WARMER MIXTAPES #549 | by Walker B. [James Quaddy]

1. Shlohmo | wen uuu (Teebs Remix)
Every time I hear a Teebs song I often associate it with another, because the sounds he uses are often found within most of his songs. Needless to say, I feel a sense of calm serenity when I hear this song, it’s weird because I have a hard time concentrating or even thinking of anything else besides the chained bass kicks as they compress the rest of the track. This song is certainly a relaxing feel-good song; the beats just flow right into one another creating this feeling, which does an incredible job at putting me into a state of daze.

2. Kyson | Drifting On By
This tune touches more on the emotional side, a much deeper feeling within me. The song has a familiar sound to it, an element that I feel most Future Garage artists share. Every time I hear this song, I feel a sense of longing, not because I feel unfulfilled with this song, in fact it’s quite the contrary, it's an unmistakable feeling of something that is lost, it’s not meant to be a bad or depressing feeling, but it definitely makes me grove pensively to the song.

3. Sun Glitters | Too Much To Lose (Regal Safari Remix)
While listening to this song, it’s hard not to sit still. Every time I hear this song, it gives me the feeling like I’m hearing it for the first time. It has a crisp freshness to it that I am strongly attracted to. The distant vocals have a sense of airiness that puts me at ease from start to finish.

4. Regal Safari | Only (Sun Glitters Remix)
This song in particular is far different than anything I’ve ever heard before. It acts as a vessel taking me deeper and deeper into some surreal world. Besides listening to Breakage (far different genre) no other artist has ever taken me deeper into a song as this one does. The entire song has a slow groove to it, yet the airy distorted clap-snare works on the staggered beat that follows the kick keeping me hooked in a state of trance and awe through the entirety of this song.

5. Sepalcure | Carrot Man
In my opinion, any song that Machinedrum touches is gold and within seconds I fall in love. The song itself I find difficult to classify it to one particular genre, but the groove strongly rides throughout the entire song. For some reason I always associate this song with driving a car, I feel like I have to be occupied while listening to this song, so sitting down at a computer trying to think of a particular emotion or feeling that this song brings is proving to be difficult. However, this song seems to put me at an imaginary venue where I’m watching this being performed. The song itself is very engaging and seems to capture me throughout the song, I would have a difficult time only listening to one part of this song, it's almost as if I’m listening to a story unfold, I couldn’t just listen to a section of it, that would be pointless.

6. Machinedrum | TMPL
This song is simply a song not to be reckoned with, no producer could ever touch this or even TRY to make it any better than it already is. The slightly delayed synths plays with my ears and puts me into some euphoric state, this song is like a drug, no other song I’ve ever heard makes me feel the way I’m feeling all throughout this song. In many ways I often associate this song with the tingly feeling one gets when falling in love for the first time, tingles can’t help but to engulf my whole body as this feeling lasts throughout the entirety of the song.

7. Ages | A Coney Island (Of The Mind)
This Hip-Hop groove makes this song in particular incredibly easy for all audiences to listen to (I have no idea how he hasn’t blown up yet). The feeling I associate this song with is similar to the feeling you get when your drifting away into some (super-chill) dream-world. It’s honestly difficult not to think of floating away while listening to this song. The beat itself is very warm and welcoming, making me want to be around others as we are caught in the beat.

8. James Blake | Give A Man A Rod (Second Version)
One of the most talented producers to come out of 2011, James Blake has proved time and time again that Post-Dubstep is on the up, NOT to be confused with BRO-STEP or any other talentless producer such as Skrillex. This song in particular is not a well known song, mainly because it was only released on Hessle Audio's 116 And Rising, obviously a not well known compilation CD. This song has many of the same elements as in many of his other tracks, however this in particular has a flow unlike any other of his songs, it's difficult to describe, but it definitely has a positive effect on me in any mood. This song is a must have for all the James Blake fans.

9. LeToya | Not Anymore (Blacksmif 'Point Break' Mix)
This song is one of the dopest Post-Dubstep tracks I've heard in a while. The track has strong element of Soul, yet the down tune of LeToya's voice brings out strong elements of UK Garage. UK Garage always has a sweet spot in my heart, most notably for the vocals, which is why this song is on this list. The idea of taking old RnB vocals and turning them into progressive samples for a very progressive genre really interests me. This song seems to ride throughout the entirety of the track, flowing from one verse to the next, making it very, very easy to groove to (I often find myself mouthing the lyrics). If there's one song that I could listen to on repeat for an hour, it'd have to be this, words cannot explain how much depth lies within this song; it's best to experience it for yourself.

10. Kontigo | Desire
Time and time again, this song proves to bring out the strongest emotions and thoughts. I am engulfed into a pensive state of mind each and every time this song is played. I feel a sense of calming come over me as I drift deeper and deeper into thought, retracting further and further into my self-conscious.