WARMER MIXTAPES #1444 | by Viktor Tverdochlibov [Karaoke Tundra] of Peťo Tázok, Santiago A Karaoke Tundra and Cabaret Noir Combo

Photo by Peter Sit

1. Mike Gao | Shoemaker
It's hard to pick up 10 all time favorites, so I decided to focus on my favorite tracks from the last year and a half or so... This one is from the Mike Gao's latest album and it's a banger!

2. Yheti | Twisted Korn Flip
Yheti is one of my favorite producers lately, I really dig his playful, witty and explosive style. This track with a sample of Korn's song is pretty wild stuff.

3. Kendrick Lamar | U
To Pimp A Butterfly is very complex (and in some way complicated) album. My favorite track is U - I love the flow and the sick voice. Very artistic.

4. 食品まつり a.k.a foodman | Mosquito & Clap
Those crazy Japanese! foodman is one of my faves. The name of the track tells it all - it's all about mosquitos and claps. Sick!

5. Raumskaya | Forty Nine
Russia has many talented Electronic musicians and Raumskaya is one of my favorites. Released on my own MEDVEDE label, this track is pretty Minimalistic, but very atmospheric at the same time.

6. Filtercutter | Torture Time
I'm a huge fan of Filtercutter, he makes unbelievably entertaining Music. This track from his (so far) unreleased album is pure club massacre.

7. Lana Del Rey | Fucked My Way Up To The Top
Kind of a guilty pleasure for me. Great verses/bridges/chorus and mainly the lyrics. Some lines sound pretty much like Battle Rap to me: You got nothing, I got tested. And I passed. Yes.

8. Karaoke Tundra | Okupant (Deech Remix)
This version by Deech from Slugabed's Activia Benz label is most probably my favorite remix of my own track ever! Futuristic Retro Delight.

9. Flako | Kuku
I never was a big fan of Flako, but I really like this joint. Sometimes I play it in my DJ-sets. And it works.

10. DJ Paypal | I'm Ready
My personal winner in the category Best DJ Name and his track from the Buy Now EP (great name again). Tribal Disco from the Parallel Universe.