WARMER MIXTAPES #1261 | by Jesse Cafiero [Split Screens]

1. The Beatles | Within You Without You
There’s magic on the entirety of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, but this track really shines through for me. It’s just a beautiful track and just another reason George Harrison is my favorite Beatle!

2. Jimi Hendrix | Machine Gun
Let’s take a guitar... And let’s make it encapsulate the entirety of all the pain and strife of the whole Vietnam War, and while we’re at it, make it sound like a helicopter as icing on the cake. A true masterpiece of Expression.

3. Alpha Blondy | Come Back Jesus
Being a bass player first and foremost, I immediately fell in love with this song. I was in Costa Rica on a beach and someone was playing it through some busted up speakers. It was perfect.

4. John Coltrane | A Love Supreme: Part 1 - Acknowledgement
The first part of Coltrane’s A Love Supreme suite, this song is on the top of my list for a recording that completely transcends. Through Coltrane’s solo you can hear the struggle in his life, his fear and at the climax he breaks through it all. It’s a beautiful moment and I’m grateful (as are a lot of people) that it was recorded and is here to stay.

5. Dolly Parton | Early Morning Breeze
I’ve really digging Dolly Parton’s old records these days. The players on this track are top notch and the intro is one my favorites!

6. Paul Simon | Graceland
I love how this song incapsulates a period of Paul Simons’ life that was full of heartbreak and change. I got into this track around a similar time in my life so it’ll always have a strong meaning for me.

7. Frank Zappa And The Mothers | Eat That Question
This is some top notch Mathy Riff Rock. Plus George DukesFender Rhodes solo at the beginning is unstoppable.

8. Curtis Mayfield | The Makings Of You
On my list of one of the Top Love Songs Ever Written, sung by one of my all time favorite singers.

9. David Axelrod | Songs Of Innocence 
I’ve been one to romanticize living in Los Angeles in the 60’s and thanks to David Axelrod’s catalogue I can almost travel back in Time and make believe.

10. Herbie Hancock | Vein Melter
This one sounds like it’s name, just slow Psychedelic Funk with some incredible Spacy Electric piano played by none other than the great Herbie Hancock!