WARMER MIXTAPES #1235 | by Anssi Neuvonen and Samuli Neuvonen of NEØV

SIDE A | by Anssi Neuvonen

1. Erik Satie | Gymnopédie No. 3 (Played by Ronan O'Hora)
The meditative touch of French impressionists in a Musical form. One third of Bermuda Triangle where I love to get lost: Satie, Proust, impressionist paintings.

2. The Besnard Lakes | 46 Satires
Glorious Production. One of the best songs of 2013.

3. Kate Bush | Cloudbusting
There is a very special aura around Kate Bush's Music. Cloudbusting is so, so sad. It's always deeply moving to go through this song, which is based on the father-son relationship of Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (who really built a cloudbuster) and his son, Peter. For me, the rainmaking process symbolizes the activities that you deeply love but you're not necessarily getting any credit of them. I mean activities like collecting stamps or birding or painting or creating Music… Anything that is going to make someone laugh at you but it couldn't matter any less because you're so deeply doing what you want to do. At the end of the song, the moments when Kate Bush's voice gets distorted are magnificent.

4. David Bowie | Life On Mars?
This is one of the very first songs I remember from my childhood. I've been delving into it regularly throughout the years and it's just growing stronger and stronger. Last summer when a piano was carried into my apartment, I started to strum this song with the instrument for the first time and discovered the irrational beauty of the Composition with new eyes. David Bowie must have had a message from Mount Olympus when writing this song.

5. Magenta Skycode | Open Air
The power of Elegance. This song gives me the pleasures of a long outdoor walk and a row boat trip. A Finnish classic.

6. Ewert And The Two Dragons | Sailor Man
About two years ago, we had a day off in Toronto and we hit the venues to see some live sets. After a show of Ewert And The Two Dragons, we were like Quite good, quite good, actually, very good… If any of us hasn't planned something special, they're playing again tonight, only a few blocks from here, should we get there?... So, we saw them two times that night. Unusual. And besides of that, it's unusual that after discovering them, I've been listening and watching the park live versions of Sailor Man (for Estonian TV and Berlin Sessions) approximately as much as listening to the album version. I truly love this song!

7. This Mortal Coil | You And Your Sister (Chris Bell Cover)
Originally a song written by Chris Bell of Big Star. For me, there are two types of brilliant songs. The first ones work like Time machines, getting me back to somewhere. The second ones stop the Time, making me feel like I'm naked in a warm primitive bubble, forgetting everything. This song is a latter type of brilliant song for me. One of the best cover versions I know.

8. Beirut | Elephant Gun
Zach Condon's masterpiece. This song got me to start trumpet playing.

9. The Smashing Pumpkins | The Rose March
I've grown up with Music Videos, so Billy Corgan's presence was obvious. Easily one of my favorite songwriters and The Rose March is one of my favorite Pumpkins tracks, bringing a strong image of a frosty autumn morning. This song encourages me to discover the world by Songwriting. Can't you see me at all?

10. Sans Parade | On December 13th
I remember discovering the demo version of this song in MySpace-era and thinking yeah, these guys are winners. Me and Samuli had an honor to join the band on stage last summer. Before the show, we had three Parade songs to practice on our own. On December 13th wasn't on that list, but still we played it in our rehearsal room alongside the three chosen songs because it just felt so good!

+11. The National | About Today (Live)
Live cut from The Virginia EP. Breathtakingly beautiful Minimalism. Actually, Samuli introduced this one to me when we were writing songs for our debut album Orange Morning.

+12. The Radio Dept. | You Stopped Making Sense
If I had the play count history of all my shabby devices, this song might be the most played since 2010.

SIDE B | by Samuli Neuvonen

1. Delay Trees | Gold
So delicate, so elegant. One of the best Finnish songs ever written. Rami Vierula's voice combined with slowly evolving arrangement really makes Gold Gold.

2. Kashmir | Melpomene
Melpomene summarizes perfectly that capturing mood which is present in Kashmir's album Zitilites. Could have easily picked either Rocket Brothers or The Aftermath. The album itself is definitely in my top 3 favorite records of all time.

3. Half Moon Run | Full Circle
Saw this band at Canadian Music Week in 2012 and Full Circle really caught my ear that time. Since then I've been listening to the song almost a daily basis, really. The band is full of energy and Creativity and I really look forward to their second album hopefully later this year.

4. The National | Looking For Astronauts
As a young drummer I've never had any real drumming idols, but when asked my opinion on Bryan Devendorf, I can't hide my admiration of his style. Sometimes I even hear people comparing my drumming to Devendorf's style which is of course a huge honor for me. So, Looking For Astronauts is picked mainly because of ingenious drumming, even though the track is surely great in its entirety.

5. The Verve | Sonnet
This song was must-listen stuff as a teenager when every boy dreamt about being a part of a Rock band some day. The Charisma and Cockiness of Richard Ashcroft, Sun-glasses and an Army coat - what else can a Young Boy even Hope from the Future?

6. Coldplay | Don't Panic
More Teen Nostalgia. The anthem of Youth and Freedom for me.

7. Virta | Tales From The Deep Waters
An imposing song by Finnish Jazz/Experimental trio, lead by a brilliant trumpetist/good friend Antti Hevosmaa. The Morricone-esque melody of the track has that soothing influence which reminds me of driving around Finland in Summer without any hurry, the Midnight Sun on the Horizon.

8. Nils Frahm | Says
Hypnotic. This song makes me feel very distressed. Nevertheless, I can't keep myself away from the song and the feeling which is actually an essential motivator and often leads me to the flow of Creativeness. So thanks to Nils for that!

9. Apparat | K&F Thema (Pizzicato)
Another German maestro of Minimalism expressing his sense of Harmony as its best.

10. Sigur Rós | Brennisteinn
The track of the summer 2013 for me. Saw the band live during that year and what an experience it was! I really thought my eardrums ruptured when the first strikes of Brennisteinn were played.