WARMER MIXTAPES #1178 | by Chinedu Murphy Madubuike [Mjeez]

1. Céline Dion | My Heart Will Go On (Titanic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This was the first song that ever made me cry, I was only eight years old as of that time but still I was moved by the emotions Céline Dion expressed through this Music. Maybe it was because of the movie Titanic, but till date every time I hear this song I am moved emotionally to a point I end up reflecting on my past memories.

2. Brian Adams | (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I believe I grew up hearing this song repeatedly, amazing composition and the lyrics were so inspiring and alive. I believe my dream of being a guitarist grew from this particular song.

3. Justin Bieber | Baby (feat. Ludacris)
I was totally amazed when I first came across the video, it's Innocence and a perfect expression of tender Love between two kids. I believe this song is a masterpiece and reminds me of my first Child Love.

4. One Direction | Little Things
Lovely song, simple video. Reminds me of my previous relationships. Saying those exact words. Every single time trying to make it work in my previous relationship, part of what inspired the direction of my latest single Don’t Go Away.

5. Nneka | Heartbeat
This is one song that explains how things really are in Africa, the painful emotions she poured into the song made it more relatable to me seeing that I lived in Africa for a long while before moving down to Europe. I was really glad when the World accepted this song having the likes of Drake, Rita Ora and Nas making remixes of the song.

6. Chris Brown | Loyal (feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga)
This song was not trying to hide any facts, it was quite expressive and, being a big fan of Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, I just loved it.

7. Taylor Swift | Teardrops On My Guitar
Expressive song writing, wonderful chord progression and the lovely voice of Taylor Swift it was like a classic fairy tale story, so I don’t think I’m ever going to stop playing this song and loving it.

8. Jason Mraz | I Won’t Give Up
From the first day I heard this song till this very moment it has been on the top of my playlist. It inspired me to write a couple of songs of my own with slow picking movements on the guitar, allowing the audience to listen to the lyrics.

9. Rihanna | Diamonds
I love every song Rihanna has ever made from the beginning of her career till now. Diamonds amongst her other songs can’t stop ringing in my head every moment and I honestly believe am a diamond in the sky myself.

10. Miley Cyrus | The Climb (Hannah Montana: The Movie Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This very song reminds me of the whole journey involved in achieving a dream. The entire period that builds up to that very moment before the spotlight hits you and all of a sudden you become the centre of attention.