WARMER MIXTAPES #1117 | by Vladimir Burtsev [Dee Flack]

1. Synkro & Indigo | Guidance
First I've heard this track several years ago and I felt that this track is part of my soul.

2. Kamandi | Distortion Wolf 
With this New Zealand musician I've met recently. The track Distortion Wolf impressed me too much and I've been using it in my playlist during a long time.

3. Caan | Into The Night (Synkro Remix) 
In the list Synkro again. This time he did an unbelievable remix for Caan.

4. Burial | Archangel
One of the favorite tracks by this producer.

5. Zaika x Liar | Inside You
The track Inside U is created by 2 producers. One of them is my buddy - Zaika, and another one is from Romania - Liar, they are very skilled producers.

6. Volor Flex | Unfeeling
That track immersed me in a dark night and melancholy atmosphere.

7. Trentemøller | Moan (ENiGMA Dubz Remix)
Remix by cool producer - ENiGMA Dubz on a very, very nice tune by Trentemøller.

8. Oliver Koletzki | Hypnotized (feat. Fran)
The track title is fully consistent in feelings.

9. Culprate | Two
Well known producer - Culprate and his track Two is on the 9th place.

10. Queensway | Summer Jam
The Ukranian musician from Kiev - Queensway - I believe is one of the best artists in this style in Europe. This track is very beautiful.