WARMER MIXTAPES #1280 | by David Rhodes [RHODES]

1. Talk Talk | Eden
I was given the album Spirit Of Eden when I was recording my second EP, I loved everything about it and I found that it inspired me to explore sounds and texts that I may not have thought about if I hadn't heard the record. I loved the looseness of this track and there are some stunning hooks in the vocal. I love the way they have used the Hammond organ here as well.

2. The National | I Need My Girl
I’ve always loved The National, lyrically and sonically. I was waiting very excitedly for their last album after having been introduced to the Music by a friend. When I heard this track it sent me in to a trance… I was away at the time and missing my girlfriend terribly so it really hit home. I listen to it all the time.

3. Future Islands | Seasons (Waiting On You)
I think most people who were introduced to this band by the Letterman performance earlier this year have, like me, totally fallen head over heels for them! I love the album and it’s not too similar to the kind of thing I’d normally listen too. The frontman is an incredibly intense performer, I went to see them play live at Latitude Festival and this songs takes me right back there.

4. Erik Satie | Gymnopédie No.1 (Played by Pascal Rogé)
This is a stunning piano piece. Sometimes when I’m on a long drive, particularly late at night, I love to put on Classic FM and one night when I was driving back from a gig this song came on and it took me away somewhere. I was exhausted so I was in an emotional mood and this made me feel so nostalgic. I think it's because, although it's a very famous piece, we often hear it subliminally in adverts or when we’re out and about, so it reminds you of so many thing but it's not until you sit and properly listen to the song that it gives you a chance to reflect and appreciate it.

5. Love | You Set The Scene
This was on the first album that my dad bought for me. He used to give me Music and give me his own CDs to listen to when I was a kid, but this one he actually bought for me one Christmas and, to be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect and at first tossed it to one side. I can honestly say that this song changed my life. I listened to it constantly and it holds so many good memories of mine, some good, some bad. I love the Psychedelic nature of all of Love, Arthur Lee is one of my favourite writers, it's very abstract at times but always connects with me somehow.

6. The Kinks | You Really Got Me
For some reason, when I was at School, me and my best friend developed an obsession with the 1960’s. I’m not quite sure what sparked it, but it was a combination of the style, the scooters and bikes, the Music and the romanticised image that we had of how London was during that time. We used to sit in my room and listen to this song every day! My mum never complained because she loved it too! It’s one of those tracks that I can quite easily forget about and when I hear it again it ignites this feeling inside and takes me back to what was probably the first time I really started to passionately love Music. I saw Ray Davis play at Hop Farm two years ago, that was the first proper festival that I went to so it was very cool.

7. The Temptations | Get Ready
Same as above!! I love this track.

8. Elliott Smith | Bled White
My girlfriend got me in to Elliott Smith. You really feel as though you’re entering his world when you listen to his songs and, like most songs that really grab me, I couldn’t stop listening to this one. Until January this year I was working for American Apparel and this song was on my iPod so much during my last few weeks there. Looking back now, I’ve realised that I made some amazing friends working there (including my girlfriend!!) and had quite a good time in doing so. This is a nice way to remember all of that when I listen to it.

9. Cocteau Twins | Persephone 
What I love about this track is that it is totally open to interpretation. I heard that Elizabeth Fraiser hated people commenting on and questioning her lyrics, so she began to sing in an inaudible way, whether that be the language or the effects she puts on the vocal, I’m not sure but I love it. I first got into the Cocteau Twins when another of my favourite bands Beach House cited them as an influence. I can definitely see that!! I think, out of all that I’ve heard, this track embodies them as a band. The guitar sounds in particular have definitely helped to shape what I aspire to in my atmospherics.

10. Danny Elfman | Introduction (Titles) (Edward Scissorhands Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I love Edward Scissorhands and this film score is incredible. Danny Elfman does a lot of the Tim Burton soundtracks and I find them really inspiring in terms of string arrangements and backing vocals. I love the floaty vocals that glide through the other layers and textures. I started getting really into the soundtrack when I wrote my song Breathe and, looking back now, I think you can hear the influence.