WARMER MIXTAPES #693 | by Jonathan Stuart of The Cloud Room

1. Colin Blunstone | Quartet: A Sign From Me To You
The singer of The Zombies has the Greatest Voice. His second Solo record, Ennismore, has so many tracks I could pick to show off, but ASFMTY is so Damn Epic. This song, and album, are as Good as Harrison's All Things Must Pass... Yeah, I just said that.

2. Morphine | Buena
Unlike any band before or since. Makes any listener feel Temporarily Cool as Fuck.

3. Jane Birkin | Kawasaki
I'm Cheating Again, because this is really about the album Di Doo Dah. As most people, I was sort of Erased and Redrawn as A New Person after hearing Histoire De Melody Nelson by Serge Gainsbourg, and ever since have been trying to locate more of that. His other records were Great, but not Momentous. Finally got my hands on Birkin's DDD, written entirely by Serge with orchestration by Jean-Claude Vannier... The same team behind Melody. Less Operatic, More Pop.

4. Ennio Morricone | Man With A Harmonica
I'm gonna get a little Pretentious here and list the Theme Song to one of my favorite movies, Once Upon A Time In The West. Push comes to shove, this could be my favorite song. It seriously stirs up Such Powerful Urges for Redemption, Revenge, Something. It's like if they condensed Emotions into a Diamond.

5. Washed Out  | New Theory
Put this song on and it turns any room into a Beach.

6. Nikki Sudden | Chelsea Embankment
I noticed a theme running through our 2nd album Zither about the Fear of Being Forgotten. Disappearing into the March of Time. Basic Stuff. I mentioned Nikki in one of the songs. Definitely Unsung as a Songwriter, but damn, that voice was Rough! On this song however, he left the singing to Max Edie. Great As Tears Go By feel.

7. Paul & Linda McCartney | Ram On
This is a Straight Up Melancholy Bomb. The Ukulele, Ghostly Voices, Homemade Percussion, Db Maj 7 to Bb min. Wow.

8. Erik Satie | Trois Gymnopédies (Played by Pascal Rogé)
Push comes to shove, my favorite song. If Ram On is a Melancholy Bomb, this is a Melancholy Big Bang.

9. Sonic Youth | 100%
This was the Song that Changed the Direction of My Life. Not their best by any means, but I went from listening to Michael Jackson's Dangerous to this and suddenly decided I wanted to make Music.

10. Destroyer | Virgin With A Memory
I usually look to Music to Fill the Space that Religion was Parked In for those many years. Doesn't always happen, but there's something about this song that hits it. There's the Beautifully Melancholy Chords Recorded in a Bathtub. And Bejar's voice crashing its way through a Lovely Melody. But it's really the Lyrics... Nearly Incomprehensible, yet with Enough Flashes of Arresting Images and Feeling that it Encapsulates the Messy Splendor of Life.