.

9. Ry & Frank Wiedemann | Howling (Âme Remix)
The perfect combination between Electronic and Melody.

10. Bobby Bland | Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
Driving a Cadillac on the roads of California into the Sunset. I do not know why, but this is the image that comes to Life in my head when I listen to this song. That voice, that groove!!!

WARMER MIXTAPES #1244 | by Pete Feigenbaum [Blizzardo] of Dinowalrus

1. Gene Loves Jezebel | The Motion Of Love
Goth/Post Punk with a tasty side of sleaze and frolic. They are one of the few bands that successfully blended Post Punk and Glam Rock successfully--something only a few dared to do (the others being Killing Joke, Love And Rockets, Sisters Of Mercy and The Cult).

2. The Southern Death Cult | Moya
Such a simple chord progression, but it gets me every time. It's like the long lost cousin to Transmission by Joy Division. Dark and mysterious, yet epic and soaring.

3. Double 99 | Ripgroove
Seems like classic UK Garage is still somewhat untapped in the USA. This is jacked up and gangsta street-tough, yet still has a great swinging groove. Very ahead of its time and still sounds fresh today.

4. The Dogs D'Amour | Last Bandit
A great Stones/Faces style drinking song by unheralded Glam Punk troubadours.

5. Ride | Leave Them All Behind
Spacious, bittersweet and mysterious, yet still very danceable and packed with those classic soaring British vocal harmonies. I'm surprised we haven't written a song like this yet!

6. World Of Twist | Sons Of The Stage
The tension and perpetual momentum in this riff is amazing. Somehow this track sounds very retro and current at the same time--it takes the classic 60s Freakbeat sounds of The Pretty Things or Tomorrow and takes them into the 1990s with some cool synth swirls and samples.

7. Primal Scream | Imperial
So jangly, springlike and youthful. The 60s meets the 80s in the best possible way. Sonic Flower Groove is such an underrated album, but actually sounds super relevant today. A lot of bands in Brooklyn sound like this album now.

8. Johnny Thunders | Daddy Rollin' Stone
Johnny Thunders commands respect, even if he never respected himself. Some nice classic Glam Boogie Rock with Steve Marriot from the Faces and Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy. What a rad collaboration!

9. Guns N' Roses | 14 Years
Izzy Stradlin is definitely the member I can relate to the most. I love all the GN'R songs he wrote and sang on: Dust And Bones, Double Talkin' Jive, etc.... He brought a mysterious Gypsy Glam Punk troubadour vibe to the whole affair, in contrast to most other LA Hard Rock bands at the time. This one sounds like a lost Iggy Pop song.

10. Jagwar Ma | The Throw
My favorite new band, probably because they are doing exactly what we are trying to do: Acid House with guitars; second Summer of Love Madchester throwbacks.

+11. Echo And The Bunnymen | Rescue
The Bunnymen create beautiful drama with very minimal and repetitive riffs.

+12. Liars | Brats
This is the Liars song I had hoped they would make for the past 12 years. The finally circled back to the great bangin' Dance grooves of their 2001 debut, while adding all of their new found Electronic wizardry into the mix. Sounds a bit like the Silver Apples even! Liars are one of the few contemporary bands that have held my interest for the past decade in an age where attention spans usually last a few days.

+13. Loop | Collison
Just saw these guys reunite in NYC. They pretty much took every rad Stooges riff, distilled them to their pure essence, launched them into Outer Space, and proceeded to generate Perpetual Motion. It's almost like Minimal Techno... With guitars!

WARMER MIXTAPES #1243 | by Adam Gnade

1. The Velvet Underground | Pale Blue Eyes
Sometimes living out here in the country is like living in the jungle; the sounds anyway... Crickets and frogs, the yip yip then how-oooh of coyotes down past the cattle pasture. The Midwestern Jungle. Every night this summer we've had bats in the sky at dusk but you don't hear them. Once in the inner-woods of London I went on a bat walk with some friends. We took some kind of hand-held radio device that picked up the frequencies of bats and turned them into audible clicks. Later we saw a ring of women in the darkness of the trees, holding hands, red candles at their feet, chanting something. It feels like a dream now that I'm writing it but it's all true and Life's true and it's true that we don't hear the bats out here and it's true that the night is full of jungle noise. This month I have the farm to myself. Enter hours of playing The Velvet Underground's Pale Blue Eyes on a mixtape someone sent me; rewinding it each time, counting to 28, then hitting play again (on repeat but the repeat is me). Enter The Big Quiet and solitary meals and giving myself haircuts while Lou sings, I thought of you as my mountaintop... I thought of you as my peak... I thought of you as everything I had but could not keep. When Lou died last fall I was in New Orleans and I walked around at night by myself with my phone pressed to my ear listening to Pale Blue Eyes over and over again, waiting for the part where the guitar drops slightly out of tune and sounds incredible. Enter The Incredible. Enter The Lonely. Lou Reed is dead. Someone bring me beer and whiskey...

