WARMER MIXTAPES #1464 | by John Fontenot [Hypnotic]

1. 2Pac | Dear Momma
I can relate with this song because of my mom always being there for me when I need her and the struggles she went through raising me by herself.

2. Remedy | Never Again
It is the first song that caught my eye about Real Lyricism, Story Telling, and True Hip Hop. It's the song that put me on the path to real Hip Hop style at the age around 8 years old.

3. Mobb Deep | Shook Ones Pt. II
I not only jammed the lyrics, but also the beat as well. It was one of the first beats I used to record over and, above all, it's a true Hip Hop classic.

4. Eminem | The Way I Am
I relate a lot to this song. People always had an issue with the way that I am. Especially growing up only being the white one on the block or going around other whites like myself while they keep hating on my Hip Hop way of life, meaning the way I dress, talk, and am. So no matter where I would go people will always have a problem with the way that I am.

5. Slaughterhouse | Hammer Dance 
It's one of the few songs out there still keeping True Hip Hop alive unlike most garbage I hear on the radio nowadays, like Rick Ross, Lil' Flip, or Justin Bieber.

6. Nas | One Mic
It was the first song that introduced me to the Hip Hop artist Nas and I don't know why so many people were hating on him for putting out that song Hip Hop Is Dead, because it's true the way he is meaning it. But most artists nowadays don't see that because of the fact people don't look at Music like how they used to. Nowadays they put on a song, bop their head and don't even know what they're bopping their head to. Yeah, a beat might be good, but the true Art is in the lyrics crafted on a beat, which makes what I call Art. True meaning of Hip Hop that has a meaning and don't sound like every other song.

7. The Notorious B.I.G. | Juicy 
It's a classic and jams with hands down.

8. Lil Wayne | Go DJ
He is one of the first to release a lyrical track worldwide like that, coming straight outta Louisiana where I come from. Man, I remember the day this came out, it was everywhere and I just had to get the album to hear the rest. The Carter jams!

9. N.W.A | Straight Outta Compton
It's a classic and that song jams no matter what mood I'm in. R.I.P. Eazy-E.

10. Jay-Z | Renegade (feat. Eminem)
JAY Z and Eminem both kill that song. I would have never thought them two legends spitting on the same track as together. It's like rubbing two sticks together and caught that beat on fire.