WARMER MIXTAPES #540 | by Imran Haniff of The Holiday Crowd

Photo by Michael Wickens.

1. The La's | There She Goes
This is the benchmark for all the Pop songs we write. It goes far beyond chart placements and commercial appeal. It's perfect in every way. It's got the hook, a loose groove and a melody so strong and well sung with emotion, that's hard not to feel a lump in your throat when hearing it... I wanna do that to people some day.

2. Mildred J. Hill, Patty Hill | Good-Morning To All (original source for 'Happy Birthday To You')
It's the greatest and most popular song of all time, sung every day in almost every language. Probably the first song I ever connected with personally.

3. The Stone Roses | (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
It starts off pretty moody and has some clever, biting lyrics: every member of Parlament trips on glue... The harmonies on that track makes it even better and it lifts my spirit.

4. Wham! | Nothing Looks The Same The Light
It's got that New Edition bassline that funks the freak out of me. I first heard it played in a department store when I was a kid shopping with my mom for a lamp shade. I knew it was Wham! and ran downstairs to the music section and bought Fantastic!

5. The Specials | I Can't Stand It
It's an odd little duet. Groovy and Funky... Dismal yet realistic lyrics. It's the harsh flipside of Love without being bitter or hateful.

6. Spoons | Nova Heart
This is what the Future sounds like. Moving and haunting backing vocals. I sing this song in the shower everyday.

7. The Smiths | What She Said
It's heavy. Some of the best lyrics I ever heard and really connected with growing up.

8. Cats On Fire | Letters From A Voyage To Sweden
A song I wish I wrote myself. Such beauty, the melody and guitars are plucky little delights! We were really influenced by Cats On Fire and we still are.

9. Shack | Byrds Turn To Stone
It brings to my mind what it would be like, sailing on the seas. One day I'm going to sail the waters North, East, West and South and this record will acompany me on my adventures.

10. The Style Council | My Ever Changing Moods
I don't go a day without hearing this song. It's the theme song to my life. When I go bike riding it's the only song I play on repeat. I have never gotten sick of it and I don't think I ever will.