The Melancholy! The Bittersweet!

Given the opportunity to self promote with something as exciting as an imaginary mix tape, I figure kick things off with a bang and open with a track I made as part of duo NYCPARTYINFO, Black Saw. I like opening sets with this because it resets the crowd with a Really Ethereal, Laidback opening, lots of Sub-Frequencies, Super Warm and Melodic, and escalates into a '90s Tribal House jam around 4:30. We're off to an Optimistic Start!

2. Mario & Vidis | Changed (feat. Ernesto) (Soul Clap Remix)
I absolutely love this track. The mix begins to get Somber now, with Darker Sounds and a Spooky Vocal. I was listening to this a lot during a period of time where I was feeling Particularly Emotionally Shut Down, and this song worked as kind of a Quiet Anthem, that I'll be alright at the end acting as a Rallying Cry.

3. Tolga Fidan | Berg
There is a Particular SubGenre of Music that I categorize as Music for driving in the Rain at Night. This track might take the cake. I feel it's a continuation of the sentiment in the previous track, but building in Intensity and Darkness. It's something that you have to be careful when dropping before 2 am because it will bum people out unless they're wholeheartedly with you. Because I think it's Really Beautiful (and also to amuse myself), I made the mistake of playing this at a Vegas pool party. No one else thought it was Funny. Everyone got Uncomfortable and climbed out of the Water.

4. Fred P. | It Is What It Is
This song, too, just destroys me. It sounds Incredible - everything that Fred P./Underground Quality/Black Jazz Consortium puts out is so Smart and Challenging and Impeccable. I feel like it eases up on the Emotional Ferocity of the previous track, it sounds kind of like a Surrender.

5. Steffi | Moving Lips
I love Steffi... What an Amazing Talent. Her Yours & Mine album is Really Excellent as a Whole. This is a Deep Cut that is a nice departure from the Fred P. in that it shares Warm Legato Lines at the beginning, but then moves into a Pretty Powerfully Motivated track, preparing the listener for the Darkness that is about to Descend.

6. Levon Vincent | Double Jointed Sex Freak (Part 1)
If you Love Techno, and you Love Satan, have I got the song for you! Listening to this on vinyl is a Spiritual Experience in that you get to see the Wickedness of your Soul rise up in front of you and Dance. There was a period of time when I was listening to this a lot at home (On repeat in the Dark. What?) because it made me feel an Out Of Body Experience. Shortly after that, there was a period where I was afraid to be in my house Alone. (Those statements are related). This is another track that if you play when the audience isn't entirely with you, you Alienate EVERYONE. If it's the right time, though, it is Unbelievably Effective for taking a night to Entirely Different Level. I don't do drugs anymore, but this track gets me feeling like I do.

7. Nina Kraviz | I'm Gonna Get You
Nina Kraviz has it all. She is Unbelievably Beautiful, puts out Amazing Music on some of my favorite labels (Rekkids, Novel Sound), and appears to Really Own her Womanhood in a Fearless way in the Male Dominated World of Serious Dance Music... Without a doubt, she is someone I look up to in terms of a Career Trajectory. This track can be mixed out of Double Jointed Sex Freak (Part 1) not only because of the Parallel Sexually Explicit Nature of the work, but the fact that until the Bass comes in (SO GOOD!), it's mostly just a Sparse Percussive Groove. As the song builds, it gets Richer Melodically, you kill the preceding track and you're in a new place, Musically and Emotionally.

8. Danny Daze & Zarate | Honey (feat. LOUISAHHH!!!)
Again, with the Self Promotion. Jeez. I worked on this track with Danny Daze and Zarate two summers ago while I was in Miami briefly. I like it a lot... It reminds me of some of the No Regular Play stuff that I'm really into right now, perhaps a little more Bouncy and Accessible. It feels like it's a ladder back to a Dance Floor Reality, out of the pit of Sex and Violence that we somehow climbed into...

9. Bibio | Lovers' Carvings (Catz 'N Dogz Re-Edit)
...Paving the way for this gem from my Polish pals Catz 'N Dogz. I adore pretty much everything that these guys do, and they're Really Nice. This song is Really Sweet, it feels Good, Optimistic Again. Loving Groove.

10. Inner City | Pennies From Heaven (Kevin's Tunnel Mix)
So, after a True Emotional Journey, from Bright Beginnings, through Sadness and Longing, Surrender, the Pits of Hell, Dark Seduction emerging into Coy, Bouncy Tech-House and Sweet Sparkling Melodies, WE HAVE ARRIVED at what is perhaps one of my favorite songs Ever. I mean, anything Inner City does is Awesome, but this is Particularly Wonderful, Triumphant, Joyful. I love ending sets like this, I Love the Message, the Piano riff, the Feeling of Euphoric Uplift that this track offers. I play it on repeat in my car and sing it at other drivers (True Story).

The lyrics pretty much say it all...

It's so special, lend me your helping hand
Let's make the Peace right, sisters and brothers
Reach out a hand, touch each and everyone
Caring to share, pennies from Heaven

Thank you for joining me on this Epic Adventure. I Love You Very Much.