WARMER MIXTAPES #1062 | by Meilyr Jones of Race Horses

1. Teenage Fanclub | Neil Jung
I’ve only recently got into Teenage Fanclub, but at the moment I listen to this song at least twice a day! The change/chords in the bridge just completely got me – every song I’ve written since listening to this sounds like Teenage Fanclub!

2. Beach House | Zebra
This is one of those songs that every time I listen to it, it always takes me back to when I first heard it. It was around when our debut album came out, we actually meet Beach House in a B&B in Manchester before I’d even heard their music. I brought the album a week later and this song blew me away. Every time I hear it I always feel sad and nostalgic (not to that time specifically, just general past nostalgic)! This track has the best chords ever!

3. Smith Westerns | Weekend
Great song – I love the glam guitar riffs in the song, it must be very fun for them to play this song live I’d imagine.

4. Datblygu | Cân I Gymry
Maybe one of Datblygu’s most known songs. The words are brilliant, as with all Datblygu’s songs. I first heard this on a Ankst Music Compilation about 15 years after the song had come out.

5. The Ronettes | Be My Baby
This is probably many people’s favourite song – and it’s mine too. I love everything about the song, especially the string solo with the backing vocals, amazing.

6. Super Furry Animals | Zoom!
Off their Love Kraft album – this is like a Pop symphony, it’s nearly 7min long and it’s got an incredible bit in the middle when it breaks down to a full choir. There’s so much going on, but in a good way – I love the fact it’s got a musicbox playing La Vie En Rose quietly at the start underneath the song! I can’t imagine how they even started to compose or record this song.

7. The Velvet Underground | I’m Waiting For The Man
One of the coolest songs by one the coolest bands. It’s one of my favourite songs to play. Me and Gwion went to Lexington 125 in New York. When we were there I had the song in my head, imagining Lou Reed there in the mid-60s waiting and feeling sick and dirty, more dead than alive! Also check out this beautiful version by Lou Reed & John Cale in Paris, 1972.

8. Murry The Hump | Booze And Cigarettes
I brought this album when I was 16 from Andy’s Records in Aberystwyth; the band are also from Aberystwyth and it just reminds me of growing up there – it was my favourite album for many years (might still be – I haven’t listened to it for a few years).

9. Alex Turner | Piledriver Waltz (Submarine Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
From the Submarine soundtrack/EP – I love his voice when it comes in and the chords/melody in the verse is magic. I like the version that’s on Suck It And See, but prefer this version. Great film also!

10. Dexy’s Midnight Runners | This Is What She’s Like
A huge influence on the band. David Wrench who produced our first album played this track to us for the first time in the studio, I hadn’t really heard Dexy’s before that (except for Come On Eileen, of course). The energy and the groove was unbelievable, especially when the outro kicks in, you just want to dance. I remember being completely blow away by the band and this track.