WARMER MIXTAPES #748 | by Jesse James Ward of MOVEMENT

1. Stevie Wonder | All I Do
This is perhaps one of my favorite songs of All Time, as a big fan of Stevie Wonder for my entire life this far, I found it difficult to narrow down exactly which song I am the most fond of (could only get it down to two) – but this particular song is immeasurably uplifting and reaffirming in any life situation, and I think that’s what I like about it most. Everything from the lyrics, to its dynamics and its structure is just Perfection – he frames falling in Love in a way no one else can.

2. Earth, Wind & Fire | Boogie Wonderland (with The Emotions)
As far as my own Musical evolution goes Earth, Wind & Fire have played a large part, I will probably never understand or write such Musically Intricate songs as they have. When I was lucky enough to see them live in Sydney, my sister and I had a bet as to which song they would open with, she chose Boogie Wonderland and I’ve never been more pleased to be proven wrong – the ultimate opener.

3. Busta Rhymes And Mariah Carey | I Know What You Want (feat. Flipmode Squad)
This song reminds me of both the start of MOVEMENT, and finishing High School. For such a long period of time Sean and I had little time to hangout with intense study demands and assessments. When we did we would sit in my bedroom, most usually get drunk, and listen to these old R’n’B tracks. Whilst at the time it was released we definitely weren’t old enough to be going out and making any real memories with it, we certainly made up for it at the end of High School. I think this track has a large sort of Nostalgia about it – holy shit, what song!

4. The Gap Band | Outstanding (Vocal) (Long Version)
One of my favorite Funk songs, it’s beautiful and repetitive - and the whole you blow my mind has this really catchy element to it. I often find it stuck in my head, days on end. I’m also a huge fan of the vocal raves in all of their intros and outros. Truly an amazing track.

5. Marvin Gaye | Got To Give It Up 
This track is such a sexy, feel good song; at least all the voices in the background suggest everyone was having a pretty good time. I’m fairly sure I have been singing the lyrics entirely wrong the entire time, but they are most likely amazing. This song reminds me of when the party carries on for longer than you expected.

6. Fabolous | Into You (feat Tamia)
This track is a MOVEMENT favorite and has been played on repeat in our studio for the last few weeks. Such an immensely Popular track, I always love hearing when I go out. I could listen to this for a long while on repeat without getting sick of it, one of my favorites from the time easily.

7. Grover Washington, Jr. | Just The Two Of Us
Such a beautifully Romantic song. It is a track that just keeps giving as it progresses; I love how it is as sad as it is hopeful – Musically and Lyrically. Oh, and also the steel drums and sax solo are just Perfection. It should be played at the start and at the end of your first love.

8. Janet Jackson | If (Kaytranada Remix)
I first heard this track only a few months ago, it is such a great remix. At the moment it is probably my most played track, I specifically like the way he stays true to Janet Jackson's vocals, but completely changes the feel. Kaytranada is doing some great things at the moment, and I’m excited to see what he has in store.

9. Stevie Wonder | If You Really Love Me
This is a song which has a tendency to flicker in and out of my life; it’s a fantastic track that really should be more popular. I love the way it slows down in each verse, but consistently gets you moving by the time it hits the chorus. If I were ever to have half of this brilliant man's Musical Ability, I am almost certain I would die happy.

10. The Temptations | Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
The Temptations have always been one of my favorite bands, they are (like their songs) Timeless. They occupy such a large part of any playlist that I ever create. Their harmonies are always smooth, and they can always put me in a great mood. All Class.