WARMER MIXTAPES #1127 | by Gavin White and Mark Cummins of White Collar Boy

SIDE A | by Mark Cummins

1. Estroe | Driven
When that bass comes in, what a moment. I’ve played this out at any decent party.

2. Supermayer | Please Sunrise 
One of my favourite tunes off one of my favourite records. Collaborations rarely work but this is an example of how they should!

3. High Places | From Stardust To Sentience
Production is flawless, and the ambiguous nature of the vocals create such an amazing atmosphere. Haunting yet beautiful.

4. Peter Gordon & Factory Floor | Beachcombing 
Another collaboration that worked out brilliant. The atmospheres and sonics created are amazing, and with Factory Floor with their debut LP out, it’s fitting this should be on this list.

5. Holden | Renata (Daphni Remix)
That new Holden album is absolutely class, lost my mind briefly when I heard the original of this. Been playing this remix a lot lately and goes down really well.

6. A Sunny Day In Glasgow | Ghost In The Graveyard
Fell in Love with this band a long time ago and never looked back, the album (Scribble Mural Comic Journal) this track is from is particularly brilliant. Whenever we're mixing vocals I look to ASDIG for guidance.

7. Clu | What Can I Say? (Simon Bird Remix)
Simon Bird is my favourite Irish producer at the minute, his attention to detail is second to none. The outro to this remix gets me every time. He has remixed a track for us which appears on our new record, very excited to have it out there.

8. The Beta Band | Space Beatle
This song will be played at my wedding as I hold the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.

9. Soft Cell | Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
TAAAKEEE YOURR HAAANDSS OFFFF MEEEEE - me in the shower most days.

10. Jay Reatard | Oh, It's Such A Shame
I was lucky enough to meet the dude a few years ago in Barcelona, he was on another level. Just hope he is still wreckin' the gaf on whatever level he is on now.

SIDE B | by Gavin White

1. Coma | My Orbit
A current favourite no doubt. Vocals are superb and the arpeggio when it breaks is sublime. It’s something we can relate to as they’re a similarly sounding two piece.

2. Abby | The Song Remains Through All (Clockwork Remix)
Probably my favourite song of 2013, the blend of vocals in the mix is fantastic and is a perfect closer in any set.

3. Talking Heads | This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)
We’ve probably finished all our favourite parties with this.

4. LCD Soundsytem | Get Innocuous
Throwing this on the turntable for the first time and realising you're listening to one of the greatest records ever made. Instantly excited.

5. Neil Young | On The Beach
Seeing him play this in the Theatre Rex in Paris was incredibly moving and still is whenever played. Though my problems are meaningless, that don’t make them go away. Classic.

6. Iggy Pop | China Girl
Terrifies me every time, not enough to not make it my favourite song of all time.

7. Radiohead | Everything In Its Right Place
The first song off my favourite record of all time. Mesmerising.

8. Made In USA | Never Gonna Let You Go (Theo Parrish Re-Edit)
Everything he touches turns to gold. This is a particular classic though, the first break is so euphoric, and from then on it just gets better!

9. I Am The Cosmos | Dislocate
Probably my favourite band in Ireland at the minute after the release of Monochrome, this is a one of the many stand outs, the arpeggio is gorgeous.

10. Sparklehorse | Piano Fire
When I heard this first I think I played it about ten times in a row, everything from it’s sound to the poignant ambiguous lyrics gets me every time, deavastated when I learned he had died.