WARMER MIXTAPES #644 | by Andi Anderson [Nephaelin]

1. The Weeknd | Wicked Games (House Of Balloons Version)
I grew up listening to R&B (Slow Jams, Keith Sweat, Babyface, Ginuwine, etc.). In recent years, I have noticed good R&B Music has became harder to find when it was once abundant, I eventually stop trying to look, I assumed the World grew out of it. The Weeknd has brought it back in a completely original way. Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) has one of the greatest voices on offer in the Musical World. He is on another level and the song Wicked Games portrays that perfectly. The Originality of the song, the vocals, the structure and the Dark Addictive instrumental, all perfect. As a musician, I have often gravitated towards the slower, dark but pretty melodies, the song Wicked Game’ showed me the potential of that style of Music.

 2. Kings Of Leon | Closer
The first time I heard this song, I was driving through the Gold Coast, Australia, my sister put a CD on, the first track started playing, and I’ve been addicted since. From James Horner to Hans Zimmer, I am a huge fan of OST Music, Closer though a Mainstream song is Cinematic and could easily find its place in a Dramatic Blockbuster. Easily one of my most played songs ever, this song puts me in the zone. From the way it’s sung, to those crazy sounds that echo in the background.

3. Che Fu | Scene III
Never have I heard a song that could paint an image in my mind like the versus of Scene III does. From the actual lyrics to the way it’s sung, the scenarios this song creates will have you in a zone similar to one you get watching an Addictive film. The Mental Journey this song took me through opened my eyes to a new way of Writing Lyrics, and even a new way to Listen to Music. Like a great film, this song needs a sequel, if you don’t know this song, check it out and you’ll know what I mean.

4. Frank Ocean | Pink Matter (feat. André 3000)
Every now and then I’ll hear a voice that reminds me just how Nasty my singing voice is… Frank Ocean pisses me off all the time. Pink Matter is Ridiculously Impressive, I have researched the song and I am still not entirely sure what the hell he’s talking about, but, even with that, I rarely hear Emotion so embedded in a voice as this song incredibly offers, and with such a Majestic song, only one rapper could pull off a verse so in sync, AndrĂ© 3000 was always a great artist, but this song sealed his position as a legend in my book. I am a fan of Poetry and Emotional Music, Frank Ocean and Pink Matter is inspirational in that field.

5. Portishead | Glory Box
I have always given props to Portishead, for the style, the Finesse, the voice and just the mood they can conjure up with the mixture of their sounds. I admit I probably couldn’t sit down and listen to one of their albums from start to end as I find their tracks a bit hit and miss… But, the ones that hit… Hit hard, and Glory Box hits the hardest. Her voice couldn’t have been better suited for the orchestra that accompanies this track, and the transitions between the smooth strings and gritty Electric guitars are amazing. Not only I but also, the Musical World NEEDED this song.

6. Kendrick Lamar | The Spiteful Chant (feat. Schoolboy Q)
Listening to Woodkid’s Iron track from the Iron EP, I remember thinking how I would love to play around with that Brass Music that kicks the song off. So naturally, when I first heard The Spiteful Chant I was on the edge of my seat. There are many versus from Kendrick Lamar that amaze me more than the ones found in this song but, this song is just freakin’ dope and combining Iron’s Brass melody with Kendrick’s flow works wonders for my ears.

7. Tomorrow People | Feel Alright (feat. Kolohe Kai)
I couldn’t look pass this song… I love Reggae, and New Zealand’s laid-back Reggae style has raised the bar completely, this song should be enough evidence of that. Blasting this track while cruising along the Sunny beachside… Made me not want to reach my destination too soon.

8. Eminem | Kill You
Yep, Kill You is a rather Ruthless track, but that Ruthlessness that Eminem shared with us was how he was able to truly express and portray his lyrical gifts. Eminem is still an amazing rapper today, but it was his earlier albums like the Marshall Mathers LP that gave us that mix of Gritty, Aggression and Raw Talent that would offend your morals while at the same time blow your mind on what was lyrically possible… And Kill You is the track that blew my mind the most.

9. Terence Trent D'Arby | Holding On To You
This song is Flawless; Terrence rips it up in this catchy rhythmic jam. The music is awesome firing an arsenal of instruments, and vocals that will pull you in for the ride. I love this song.

10. Quincy Jones | Moody's Mood For Love (feat. Brian McKnight, Rachelle Ferrell, Take 6 and James Moody)
This song has not inspired me in the same way the other songs on this list have, but whether this song suits my own personal preferences or not doesn’t change the fact that Quality is Quality, and from beginning to end this song is amazing, you could not add or take anything from it to make it better, it opened my eyes that many people will have different preferences to the music I make but, because Quality will always be Quality, no matter the style, Quality should be my goal. But even with admitting this song isn’t really my thing personally… I have to admit again, I still can’t help but keep jamming to it.

Also have to mention…

+11. Angie Stone | More Than A Woman (feat. Calvin)
+12. Commodores | Sail On
+13. System Of A Down | Hypnotize
+14. Bic Runga | Drive
+15. Weezer | Say It Ain’t So
+16. Maxwell | Pretty Wings
+17. La Roux | In For The Kill
+18. Clyde Carson | One Night (feat. Avant)
+19. Flight Facilities | Crave You (feat. Giselle) (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)
+20. Lana Del Rey | Born To Die