1. The Kinks | Waterloo Sunset
I live in London, a town normally shrouded in Cloud and Pouring Rain, with Endless Traffic Jams and Unbearable Overcrowding, but when I put on this song about the City it makes the Romance of the place burt out again.

2. The Orb | Towers Of Dub
This track came out when I was about 16. I was lucky enough to travel to India on Himalyan Trekking Trip with my School. I bought the CD at the Airport and, as we began the Bus Journey into the Mountains, I put this on my headphones and, in Unison the Beauty of Electronic Music, India began being apparent to me - I can still Picture the Feeling as if it was Yesterday.

3. Radiohead | Everything In Its Right Place 
Kid A and this track blew me away when they came out. In 2000 I was an obsessed Trance Music Producer and hardly listened to anything else. I remember sitting in my Studio one night and I took a break to make some tea and listen to the Radio and this track came on... In literally 4 minutes a New World of Music opened up - with no Boundaries Between Guitars, Vocals, Weird Electronics, Indie Music, Techno, Experimentalism. From that day on I was inspired to make Music Free of Genre and I was out of the Trance Rut!

4. Aphex Twin | Windowlicker
This song I first heard when I saw the amazing Chris's Cunningham video. It makes me feel Weird, like Dancing , and Strangely Horny, but in a Guilty Way.

5. X-Dream | Freak
So having just said how Radiohead pulled my head out of the Trance Clouds, Freak by X-Dream never fails to blow me away as a Perfect Example of Why I Love a Bit of Pounding Techno... As soon as I hear it my mind is Flodded by Memories of Dusty Dance Floors at Dawn, Full of People Swirling in Unison... Magic.

6. The Age Of Love | The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix) 
When I was 18 I went to GOA for the First Time. At the time I was Commited Lover of Ambient Music like The Orb, Aphex Twin and Brian Eno and though Techno was for Mindless Nob Heads. One morning while wondering the Beach I heard a Punding Kick Drum coming from the Jungle. I followed it and found 50 people Dancing like they were Posessed around a Sound System, someone gave me some Punch and then they played Age Of Love... It Changed my Life Forever and I get Goosebumps Every Time I Hear it.

7. The Beach Boys | God Only Knows
This song is so Innocent and Beautiful and also it seems so Effortless. When I'm stuck in the Studio and it All Feels Like Hardwork I often put this on and it makes me feel Warm and Fuzzy!

8. Led Zeppelin | Kashmir 
A BEAST of a Track, a Riff that makes me feel like a Gorilla in Mating Season crossed with Gandalf.

9. Trentemøller | Take Me Into Your Skin
This track Reinvigorated my Love of Pure Electronic Music. I Love the Emotion it brings out in the Intro and the Amazing Switch to the Groove - it sounded so Unique at the time and so Fresh. It makes me feel Pure! (which is saying something).

10. Steve Reich | Music For 18 Musicians 
I had just spent a long, long day with my band Younger Brother deep in a Studio outside Philadelphia. The Enginner in the Studio said he'g give me a lift back to the Hotel in town and as we got in the car he put this song on. The 30 minute Drive through Grey Philly turned into this Exhilarating Carpet Ride through a sort of Blalde Runner-esque Dream... Everything on the Road and Around Me seemed Imbued with this Music... Utterly, Utterly Beautiful and Mesmerising.