Facts & Figures | with Joakim Benon of jj

Warmer Climes: I know it doesn't matter. But I feel like eating shit about it. jj No° 3 is a slow grower... Maybe in time I will find some indulgence... To make my initial 4/10 a 6/10. My Life and Voi Parlate, lo Gioco are awful. Into The Light deserves attention. Let Go is the only real thing. And Now is the proof you are friends with Avner in real life. Light is magic. Sounds like a b-side. It's same gorgeous as the masterpiece Pure Shores... Golden Virginia demonstrates that Elin believes in God, she loves Mother Maria and wants to be a virgin again. You Know is useless. No Escapin' This is not even close miraculous to Me & Dean. I hear various opinions... They are damn scared about this kind of a bummer in our ears... I continue to believe that jj No° 3 is a collection of outtakes from jj No°2. Sounds like you recorded everything once and decided to put on first full album the best and the worst ones on the second. Sounds like made it up, too soon, too quickly... In a hurry... Almost fake... Music is hard. It's not easy to stay high and cool. But I never wanted a new album so soon. Maybe you should double focus next time. The possible jj No° 4 must come later 2011 and show that you're still above the clouds, high and adorably fucked up. Don't go too much in this xx area, with stupid Americans, who will talk like - I anticipate - Man, I was last nite to a jj concert...Was so rad!...Some bitch told me Elin is piggy fat. And I said FUCK OFF, vomit product!... I can't imagine those Americans transforming you in something accesible and rap-hip-hopish. Enough with Lil Wayne and italian quotes. If this is your real state, well... I think I was wrong about you. The bullshit is done. The second album is purely weak. Go have a drink. And don't start anymore an album TRYING. I hear you TRYING on jj No° 3, forcing it... Elin can go pretty boring sometimes with that goooooooooooldeeeeeeeeeeeeen virgiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... You are more than that. The certain proof is jj No° 2... Which is a rare diamond of the last decade... And Pure Shores, which is unbelievably smart and sensational. Takes me out of this planet with a spaceship... I was freaked out. I found in you a new world. And that world seems to dissapear in this No° 3 episode.

Joakim Benon
I admire you being honest and straightforward, speaking from your guts, but as we both can see, there's no future for you and me, if you say I'm useless, awful, telling me what to do with my life and my time, how to feel, how to live, we can never have a working relationship. I hope you can understand that. It's oh so simple. We're about life, and everything ain't pretty, you, if anybody should know that. I'm me, what else could I be, and if you can't handle the truth, well, then you're bound to drown. I hope you can maintain your successful career on the internet, when it seems so important to you. And one should do what feels important in ones heart. Like writing emails. Talking about albums. To me it feels like you have a lot inside of you that needs to find its right way out. But on your way there I understand that this is something you think is worthwhile. I hope your persistence, passion and love will take you to places you never could imagine. And that we can someday meet as equals, not me being adored and you not being a whore. SY 4 ever.

Warmer Climes: Very well put. I parlate, you gioco... We can still have a splendid relationship. I never suggested that you are THAT bad. I don't want to break your Lil Wayne principles... Be you, be you, be you... Don't know exactly if Lil Wayne is also a dog for money. Cause being you it's sadly impossible without big cash. I'm just... I was!... Nervous about you not spending enough time to create a better art. While you really can. Yes, I treated you with no mercy, I treated you as a product, and nothing more. What I hear is all I can have from here. Yes, I can be a whore. Someone with my life can be easily a whore. No, I don't fuckin' want an internet career or to tell you how to live. But from my place the internet looks like the only way to express what I love, how I love, a way to be heard. Anyway, you are such big stars drowned in hype now thanks to the same internet! We all take the maximum utility from it. I wanted you as friends, that was my childish mistake, dear... Obviously nobody cares. I'm out of Sweden right from this moment. A good friend once told me: Don't question yourself too much, bunny. If your blog is important to you then it's fine, that's what matters. I bet that jj guy bleeds and breathes for his music, that's his thing. We all have different things... I can't have heroes in Sweden anymore. Licking wrong holes. I did that enough. Take no heroes, only inspiration sounds so true... Like never before. My fault for offering you this kind of attention. You're just another part of the bullshit industry. Write a song called Distance and continue to lie to yourself with I'm me... And I promise to continue to lie to myself about my whory shit. There's no SY.

My talk with j came after months of investment. Hopes, dreams & money in their ass. Loving them in every detail. You won't get in this decade the nature of my criticism. Please stop linking/discussing a post you don't understand. Make your own talk with them and love/hate them in your own way. Thanks.