WARMER MIXTAPES #889 | by Manuel Kim

1. Slint | Breadcrumb Trail
Slint were so Influential and listening to their Spiderland album you will instantly know why, their Sound is so unique and powerful... I discovered this band along with great other ones such as Nomeansno and Shellac in my teens and I'm pretty sure I will never stop listening to them for the rest of my life. (Which is, I think, a fair assumption after more than 15 years of doing so.)

2. Boards Of Canada | Dayvan Cowboy
Boards Of Canada were one of my favorite artists when I started leaning toward Electronic Music, and even though I've listened to their first album Music Has The Right To Children much more than their later albums (and still do), this piece from their third record somehow struck a chord with me... So Atmospheric... Real Guitars... Real Strings... Wow!

3. Sonic Youth | Sugar Kane
One of my favorite bands, I admire and respect very much their Creative Output. Sugar Kane is certainly one of their most Poppy songs, but it always puts me back in a certain mood... Always the same mood.

4. Miike Snow | Silvia
The Debut Album of this Swedish combo came out four years ago and had a really great impact on me at the time, similar to the Junior Boys' album Beyond Dull Care (which came out around the same time). They weren't very good Live, but still, this song always has a huge Emotional grip on me!

5. Soundgarden | Fell On Black Days
Another one from my Youth years, Soundgarden were my biggest favorites and it was the Superunknown album I've listened to most often, I guess. Back in 1995 they announced a concert with Helmet as support -- Paradise! Sadly, Chris Cornell was sick, so they had to postpone the gig, which even more sadly never happened because the band broke up... Honestly, still one of my biggest If only...! moments!

6. Orbital | Are We Here? (Who Are They?) (with Alison Goldfrapp)
A special Mix of a special track, I find this much Superior to the 15 minute version on their Snivilisation album. Orbital are great, they pulled me towards Electronic Music with their In Sides album in 1997, together with other great Electronica acts such as The Future Sound Of London, Leftfield, Photek, Fluke... Each one brings back another memory of a time when the genre was so wide open...

7. Neutral Milk Hotel | In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Just recently came upon this obviously very Influential and in some circles well-known band, but they and their album from 1998 totally went unnoticed by me... Jeff Mangum clearly is a Musical Genius and his Voice and Instrumentation also remind me very much of Donovan, whose albums I have a very soft spot for as well!

8. Jori Hulkkonen | Man From Solaris
Ahh, so good this track... Even though this could be called Deep House, for me this is totally beyond genres. The Bassline... The Piano... I honestly couldn't think of a reason why someone couldn't like this track. Ha!

9. The Beatles | While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Well, what can I say. This is the Music I grew up with, and of course there are many many tracks from that period worth mentioning (or, on a slightly different note, but similarly hard to chose from: by Pink Floyd), but this takes the cake with it's incredible Instrumental Arrangement and Guitar work by Eric Clapton, love the Lyrics too... This is always the one I choose on Beatles Rock Band, so much fun to jam!

10. Massive Attack | Hymn Of The Big Wheel (with Horace Andy)
No way around Massive Attack for me.. Of course, their early albums are untouchable, but I very much enjoyed their last one Heligoland as well, where you have Paradise Circus, my favorite track... I choose Hymn Of The Big Wheel because it's such a great closer... And close this list we do!