WARMER MIXTAPES #1406 | by Gregorio Assandri (Cloned In Vatican) and Andrea Frittella (Pall-O-Tino) of Irregular Disco Workers

SIDE A | by Gregorio Assandri

1. Lindstrøm | Violent Group 
Taken from a particular album coming out in 2006 called Another Side Of Lindstrøm. Really important record for me because this is one of the songs that inspires the birth of our label Disco Volante Recordings. Here we can find different influences, not only Disco, but also Nu Jazz, IDM and Funk touches.

2. HNNY | Gymnastics 
Groovy and Disco, full of strings and a real elegant and classic touch, remembers me of the hedonist atmosphere of some TV shows in the early 80’s on Italian Commercial TV. Fall in love with this track.

3. Leftfield | Afrika Shox (with Afrika Bambaataa)
In the 90’s Leftfield was one of the groups that influenced a lot my background, and my productions too. This collaboration with Afrika Bambaataa is really amazing, an aggressive Electro Funk, with Breakbeat groove and really obscure atmosphere, with a lot of structure changements. A real complete track, that tells the story of my teenage with positive and obscure episodes.

4. Talamanca System | Balanzat (Tuff City Kids Remix) 
The original theme sounds really dreamy and nostalgic, this remix punch really hard and makes all more groovy and dynamic with the obssessive piano, and percussive marimba synths. Really amazing.

5. Irregular Disco Workers | Dimmi Di Si (feat. Hard Ton)
This track will coming out in 2015 and is one of a 4 track EP. It will include amazing vocal of Italian Disco Queen Hard Ton. A real mixing of Electro, Italo and Acid, in a few words: our Italian Trademark.

6. Ferrer & Sydenham Inc. | Sandcastles 
Instant Classic, it represent for me a rebirth, because 2003 was a period in which I was digging in record shops' shelves to find something different. Well, this was a real enlightenment. Groovy, Balearic, nostalgic strings, warm atmospheres. This record brings me back to mid 90’s Ibiza Sound.

7. John Talabot | When The Past Was Present (Pachanga Boys Red Remix) 
This powerful Dub reminds me of the first IDW gigs out of Italy, and the first positive reactions of a non-Italian dancefloor, a really appreciable result. Really groovy, percussive and obssessive.

8. Hipnosis | Astrodance
+ Argonauts... I found it in a vintage record shop in Milan 8 years ago, and now is in my bag again. A real 1984 Spacey bomb from Italy that everytime brings me to my childhood, 16 o'clock, watching Robot Japanese cartoons on Italian TV and eating a Girella.

9. AM/TM ‎ | Back To Acid (feat. Navid Izadi)
Amazing Acid tune from our friends, a real rebellion against Cocaine preppy Italian consumers, and cheesy clubs attenders. Really excited everytime I played this record and the vocal sings: “You can keep your Cocaine, I want Acid!

10. Trus’me | Need A Job (Vakula Remix)
Acid, obsessive 303 line, and really hard groove. Remembers me of my teenage and mid 90’s events in Brescia clubs.

SIDE B | by Andrea Frittella

1. Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy | Kerberos 
Last year I lightly changed my sounds tastes. I was searching something new and I found this amazing masterpiece. Melody, groove and Hypnotism.

2. Irregular Disco Workers | Blindfolded 
This is the first EP of High Above The Ground, a Turkish label who asked us to do a Disco track for its debut.

3. LindstrømVōs-sākō-rv (Irregular Disco Workers Remix) 
With this remix we won a Beatport contest more than 1 year ago. I think this is our best remix and… It’s our best selling actually. Eheheh...

4. Eagles | Hotel California 
OK, I don’t know where to play it in this virtual mixtape, but it is one, perhaps the only, of my favorite tracks of all time. When I discovered this song for the first time I was a teenager listening radio before sleeping. I got chills!

5. Daniel Avery | All I Need (Roman Flügel Remix)
I like this sound! STOP!

6. Populous | Fall (feat. Cuushe)
Nice Electronic sound from an amazing Italian artist. I’ve discovered him last month and I love his work!

7. Phreek Plus One | La Spirale (J’s Loveboat Mix)
The right track for the right moment. Try this after a long warm up and let me know if it works!

8. Boot & Tax | Acido
Acid! Sounds that we usually use in our gigs.

9. Simon Baker | Plastik (Todd Terje Türkatech Mix) 
Todd Terje is actually one of my favorite artists. This remix is something different from his sound, but I LOVE it!

10. Little Dragon | Paris (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Holiday Edit) 
A track that does the job!