WARMER MIXTAPES #529 | by Mickaël Bursztejn [Mickey]

1. Aram Khachaturian | Adagio Of Spartacus And Phrygia
If you saw The Hudsucker Proxy by the Coen Brothers, it's the main theme of the soundtrack. Stanley Kubrick used it too in 2001: A Space Odyssey, one of his masterpieces, and what I love in this song is the power and the hope it gives.

2. Selda | İnce İnce Bir Kar Yağar
That's a remain of my Turkish legacy, it's the perfect mix between Arabian music and 70’s Rock.

3. Nice & Wild | Diamond Girl (Club Version)
This song reminds me of a huge Bloc party at Buschwick (Brooklyn/NY). The DJ's played a lot of great tracks, but this one was a real bliss!!! I searched for a while to find out what the track was.

4. The The | Giant
I discovered this one in my daddy's car and it was a real head banging shock for me! The production, the voices and the lyrics of this album are just awesome.

5. Love | Andmoreagain
The most beautiful love song I ever heard, the harmony is really huge, especially when the chorus comes in...

6. The Stranglers | Strange Little Girl
One of my favorite bands of their period, the song reminds me of a shiny road trip trough Portugal. It was the only tape that we found without traditional Portuguese songs in the car we rented, so we heard it several times...

7. The Strokes | Trying Your Luck
I was 14 when I begun to listen The Strokes. I got a lot of youth memories on this.

8. The Rolling Stones | Play With Fire
When I was a teenager I lived in the South of France, for a few months, and this song never left my Discman. I was lying on the beach totally cooties pending and I prayed for 10 minutes more of battery.

9. Funkadelic | Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts
I listened to a lot of Blues when I was younger like BB King, Jimmy Hendrix, etc.... It's the way I learned how to play guitar, by sitting on a lazy amp in my teenagers bedroom and a purple kitschy guitar with rarely more than 5 chord on it and the trick was, by just jamming on their songs…

10. Karl Biscuit | La Morte
Lovely melody, frozen attitude and a touch of Tango.