2. Artist That Doesn't Exist Yet | Playing A Song That Doesn't Exist Yet From A Conceptual Genre That Doesn't Exist Yet (But I Keep Hearing Ideas For It In My Head And It's Kind Of Intriguing)
Okay. Here goes. The genre would be called City Folk, a new genre of Country Music where the stories in the lyrics are by City Folk (i.e. city people as seen through the eyes of country people when they see them [the city folk] first come to their rural area). The songs would be the stories of these city people upon first visiting the country, their impressions of it, their first attempts at making Country Music about their experiences. Think about it. Actualize it. Make it happen. It's all on you now...

3. Castanets | You Are The Blood
Spooky and haunted. Derailed Country someone said in a review and everyone we knew laughed but it was kind of right on. Dark, Lonely Road Music. I've crossed the country so many times to Cathedral, the record this is on. Buses, trains, planes, cars, tour, off tour, aimless, with purpose, and this record is always there. Ray Raposa is a damn good writer. Ray Raposa's Cathedral. Ray Carver's Cathedral. Connect the dots, Mickey Mouse.

4. Elton John | Song For Guy
Soundtrack to an endless odyssey through coastal Mexico I took as a kid where everyone nearly died from tainted taco stand shrimp. We were stranded in Cabo San Lucas for what felt like months while the ill were nursed back to health--months, years, a lifetime. Memories are scant but vivid: monkeys in the trees by the cave where we bought our ice; eating human flesh in 120 degree heat that was really cactus meat; swimming in the mangrove swamps without getting cholera; checkpoints with Junior High boys in shorts, barefoot, pointing AK-47s into the cab and asking for toll money; a goat skull in the tent (and the light through the tent, orange, thin nylon, the morning flapping it; lobster tails cast over the cliff-side and prodded by cats; and this song from Elton's essential but mostly forgotten A Single Man LP. When I hear it I see a flash of brown desert and pale blue sky outside the hippy van, headed south, fast. I see the spot in the desert where someone dumped ten-thousand dead and sun-dried sandsharks; a stinking, curling pile. Elegiac song. Elegy to a lost friend. Near-instrumental. Used the song as an undercurrent for my last book, Caveworld. High ache and raw soaring. Only lyrics go Life isn't everything, a mantra. Hope for some kind of Afterlife. (In the words of my friend Marc Saviano's bumper sticker, Immortality or Bust.) Best thing the man ever did.

5. Galaxie 500 | Ceremony (New Order Cover)
The sound of Depression as Kalashnikov. Ian Curtis wrote this song and then he became a sad story teenagers like to fantasize about. Death isn't cool, but this song is.

6. The Locust | Nice Tranquil Thumb In Mouth 
The wild card. The end of Cohesion. If you put this one on a mix-tape with the rest of these tracks it wouldn't work but it's no exaggeration to say this song changed my life. It's what? Forty-five seconds, tops? Seeing this live for the first time at the Che Cafe was like biting your brand-new braces into the power grid. Pure tremoring, pulsing violence. Jerky, robotic, ravenous grindspazz and full-band call-and-response screaming that feels like a Pop song and is catchier than half the shit on the radio. This is what Punk Rock was born to become--the proper next stop/step on the evolution rail-line.

7. Swans | A Piece Of The Sky
The beauty in this song comes after (what feels like) an hour of end-times noise, but rising up from the hurt-sound of the first part of the song (which is really a suite) comes Gira and his band doing some kind of early morning comedown country The Velvet Underground/Nico thing... Clean, light, graceful, almost healing maybe, definitely ecstatic (though calm) and there's Gira singing some of his best lines. (My favorite: In the blood of the swans... As the Sun fucks the Dawn.) Beautiful dusty green safire on an album of red coals and Earth cracking and opening up to reveal teeth in crags and whipping tentacles. The sweet heart beating in the ribcage of the Sarlacc.

8. Lower Dens | Completely Golden
I'm not much of a guitar solo guy. My records don't have them (well, there's one) and I usually cringe when they come on, but, goddamn, if this early-in-song solo isn't the best Minimalist Surf guitar solo by a non-Surf-Rock band in a non-Surf-Rock song. It happens again at the end of the song; all Simplicity and reverb like some kind of White Williams Daytrotter session from 2008 I half-remember. It's a sunny, dazed-out piece of a California that never existed from the hands of a Baltimorean by way of Texas. Excellent. Lower Dens is my favorite band right now. Both records. Everything they do.

9. David Bowie | Five Years
The part when he sings And it was cold and it rained so I felt like an actor... And I thought of Ma and I wanted to get back there... Your face, your race, the way that you talk... I kiss you, you're beautiful, I want you to walk is the most Glam Rock moment in History. Urgent! I can see him (back-lit, dressed in white feathers) singing this on stage. I think the film Velvet Goldmine was written around that singular moment alone. If I could become a song and live inside it it would be Five Years.

