WARMER MIXTAPES #1051 | by Alistair Ingle [Ali Ingle]

1. Ash | Girl From Mars
As I've gotten older it's become so much harder to choose my favourite songs, now I just have so many! If you would have asked me 5 years ago what my favourite song was I would definitely have said this song. It is all my teenage angst and desire stylised into a trashy, youthful, 90s track, about a romantic encounter with a girl from Mars. For a teenage Sci Fi loving Indie kid this song was the Holy Grail, and above all it gave hope to the Total Recall 3 boobed woman scenario.

2. Paul Simon | You Can Call Me Al 
I mean how can I not like this song? It has my name in it! This is what every Pop song wants to be when it grows up. A hook that anyone with a mouth could sing, incredibly poignant lyrical content, and a Funky ass bass solo. Oh, and a music video featuring Chevy Chase. It's songs like this that push me to write music that can break out of their own genre. Music that everyone can enjoy no matter what their preferences are.

3. Dire Straits | Romeo And Juliet
Not only is this one of my favourite songs, but it is also my favourite song to sing. Ever since English lessons in school I have been a huge fan of Shakespeare, and this beautifully written song couldn't possibly do any more justice (in my opinion) to the greatest story ever told. I have yet to truly give Dire Straits a proper listen, but I heard someone sing this song at a party and I immediately fell head over heels with it. Such a low key vocal performance only adds more beauty to the simplicity of this anti ballad, and if you don't get gooosebumps on your goosebumps then you must have a heart of stone.

4. Billy Bragg | The Saturday Boy
I just had to have a Billy Bragg song on this list. Billy Bragg has a way with words that stylises the mundane life and times of the everyman, and has always given me the push and inspiration to get above my station. The Saturday Boy is a simple, nostalgic song that any young boy can relate to. It's all my teenage crushes in one song and the perfect soundtrack for walking home after a night out!

5. David Gray | Forever Is Tomorrow Is Today
I love David Gray, there I said it. The guy inspired me to want to write songs and I can take any situation in my life and relate it to a David Gray song. I've seen him live twice and both times were my two favourite gigs. This song is my favourite for some of the killer lines and is one of the more happier upbeat tunes too. The rhythm makes me smile and although I don't even know what it means, Forever is tomorrow is today is one of the most beautiful sentences I've ever heard.

6. Radiohead | Thinking About You
I have never been able to get past the 1st Radiohead album Pablo Honey. As hard as I try I just can't enjoy any of their other work. Out of all of the songs on that masterpiece this is my favourite. Just a simple Acoustic guitar rhythm and the kind of lyrics that make your head warm and fuzzy, is all it takes and I'm anyones. I mean this certainly isn't your upbeat, happy music, but for those times when you want to be sad and pensive looking out of the bus window it's perfect.

7. LCD Soundsystem | All My Friends
This is the most feel good party song I have ever heard. Whatever party I'm at I will always connect my iPod at some point and sneak this song on. It instantly makes me want to party, whatever I'm doing. I don't know what it is about it. It just has this constant building rhythm that makes you excited and delivers these constant gems of lines. It's basically a song about partying with your friends so when you actually are you'll end up trying to link every line to the situation. Please whoever is reading this, I urge you to have a party, surround yourself with good friends, get really fucked up and listen to this song.

8. Elton John | Rocket Man
Ever since I was a child I always wanted to be an astronaut. As I got older it became more obvious that this would never happen, and I would have to rely on the evolution of technology and wait until there were flights to the moon from Easyjet. Until that day comes I have this song. No matter how big and ridiculous my dreams get, there is nothing I can't do, the sky ain't the limit, 'cos I am the rocket man.

9. Etta James | Stop The Wedding
There are so many other female artists that I adore but trying to pick a favourite song is a completely different game, and this song simply takes the lead. The song starts with a vicar asking if anyone objects to the people he's marrying getting married and then boom, it kicks in with the amazing vocal Wait, wait, stop the wedding!. Man, it gets me every time. To put it simply it's just so cool. Her vocals are amazing and it's just such a strange subject. A song that is basically a woman telling the groom not to marry the woman he's marrying. I actually couldn't decide wether to choose this song or Case Of You by Joni Mitchell and I know it may be controversial, but this song was definitely the one for me.

10. Jeff Buckley | Lover, You Should've Come Over
If you have already heard this song then I'm sure I don't really need to explain why I chose it. It is, in my opinion, actually the most beautiful song ever written. I can sit here all day and quote line after line, but I'm not going to. If you want to know what the song is about then go and listen. If you haven't had your Jeff Buckley phase yet, then I am so excited for you. But if you never have it, then I don't know how your life could ever be complete. The perfect break up song EVER. Listen to this 'til your ears bleed and your friends stop calling. If I ever write a song half as good as this I will happily retire.