WARMER MIXTAPES #508 | by John Murphy Jr. [Ghetto Ass Glenn/Junior John/Enron Hubbard]

1. Claude VonStroke | Chimps
This track ruled my life for a good six months after its release. It seemed to speak directly with my inner clown. The simple beat and over all goofiness of the track just got to me. It made me smile inside and out. I remember being in college classes replaying the track over and over in my head while clenching my butt cheeks to the beat. I know I am not the only person that does this. Playing butt drums is one of my biggest hobbies. Barclay Crenshaw is a genius. He has been so influential to my music and lifestyle. He taught me not to take my music or my life too seriously. This lesson has been vital to my happiness.

2. Primus | The Antipop
Another song that was playing on my iPod or car stereo constantly for a good minute. I have always considered myself to be a punk just without the patches and hair gel. I just love the feeling of going against the grain. Les Claypool really got me into bass. The sounds he is able to produce with minimal effects are just devastating and unreal. He truly pushed his instrument to the limit. This song had it all for me. A great solid and dirty bass line that could probably carry the song on its own, awesome minimalist guitar rhythms, and of course the message. It made me feel good and proud about doing my own thing.

3. Skee-Lo | I Wish
This track just takes away any care I have and reminds me of when times were simple and easy. Days when Mountain Dew and Nintendo 64 ruled my life. It was my birthday and I really wanted a Sony walkman and some Rap tapes. That’s right I said tapes. CDs were already the new thing but I was OG even at the age of 9. I wish I could go thank the Tempo Records employee that suggested this album to my mom. I played that tape out son. In my head I’ve always been kind of an outkast especially when it comes to the opposite sex. So when I heard Skee-Lo rapping about being self conscious and still sounding fly I was hooked. It made me feel like embracing how average I really am.

4. Girl Unit | Shade On
I am still amazed by this track. It took characteristics from so many genres and blended them so well. I also love the creepy quality to it. I am a huge fan of horror flicks and this track just complemented that side of me so much. It was the soundtrack to all these creepy horrific pictures in my head. It wasn’t until I heard this track that I really started to explore Electronic Music and all the lovely oddities it offers. It helped me to break from my 4/4 124bpm production style and really just go with what I was feeling. I love his use of so many different drum patterns and samples. This song was the inspiration for my track Thizzin Ain’t Easy and continues to inspire me now.

5. Inner City | Big Fun
Just listen to this song and you’ll get why I put it on this list. Kevin Saunderson is such a huge part of what Techno has turned into today. The simple synths and drum pattern are so great and effective. And then comes that delightfully cheesy synth violin riff. These guys really paved the way for classic acts like Ace Of Base and Aqua. Jesus titty f***ing Christ I love this song. The title says it all. Have fun, you only live this life once. Make Music by any means possible.

6. Samim | Springbreak
This track is just so sexy. It makes me want to do expensive drugs and sexy dances. FYI I can’t dance for shit. There’s a reason I am a DJ. I do have a mean head bob though. Samim really got me into the Deep House thing and now I can’t get enough. I think people with low self esteem should listen to Deep House because it makes you feel sexy and confident.

7. Belleruche | Backyard (kidkanevil Remix)
Any time I play this it gives me goose bumps. I can feel the Universe aligning with just the first flute sample. This song is my American Beauty most beautiful thing ever moment. I can’t pinpoint what it is about the song. It just makes me feel good. It’s like an audio induced bull shit filter that just allows me to see all this beauty instantly.

8. Three 6 Mafia | Sippin' On Some Syrup
I was so really stoked when I heard this song for the first time. It was so slow and had a very under produced quality to it for mainstream Hip Hop. Southern And Trap style drum patterns are so simple to create but still so damn effective. I really started getting into Southern Hip Hop after Three 6 came into my life. These guys were hard as hell yet still embraced their inner kid and general goofyness. God bless Three 6 Mafia and of course that tasty purple beverage.

9. Tennis Rodman | Goombawave (Produced by Morri$)
These dudes are the homies. Tennis has this style on the mic that is just so swaggy with what seems like no effort what so ever. And if you haven’t heard Morri$ yet, don’t worry you will. I think he is going to be the next big thing. His tracks are the perfect balance of sexy, cool, and generally not giving a f***. Tennis and Morri$ have taken me under their wings and I am just so happy to be a part of this movement. Shout outs to Team Bear Club, The Sine Field, Wak Lyf and the entire Goomba family. We got something special here.

10. Detroit Grand Pubahs | Sandwiches
In the days before Juke And Footwork this was it for me. It had speed, simplicity, and a catchy, sexy, funny hook. These guys are just awesome and great at what they do. Also their videos are great and live shows are always cheap.