WARMER MIXTAPES #1439 | by Federico Ágreda Álvarez [Zardonic/Triangular Ascension/Sol Nocturno/Klipp/Intimus Universum/Blackholepit/Gorepriest] of Moreon & Klipp

Photos by Simon Orellana & Pedro Rodríguez

Innocence Lost, and a bit of ADHD. And video games.

1. Antonio Vivaldi | The Four Seasons: Concerto No. 1 In E Major, Op. 8, RV 269, La Primavera (Spring) (Performed by I Musici)
You better write that IN FULL. And no, that's not a song name. That is indeed the correct way you refer to Academic Music... *Sips tea with pinky up and gently shakes moustache*... On a serious note, I think I was in my mother's womb and the 1st movement of Vivaldi's Spring Concerto was playing. I always loved it for some reason, even though I didn't exactly know how it sounded or felt like Spring since I was born and raised in Venezuela and there's no such thing as Spring. Only Summer. Burning Summer throughout the entire year, with a little bit of fresh air during the night. Sounds good? Try 35-40 degrees for your ENTIRE LIFE. Not good. You want to go to Bogotá where it's about 15-20 every day of the year. Except it rains. A lot. Oh, well, World can't be perfect. Jesus, I'm going off topic again. Excuse my shameless ADHD. Music does this to me. Anyways, yes. Now that I know Spring, Vivaldi nailed it. This sounds like pure Spring. Spring. I miss it. Well, I said I hated extreme heat, doesn't mean I like it when it's fucking -15 outside. Next!

2. Larry Carlton | Smiles And Smiles To Go
My dad always had this CD in the car, and I loved it. Might be a little bit cheesy for you Hardcore lot, but I still love it. To this very day. Beautiful Music, always lifts my mood, although it's kind of a bittersweet spot for me since the passing of my father. I miss him. He left just before I embarked on my biggest tour in Europe, the Europa Beyond Bass 2013 tour. I wish he'd been alive so he could have at least seen the aftermovie. And this is when I say something cheesy like I hope they have YouTube in Heaven or some shit. Oh, man. I love you, dad.

3. Division Barcelona | Vamos Que Nos Vamos
I think 90s Spanish Rave Music was my introduction to Electronic Music, and I absolutely loved everything about it. I'm barely naming one song, but any artists you could think of if you know about the scene: Chimo Bayo, Paco Pil, Ramírez, Lethal, Zentral, all of them produced tracks that I still remember to this very day, even though I was only 6 years old and rocking out to mixes by Venezuelan DJs Negrura Mix, Yayo aka Eduardo Javith and Pulpo Manotas on La Mega 103.3FM every night in my room.

4. Ace Of Base | Young And Proud
Hahahah, I know this will be shunned upon by most people, but, to be honest, Ace Of Base is one of that secret, old guilty pleasures of mine. This song made me feel really powerful when I was a kid. And I didn't hear it when The Sign came out. I actually owned the original EUROPEAN version of Happy Nation, so Young And Proud was Track 12 (and not Track 3 like in The Sign). Wait, let me correct that. It was TRACK 5, on Side B. THAT'S RIGHT. I owned the cassette. So yeah. I'm guilty of having heard the WHOLE album... Fuck, where's that cassette??... *Plays Music*...

5. Nirvana | Smells Like Teen Spirit
Before I knew anything about Extreme Metal, I only had access to what was hot on the Radio. And this was probably the one song that always got me going. It made me feel something that I didn't really know how to deal with back then. Back in the day, for a normal kid (considering specially that I had been exposed almost exclusively to Nu Jazz and Classical Music), even something like Nirvana can feel disturbing. It was too much energy for me to handle, but there was something that kept me attached to it. Like I was yearning to open those gates and know more about the sound of the Electric Guitar.