Sub-section: I also love:

10. Queen & David Bowie | Under Pressure
The perfect song. LISTEN TO THE WORDS. Don't fuck around.

+11. David Bowie | Starman
I'm listening to this record right now in the farmhouse and it's playing so loud I'm afraid it's going to jump off the turntable and fly around the World killing liars.

+12. David Bowie | Life On Mars?
No comment. Too good to talk about. No more talking.

+13. David Bowie | Kooks
The sweetest song about kids and family.

+14. David Bowie | Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
Seal this in amber, make it live again on Jurassic Park island. Watch the water rumble in the cup. T-Rex! Resurrection!

+15. David Bowie | Ziggy Stardust
I once explained what a guitar riff was to a friend at 3am while sitting on my porch in Portland, popping beer bottles to pieces with a Red Ryder BB gun. Used this song as an example.

+16. David Bowie | Lady Stardust
That scene in the Natural when he hits the ball into the lights?

+17. David Bowie | Heroes
Self-belief as essential Coping Mechanism.

+18. David Bowie | China Girl (Iggy Pop Cover)
I claim this one for Iggy, but this version is maybe better. Don't tell Iggy. No shirt, no problem.

+19. David Bowie | Young Americans
Hello Dance Music. Goodbye Blue-Eyed Soul. Hey... Where's Prince? Prince! Prince, c'mere. Prince, cover this song. You did already? On an Alternate Dimension? Bullshit. You know that doesn't count... Come on. Get to work. Your hair looks like shit.

+20. Crocodiles | Summer Of Hate
To start with Lou and end with Lou: This feels like San Diego Punk's take on All Tomorrow's Parties. Big, proud, elegant, majestic. These guys were in The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and now they're up in some evil, best-when-it's-slow Shoegaze-ish '50s Pop that sounds like flowers rotting in time lapse when you hear it on decent headphones. This whole record is great, I Wanna Kill, Young Drugs. Fucking right on. Land a spaceship on my head.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1242 | by Jason Drakes and Mannie Seranilla of The Airplane Boys

SIDE A | by Mannie Seranilla

1. N*E*R*D | Run To The Sun
When we first started crafting songs a lot of our reference points would be from listening to N*E*R*D and this song stuck out to us on our car rides.

2. OutKast | B.O.B
We used to go crazy to this in the school yard, and their presence as a duo was hella inspiring. The high octane in this song is unmatched.

3. Kenna | Say Goodbye To Love
As you can tell we loved the Star Trak movement. So when we first got our license, this was a favourite along with N*E*R*D and Chester French that we were bumping on the highway.

4. Radiohead | Everything In Its Right Place

5. K-OS | Superstar, Pt. 1
K-OS was a Canadian artist we looked up to because how courageous he was with his sound. This song was big for the Hip Hop community in the city back then, and 'til this day we still hustle to it.

6. Arcade Fire | We Used To Wait
When we started to get invited to festivals we would always play this on our travels.

7. The Notorious B.I.G. | Mo Money Mo Problems (feat. Puff Daddy & Mase)
Our favourite song when we were 10 years old.

8. The Diplomats | Dipset Anthem (feat. Cam'Ron & Juelz Santana)
This was our anthem in High School.

9. Wu-Tang Clan | Triumph (feat. Cappadonna)
We would always spit these lyrics word for word in our Grade/Elementary School yard.

10. Fugees | Fu-Gee-La
We looked up to Lauryn and Wyclef mostly, and this song was vibes all Summer.

SIDE B | by Jason Drakes

1. Kanye West | Flashing Lights (feat. Dwele)
We were inspired to perform and create Stadium Music World Wide after we heard this record.

2. Nas | Still Dreaming (feat. Kanye West & Chrisette Michele)
Our Love for Story Telling and Lyricism grew whenever we played this in the car.

3. Lupe Fiasco | Real
Lupe was a big influence in our Music when we first started. Our favourite song from him was this record.

4. Jay-Z | Beach Chair (with Chris Martin)
When all is said and done we want to have perspective in our career that this song's soundscape and lyrics tell.

5. Gorillaz | Empire Ants (feat. Little Dragon)
Our first time in LA we would be at peace driving around the city playing this.

6. N*E*R*D | Sooner Or Later
Our first gig as The Airplane Boys were Jazz festivals. We would play this all the time driving to and from those performances.

7. Frank Ocean | Lovecrimes
When nostalgia, ULTRA. dropped we were embracing Frank's melodies and story telling. This was the soundtrack to an unforgettable summer.

8. Cults | You Know What I Mean
We drove to Montreal to perform for Osheaga Festival from Toronto. It's a 6-8 hour drive with our team packed in one car, and our manager played us this song and the feeling was surreal.

9. When Saints Go Machine | Hos Mig Igen (feat. Coco O) (Xander Cover)
We were excited to be in California playing Coachella festival. On our drive there and back this song was the pulse of our soundtracks.

10. Drake | Crew Love (feat. The Weeknd)
One of our closest friends ILLANGELO produced this, when we first heard it we knew it was a special song and it remains an anthem for our city.