WARMER MIXTAPES #1263 | by Sebastian Bartz [Venice Calypso] of S.A.D

1. Ulterior | The Death Of Everything
This track is the essence of what I like in Music. Rough, Cold and Non - Human. It’s one of those songs that make you want take Speed and smash stuff. One of the best bands from the UK.

2. The Cramps | I Was A Teenage Werewolf
This is how Live Music should really look. The feral energy of Lux, supported by the stone cold appearance of Ivy. One of the best bands ever - I truly regret that I didn't have a chance to see them live.

3. Hindzy D | Target
Nothing really smells more like a London basement than this track. One of the best Instrumental Grime tracks I’ve heard. Fucking dark as fuck - as is Life.

4. RiFF RAFF | Wetter Than Tsunami
MY MAiN GOAL iS TO BLOW UP AND THEN ACT LiKE i DONT KNOW NOBODY... A bit of a different mood than the previous choices. RiFF RAFF is definitely one of my favourite Hip Hop artists. He brings something fresh and real to the genre. Someone make him a billionaire!

5. Siekiera | Ludzie Wschodu
This is an Underground band from Poland prominent in the 80's. They have a really unique sound, recorded at a time when Poland was suppressed by an oppressive government.

6. Bleaching Agent | 48ml

7. The Jesus And Mary Chain | In A Hole (Live At BBC TV's The Old Grey Whistle Test, 1985)
I liked their approach from my first encounter. I’m really not sure how many artists these days would have the courage to say that Joy Division was rubbish. A great rough sound that is still inspiring.

8. Genuflex | The Lost Gods
The newest addition to my chart. Another example of great Music relevant to our times.

9. Karlheinz Stockhausen | Mikrophonie I
Pure genius, pioneer and a man ahead of his time. I studied his Music a lot during my education in London and his work definitely influenced my approach to Sound and Music.

10. Krzysztof Penderecki | Threnody To The Victims Of Hiroshima (Performed by Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra; Conductor: Antoni Wit)
I had the privilege to witness him conducting this performance at the Barbican (London) last year, and it was one of the most spectacular performances I have ever seen.