WARMER MIXTAPES #1442 | by Uge Pañeda and Ana Quiroga of LCC

Photos by Irma Collín

SIDE A | by Ana Quiroga

1. Nine Inch Nails | Reptile
NIN have it all. They're deep, aggressive, peaceful, sexual, Dark, Light, strong and warm. They are my favourite band without any doubts. I listened to NIN for the first time in my teenage years, but I needed some time (maybe more than a year) to understand and travel across Reznor's sounds. Reptile was one of those songs that I didn't like at the beginning. Now, I love it!!

2. Hans Zimmer | Time (Inception Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Oh, this song is sooo beautiful! I like his soundtracks. He can be very, very powerful, epical, melancholic... This song is a beautiful travel across a lot of feelings. It can make you fly. I specially love the guitar, the percussions and, of course, the winds! He is a master!!

3. ISAN | Cathart
This is my favourite song by ISAN. It sounds really sweet and always makes me smile. I think when you are in Love, your heart sounds as this song! I remember a colleague sent me the song. I think I played it all the months of my life since then. Yes, I'm a romantic...

4. Locust | Just Want You
I like very much Locust. Especially this song. It's a bit mad and seductive at the same time. Not always for all the moments. I usually need different kinds of Music depending on my mood. This song is perfect to walk by the street or to drive on a rainy day or at night. Sounds to me as the Night.

5. Architectural | Witches' Dance
Architectural is also from Asturias, where we are from. His sounds are dark, immersive and deep. This song is just great!!! It's quite new, but I feel it has been always with me! Reminds me of these Tribal sounds that are inside all of us. And also tastes as the Night. Night is Magical to listen to Music. Everything sounds different at Night.

6. Darkstar | Deadness
I remember perfectly the first time I saw Darkstar on a live show. I fell in Love! They made a beautiful first album. Also love the second, but the first was magical for me. They sound as from other time. Reminds me of Twin Peaks soundtrack.

7. James Holden | Blackpool Late Eighties
This is one of my favourite songs ever! Makes me feel so good! It's hypnotic, a lysergic trip of sounds.

8. Depeche Mode | Personal Jesus
I always love bands that mix Electronic and Rock Music. Depeche Mode is one of the best bands doing this. I think this kind of Music was my real approach to Electronic, even more through other danceable bands that I listened to a lot in my teenage years as The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. This is a great song! David Gahan has a sensational voice and mix perfectly with the rhythms and the synths. Love it.

9. Soap&Skin | Voyage Voyage (Desireless' 'Voyage, Voyage' Cover)
Anja Plaschg is a great artist. So young and so powerful! Her voice and her piano melodies accompanied by those dramatic ambients. And on a live show she increases moreover! I love all her work, both of us actually. This song is a beautiful cover of the original Voyage, Voyage, more dramatic and intense.

10. PJ Harvey | On Battleship Hill
Well, we could say PJ Harvey is our Musical Guide. We've only one poster at the studio and is from her. Cause PJ has been with us since her first album until the last. We love her voice, her lyrics, her sounds. We've growing up with her, sharing all of our life experience through her albums, from the most hard to the most sweet. Despite liking all her songs, Let England Shake is for me, and I know also for Uge, the most magical, beautiful and sensitive. And this song is just one of all of them, able to make you fly, able to make you cry and smile at the same time. Thanks, Polly Jean.

SIDE B | by Uge Pañeda

1. Andy Stott | Posers
Andy Stott is one of my favourite producers. I love his dirty sounds. He can transmit primitive forces, really strong and also danceable.

2. Polar Inertia | Antimatter
The hypnotic sound of this song brings me to a Trance and Concentration state. I like to listen to it when my brain is working a lot.

3. Eliane Radigue | Jetsun Mila (1)
+ (2)... Eliane Radigue is a guide for me. The delicate and progressive growth of this song it's involving. When I listen to her I feel the same as when I listen to Tim Hecker. I start in one point and without realizing it I go to another completely different.

4. Léo Delibes | Lakmé: Flower Duet (Performed by Anna Netrebko & Elina Garanca with Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra; Conductor: Marco Armiliato)
This song from the Lakmé Opera is immense and beautiful. I like listening to Opera when I go round and round at home, singing when no one is watching!

5. Jeff Buckley | Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)
A sad lost... And so mysterious... I can't leave this song out of this mixtape. I listened to it many, many times during my life. It carries me to a melancholic mood that I always love to feel.

6. Ryoichi Kurokawa | Sirens (from the AV Work - Novi_sad + Ryoichi Kurokawa)
Currently, Ryoichi is one of my favourite Audiovisual artists, without doubts. This work is a masterpiece.

7. The Sugarcubes | Vitamin
I heard The Sugarcubes for the first time when I was 17. Through them it started my curiosity to discover Iceland. A Magic Place where Ice and Fire Coexist in Harmony. So addictive for me! So much so that in 2002 I decided go there and lived in Iceland for some years.

8. Angelo Badalamenti | Twin Peaks Theme (Twin Peaks Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I grew up with Twin Peaks. For one hand, there is the story, an awesome atmosphere which Lynch created. And, for the other hand, The Music. Both inseparables, really magnetic.

9. Emptyset | Gate 3
Emptyset have found the perfect way to make you dance through dry sounds. I really love this kind of Electronic Music which brings me to my primitive essence.

10. PJ Harvey | In The Dark Places
PJ is the Attitude and the Woman! Everytime I listen to this song it moves me, it touches me directly to the heart. Love you, PJ.