WARMER MIXTAPES #845 | by Shomari Hyde [Raheem Recess]

1. Daweh Congo | Jah Name (feat. Ras Shiloh)
Growing up in a Trinidadian/Rastafarian household I listen to a lot of Bob Marley on a Sunday Morning. I always sang around the House as a Youngin and I Distinctively Remember my Mom Playing a Song with a Man with a Very Unique Voice that Calmed Me Growing Up. Turned out his name was Daweh Congo.

2.  Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli | Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partir├▓)
My sister also had a Good Taste in Music. I recall hearing a song she was listening to by Andrea Bocelli. The Feeling I had When I Heard it was Hard to Describe, But I Knew it was Good Music. Also the fact that he was a Blind Artist was Amazing.

3. Enya | Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)
The First Time I Heard Sail Away by Enya I was really High at Home on YouTube and I Loved it ever since.

4. Clipse | Grindin'
In Junior High School a Rap Group named Clipse came about with a Dope song called Grindin'. I remember playing this song Non Stop on a Bus to a School Trip, kept it on repeat the whole ride.

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Scar Tissue
The Red Hot Chili Peppers song I heard on MTV and it stuck in my head, Good Music does that. Also the Video is Pretty Sweet.

6. Bob Marley & The Wailers | Babylon System
Bob Marley in my opinion is one of the Greatest. This song had so many Different Great Parts. Tell the Children the Truth!!!

7. Tabi Bonney | The Come Up
An artist from the DMV area, Not Super Famous, but the message of The Coming Up was Truly Inspiring and Motivating.

8. 2Pac | Changes (feat. Talent)
2Pac's Changes... An Amazing Song that Could Help the Ghetto. Hands down, a Track That Had You Thinking.

9. Raheem Recess | Remedy
This song I made Totally Smoked Out After Meditating for a While. All By Myself on my Couch, Pouring my Feelings Out, Wether it's Well Known Or Not it's one of my Favorite Songs and if I Could Have One Message to the World it Would Be to Live Life Aware and Seek Happiness Within Smoke When Fits Best and Spread Love.

10. The Notorious B.I.G. | Juicy
It Was All and Still Is a Dream. The Perfect Story from a Man from my Neighborhood that Made Something out of Nothing... Classic.