WARMER MIXTAPES #888 | by David Beltran [STARFOXXX]

1. Jamie xx | Far Nearer
There's Steel Drums in it. The song is 8 minutes long. It's beautiful, one of the best Electronic songs I have heard in the past 5 years. It's hard to draw Emotions out of your Music when dealing with the Club Tune Formula, but this song makes me cry. I don't even wanna Dance, I don't know how you can. Drown in your covers.

2. Phèdre | Dreams
I love everything about this song, so much Emotion in a real, real simple Hook (I guess that's all of Pop Music, right?)... Phèdre was one of my favorite discoveries as of recent. The whole album is good and I'm not sure if this is even my favorite, but it's the one I relate to the most. The drunk slur of a Chorus... I can't sleep when I'm not with you... I can't sleep when I'm not beside you. Just rips the words that you mumble to yourself when you are blacking out alone... Which I always do.

3. STARFOXXX | If You Want Me 666
Is it Kosher to put your own song on these things? It's one of my few songs that I am not entirely irritated by. I remember making it and building around this Vocal Sample, constantly repeating throughout the song If you want me. The Original was so crowded and had so many parts, I eventually removed 75% of the song and had this real stripped down version of it which went on the final mix. I found it more effective completely naked like that. It was the first song I made on my second EP for 1984. It pretty much set the tone for the rest of the EP.

4. YAWN | Ganymede
I heard this song so many times since I live with YAWN. I heard them rehearse and record it throughout the year. ItŢs just a great simple Pop song, riding this awesome Sample. The Break at the end could have been a totally separate song, Sam's voice just Angelic at the end. Real amazing having the opportunity to watch the song evolve over the months into what eventually went on the Final Mix.

5. Tame Impala | Feels Like We Only Going Backwards
A cut of what might be the Album Of The Year for me. Great Hook, sad Lyrics. It's all I need, it's what Pop Music is. The song and Production feels so Nostalgic, and I just love how it goes right into the Chorus. Songs like this always bring you back to Rob Gordon's ultimate question Did I listen to Pop Music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to Pop Music?...

6. Slowdive | Crazy For You
Galaxie 500 might be my favorite Shoegaze band, but this might be my favorite song. Shoegaze in general is something I always liked, but only up until recently truly began to appreciate it. Shoegaze is what made me start to strip down my Music more and more. Less Is More (except for Reverb, you need more)... A constant repeating Chorus of crazy for lovin' you over too much Delay and Reverb, just perfect.

7. Mazzy Star | Halah
There is an amazing Live Video form the 90's of this song floating around YouTube. The song, like all Mazzy Star, is 100% Pure, painful Heartbreak. The song always feels a step late, like you are watching the knife go inside you.

8. The Kinks | Strangers
This was the song we all sang stumbling into our house after nights of Drinking. We never actually finished the song, but we always stopped half way and just shake our heads all agreeing great song. The song is somewhat of a Mantra for me. Strangers on this road we are on, we are not two - we are one...

9. Girls | Hellhole Ratrace
Everything about this song is amazing. Just the Most Honest Lyrics of Despair, Loneliness, Fear and eventually Hope. I got a sad song in my sweet heart, and all I really ever need is some Love and Attention.

10. Frankie Rose | Pair Of Wings
An epic song that rides Frankie's Voice and a Synth line as far as it could leaving you completely drained. The verses repeat never changing, just constantly harmonizing and swelling into an Infinite Mantra. So good.