WARMER MIXTAPES #874 | by Lorine Chia

1. Chance The Rapper | Everything's Good (Good Ass Outro) 
I heard this song when Acid Rap dropped and it really just touched my soul. I listen to it almost every day to be honest. It really just reminds me that Everything Is Good.

2. Travi$ Scott | 16 Chapels
I heard this song when Owl Pharaoh dropped. Before that I would hear about Travis Scott, but didn't really listen to his Music. After I checked out his Soundcloud and heard 16 Chapels I immediately fell in love with his talent. His Production skills and how he uses the tone of his voice really inspire me. He definitely has like the best Production and hooks. While creating my new project I definitely would think like how would Travis Scott approach this song. The song makes me feel, as Travis says, like I'm floating through traffic.

3. Little Dragon | Forever
I heard this one years ago on someone's Tumblr page and instantly became a Little Dragon fan. This to me is honestly one of the Best Songs Ever Made. Every time I play it for someone new they just start moving their head to the beat and asking for more. I want to work with them soooo bad one day.

4. Future | Chosen One (with Rocko)
Now I know this may be a surprise, but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. When you make it from the bottom you the chosen one... If you really listen past what people would call Ignorance of this type of Music, you can see that there really are amazing messages. When I hear this song I just feel like I'm the chosen one.

5. Raz Fresco | Phony Ones
This is another one that I heard years ago on a blog. This song is my life right now. There comes a time in everyone's Life when they realize that some people are just phony. This song explains it all. When I listen to it I just feel like finally someone understands!!

6. inc. | Angel
I actually just heard this one like a week ago and I just had to keep playing it over and over again. It's like that 90's R&B Sound mixed with this New Age Electronic Sound. I really want to find a producer who can help me make songs like this. It's so smooth and relaxing. This is something you'd play just to set the mood right, ya know, LOL.

7. Zoo Kid | Out Getting Ribs
I think I'm going to do a Cover to this song soon. Hearing this song makes me want to get an Electric Guitar and my passport so I can go meet and make beautiful songs with Zoo Kid. This is the first time I ever heard his voice and watching the video for the first time I wasn't expecting this tall red headed guy to start singing like this. It seriously blew my mind.

8. SOHN | Bloodflows
This was also a recent discovery. I don't even understand how this song has any dislikes on YouTube. The smooth Production with his voice is just the perfect blend. I actually meditate to this song. I'll sit down, put it on repeat, close my eyes and just arrange my thoughts.

9. JAY Z | Tom Ford
I just like that fact that Jay came back with a new album just to keep it in people's minds that he is one of the Greatest Rappers Ever. This had to be, as we say in Cleveland, a soft flex for him, LOL, and he ended up selling 500k copies first week. Amazing!

10. Kanye West | Barry Bonds (feat. Lil Wayne)
I think this will just be one of my favorite songs forever! I know all the words and every time it comes on I just get so hyped like I'm the shit, LOL, and rap the whole song like I am the one who wrote it. Kanye is a genius.