6. Marilyn Manson | Antichrist Superstar
And so the Gates of Hell are open!! The first time I heard this track, it was on The Box (holy shit, I'm such a 90s kiddo!). I still don't understand why The Box is not around anymore. That was the BEST shit ever! Anyways, yeah. Marilyn Manson. That was the one video that I secretly asked for. And I would constantly watch it, seeing how he would challenge the Christian Church, rip The Bible on stage, from my ultra-Right-Wing-Roman-Apostolic-Catholic grandma's television. And I even had a sense of guilt from it, because I loved it. Back then in my head, it was like all that so called Temptation that Satan leads you into. And I loved it. Why did I love it? No, this must be a bad thing. I must turn it off. Can't. Turn. It. Off. HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Deicide | Once Upon The Cross
OK, so Satan and I are cool now. He's OK. A bit too theatrical and dramatic sometimes, but he's funny and he loves ice cream juice sometimes (he can't actually eat ice cream, melts before it reaches his hellish burning jaws). OK. Point made. Now, when I heard Deicide, I didn't really think then that anything more extreme than Marilyn Manson could be possible. You have to understand that when you're exclusively exposed to what everybody else listens to, you just DON'T KNOW about it and there's NO WAY you can understand it until you just get to know it. And realizing that is what made me forget about the whole stupid Underground mindset that forces Music to be something like a secret while the whole World NEEDS this so called Underground Music. The fact that we hate Mainstream is precisely the BEST argument against keeping Music underground. We need to have people wake the fuck up.

8. Cradle Of Filth | Thirteen Autumns And A Widow
Oh, the days when Cradle Of Filth was good. This was the first song that introduced me to Black Metal (yes, I know COF is too Gothic, FFS! I know my Metal. More on this later). This song gave me a power that I still can't understand. It's like my spirit comes out of me and ascends into... You know, that thing that your spirit usually ascends into. You know what I'm sayin'. Anyways, next.

9. Dimmu Borgir | Raabjørn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde
OK, too much Satan. Let's slow things down a tad and listen to this Love song. Soothing. No, I mean that. This is like the Dimmu Borgir ballad. Don't be scared. Check it out.

10. Borknagar | Oceans Rise
Ahh, Black Metal truly changed my life. Even my mother likes this one.

+11. Dark Funeral | Vobiscum Satanas
IT'S HERE!!! SATAN IS HERE!! I HAVE SEEN HIM!! THE DEVIL IS REAL!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is this vortex of pure Dark Energy in my bedroom?? The gates of Hell are right here in my bedroom!!!... *stops Music*... What in the flaming fuck was that?? Play it again! No, I'm too scared. Ah, what the... VVVOOOOBBBBIIIISSSSCCCCUUUUUMMMMM SAAAAAATAAAAANAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!

+12. The Berzerker | Reality
This song remains one of the most extreme pieces of Music (or Noise if you will) I've ever heard. There's not a single band that could top the extremity of The Berzerker, except of course for Anaal Nathrakh.

+13. Anaal Nathrakh | The Unbearable Filth Of The Soul
On top of having the weirdest fucking name you can have in a band, can you seriously come up with something more intense for the title of a song?? You gotta give it to these guys. They are truly the most extreme force ever conceived in the History of Music. Next to it is The Berzerker only. Oh, yeah, The Berzerker is also... Oh, shit, I already mentioned them. Sorry. Next!

+14. Ulver | Silence Teaches You How To Sing
Good God. This is the perfect aftermath for Metal. It's a beautiful piece of Ambient Music to listen to. Ulver is an interesting band, I think, because they've never had any limitations for the kind of Music they make. They're just them. Fully authentic. If they felt like going to the middle of the forest to record an album, they did it. If they felt like doing soundtracks for movies, they did it. If they felt like jazzin', they went on jazzin'!

+15. Nobuo Uematsu | One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack)
I can't make this mixtape happen without throwing in one of my favorite video game score pieces ever. Veni, veni, venias, ne me mori facias! Sephiroth fucking owns. Everybody. God created Man. Sephiroth created God. And I just killed Sephiroth. Oh, shit. Maybe that's why God is so mad at me now.​