WARMER MIXTAPES #1318 | by Laurent Daumail [DJ Cam] of Mawashigeri CPC, DJ Cam Sound System and DJ Cam Quartet

1. Public Enemy | Fight The Power (Do The Right Thing Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Strength, Power and Respect. The voice of a nation and the sounds of an era.

2. John Coltrane | My Favorite Things (Mary Martin and Patricia Neway Cover)
Pure Emotion.

3. Gang Starr | Mass Appeal 
New York under the snow with a group of friends.

4. Miles Davis | In a Silent Way/It's About That Time
My first super big remix for such a legendary artist.

5. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes | Summer Nights
The most sampled artist for me and such a big source of inspiration. I love him so much.

6. Compton's Most Wanted | Growin' Up In The Hood
My first love for the West Coast and also the motivation to move to LA for 3 years. To feel and the live the vibe of a real G...

7. DJ Cam | Dieu ReconnaƮtra Les Siens
Youth and Innocence. My first 12" and also my first big Underground hit. The beginning of my career and 22 amazing years of work and passion and travels around the World.

8. UKG | Tell Me Something Good (Remixed by DJ Screw)
How you can transform a song into something totally different with only 2 turntables and a lot of skills. The creation of a new genre in the 90's. Music under the influence of drugs can be good.

9. Kool & The Gang | Summer Madness 
A very nice and hot night with the woman you loved, no pressure, no stress, only pleasure and warmness. Your bad dreams are gone forever.

10. Soul II Soul | Keep On Movin' (feat. Caron Wheeler)
The best Modern soulful track ever composed and created. How to transform the dancefloor of a big and crowded club into a church.