WARMER MIXTAPES #557 | by Wouter De Backer [Gotye] of The Basics

1. Bullion | Say Goodbye To What
Bullion's sample-heavy Pop-Hop is texturally rich, and he twists and turns his arrangements in exciting ways. Love the mangled vocal part in Say Goodbye To What.

2. Chairlift | Ghost Tonight
Chairlift's 2012 album Something is a winner. Caroline Polachek's voice sweeps over huge ground against this great Electro-shuffle feel.

3. The Chap | Well Done You
One of my favourite bands and massively under-recognised, The Chap craft immaculately produced Alternative Pop with a marvellously dry wit and strong sense of the Absurd.

4. The Book Of Mormon Original Broadway Cast | Hasa Diga Eebowai
I was lucky enough to see The Book Of Mormon in New York last year, and it's one of the best things I've ever seen on a stage. The balance of deep parody and genuine celebration of both Musical Theatre and Religion is amazing. No ethnic stereotype or PC-take on the problems of the Third World is safe from Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez in this song.

5. Jens Lekman | An Argument With Myself
I'm looking forward to Jens Lekman's next full-length. This track, from an eponymous EP, is one of the songs that didn't fit that album's overall direction apparently, but it's a winning opener to a great EP. Love the Melbourne street references and the backpackers at Reggae night "pouring out like a tidal wave of vomit".

6. Oscar + Martin | Do The Right Thing
Oscar + Martin supported me on recent shows and performed some sterling sets. Do The Right Thing's combination of falsetto male vocal harmonies, choppy guitar with crisp Minimal beats has a wonderful openness.

7. Destroyer | Kaputt
Dan Bejar of Destroyer voyages through a reimagined '80s like some kind of wizened post-hipster, reminiscing on the girls, cocaine and music magazines that focussed so much energy before things get deliciously surreal... Step out of your toga and into the ocean. The film clip is a must-watch.

8. St. Vincent | Cruel
A standout track from St. Vincent's record Strange Mercy, Cruel is beautifully produced intelligent Alternative Pop. The swooning strings and voice that intermittently drift against the forward-leaning groove suggest an out-of body experience against the grounding of the edgy guitar and tight drum sounds.

9. Architecture In Helsinki | W.O.W
One of my favourite songs from AIH's last album Moment Bends. From one lover to another, but more on an '80s Synth Pop tip than streamy islands. The harmony refrain when I caught ya, walking on water is golden.

10. Zoë Keating | Escape Artist
Seeing and hearing Zoë Keating build a song like Escape Artist live with one cello is a mesmerising thing. It's a richly dramatic arrangement from her record Into The Trees.