WARMER MIXTAPES #758 | by Daniel Hermann-Collini [Larkin & The Sky/Benoit Mandelbrot] of Camila Fuchs

1. Emiliana Torrini | Lifesaver
I picked this song as I relate it to the long train journeys I did while I was travelling through India. I've heard this song everytime I got on a train. I love the Surreal atmosphere it put me into. I love listening to Music that makes you feel a bit out of place...

2. Peaking Lights | Hey Sparrow
This one is as well one of my absolute favourite Travelling songs. I love the voice of this song, and as I always relate songs to certain places, this one goes again to India and some very special moments I experienced.

3. Linda Perhacs | Chimacum Rain
One of my absolute favourite songs for Winter days. Quite Trippy... And the panning of the vocals.

4. Ahu | To:Love. (Dimlite Remix)
Shouts to Jay Scarlett for the support until now. He brought me into the whole Beat-scene and showed me a lot of New Music.

5. Andy Stott | Numb
I started listening to his Music since the release of his first album, since I was always into Dub oriented Music. But this album completely changed ways of Productions again...

6. Kangding Ray | NN/Peaks
Raster Noton. Scape. Jan Jelinek, Pole, Byetone, Kangding Ray, Alva Noto. I love it. Not only the Music, but also the visuals. They can be seen as the Stockhausen of the Future since they removed the whole Tonic, Melodic Structure of Music and started working with frequencies rather than with notes.

7. Margaret Dygas | Quintet
I discovered her through a friend a while ago. It's a song that must be heard a couple of times to get to grips with it, since it's very special. Sounds like an Orchestra rehearsing, Jazz sessions at the same time...? Awesome song! Great Field Recordings.

8. Lulu Rouge | Bless You
Next to Trentemøller, one of my favourite producers. The whole album is simply nuts. Haven't ever heard something as Deep, Tense and Energetic as this one. Great to play out in the middle of a set.

9.  Deadbeat + Danuel Tate | Lazy Jane
Next Rhythm & Sound, he is for me one of the big Dub maestros. Don't really have a story to it. But it's worth to mention since it's one of my favourite songs.

10. Kollektiv Turmstrasse | Liaison
Good DJ tool and good Production. The arps have such a nice timbre.

+11. Scopic Frames | Paradigm Paralysis
I saw them playing Live a week ago and their show was mad. The whole set was very Intense. Very good balance between Live Instrumentation and Electronics. Can't wait until they play in front of a big crowd of people in a big Dark warehouse. I had goosebumps while listening to them.

+12. Günther Lause | Loose Your
This is a song which I really appreciate and meanwhile count it to one of my favourite songs as well, since there are only a few songs that really speak to the Audience in such a Intense way. I love the subtle, but strong influence the song has on your Subconciousness while listening to it.