WARMER MIXTAPES #1158 | by Nina Boldt [NINA]

Behind The Dunes

1. Siouxsie And The Banshees | Dear Prudence (The Beatles Cover)
They performed this song at Top Of The Pops on the day I was born, where I would play myself 19 years later on... (It was number 1 on the charts, written by John Lennon).

2. David Bowie | Heroes
I always looked up to Bowie and how he was able to create a sound that would travel miles to reach centuries... A living masterpiece! I’ve always been proud of the fact that he lived and recorded in Berlin too.

3. Michael Jackson | I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (with Siedah Garrett)
My mum and I would listen to this song on our daily car journeys. I must have been about 5 but I knew all the lyrics, although I had no idea what they meant.

4. The Doors | The Crystal Ship
This is just such a beautiful poetic song that Jim wrote about his first girlfriend. I’m a huge Doors fan and their songs never get old.

5. Talk Talk | Such A Shame
This reminds me of long road rides as a child... It was quite a big hit in Germany and the radios played it all day long. A pretty cool British Synthpop - New Wave band.

6. Paul Thomas Saunders | Kawai Celeste
I only just recently discovered Paul’s Music and instantly liked it. I like melodies that can take me away to faraway places.

7. Hunter As A Horse | We Will Meet Again
I collaborated with Hunter As A Horse, aka Paul and Mia on my recent EP. They are super imaginative artists and I love all of their songs but this one especially, as I can really relate to the lyrics.

8. Big Black Delta | Into The Night
Big Black Delta has remixed one of my tracks and you can really hear it’s him. I love how he crafted his own particular sound, and his live shows are incredibly energetic. A definite must see.

9. Johnny Cash | Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
This song was played at my granddad’s funeral, who sadly passed away last summer. Although this is a cover from Nine Inch Nails, the lyrics suited Johnny Cash’s life perfectly and so they did for my granddad.

10. Thomas Azier | Angelene
An incredible new Electro-Pop singer and musician I can't get enough of. His music videos are dark and filmic, which I love. A must-see!