WARMER MIXTAPES #701 | by László Fogarasi Jr. [Yonderboi]

1. The Tornados | Telstar
I heard this Amazing Space Age Instrumental around the age of 5, probably on the Radio. The Melody stayed with me, but then it took me about fifteen years to find out the title - it was such a Relief.

2. Pink Floyd | One Of These Days
The First Song that my Dad played me on Vinyl. I remember that I was Surprised How Different it was from other records. I thought that the Wind and the Echoing Bass were Fantastic, but the Distorted Voice was a little bit Scary.

3. Space | Magic Fly
THE French Space Disco Track Of All Time. I presume their costumes in the video were Inspiration to their fellow-countrymen Daft Punk too.

4. The Art Of Noise | Moments In Love
One of the Earliest Sample Based Recordings. Very Interesting Combination of Elements, proves that if you add a little Weirdness to Kitsch, then they Balance Each Other Out, and the result becomes Perfect.

5. M.A.R.R.S. | Pump Up The Volume
Some acts don’t need more than one track to become Classic.

6. Steve Reich | Electric Counterpoint (recorded by Pat Metheny)
With the help of Only One Electric Guitar this piece goes Beyond Everyday Human Life, it is Greater and Far More Simple at the Same Time. Listening to this Music would be a good way to Explain Light Reflections on Water to Blind People.

7. The KLF | 3 A.M. Eternal
Very Complex track if you think about it. Though you really shouldn’t, then it is just a Mind-Blowing Dance Masterpiece.

8. Squarepusher | My Sound
Not a Typical Jenkinson Composition, but this one is definitely my favorite by him. Unexplainable and Highly Effective Logic As Always, yet here Very Naked and Human. Pure Biomathematics.

9. The Avalanches | Since I Left You
This song should be taught on the University of Sampling. Not to mention the video, which is Amongst the Best Music Videos Ever Made.

10. Lambchop | Up With People
I have no idea Why, but this song has such a Strong Effect on me that Every Time it gets to the Trumpet Melody I Crash.

+11. Prefuse 73 | Storm Returns (feat. Tommy Guerrero)
Beautiful Track from one of the Early Glitch-Hop Pioneers. It shows that Glitch doesn’t necessarily has to sound Annoying.

+12. Todd Terje | Inspector Norse
Who can’t Love this Happy-Go-Lucky Ironic Disco Sound. And together with the video it just Becomes Totally Outstanding.