WARMER MIXTAPES #1469 | by Richard Birkin and Kieran Wardle of Hot Soles

This list of songs is based on our real life touring playlist we play from venue to venue.

SIDE A | by Kieran Wardle

1. Supergrass | Sun Hits The Sky
This song is always one of the first ones we always play on route to a show. It's like Yes meets Sex Pistols. Massive jangley guitars sailing over a pulsing urgent rhythm section.

2. Manic Street Preachers | From Despair To Where
I first heard this song at the beginning of a TV sitcom and was instantly hooked. The intricate lyrics really tap into the world of teenage angst according to Richie. The combination of that with soaring vocals from James Dean Bradfield make it unbelievable.

3. Massive Attack | Angel
I first heard this in a club in Bassano, Italy, in 2003. I remember thinking what is this song?!... It was unlike anything I heard before and was my introduction into Trip Hop. It has an incredible sound of impending danger, the phase effected drums for me are the main thing that gives dynamic and leads the song.

4. The Beatles | Paperback Writer
Like a lot of people I was introduced to The Beatles by my parents. So it's very nostalgic for me listening to this song and many others by The Beatles. I really dig the tasteful simplicity of Ringo's drum track. It says all it needs to for a drum track. So many times I've wanted to cover it, but can't bring myself to do it.

5. The Beatles | Helter Skelter
This always gets played on route to a show. I actually couldn't believe it was The Beatles when I first heard it due to its almost sweet vitriolic demeanor. I've heard other bands cover it and lace it with overdrive, and yet none of them, in my opinion, are as heavy as the original.

6. Rage Against The Machine | Guerrilla Radio
The first time I heard this song was at Corporation nightclub in Sheffield. It's text book Rage formula. Starting off at an alarming rate of knots, and refusing to ease up until it's over. Amazing.

7. Lionel Richie | All Night Long (All Night)
I always appreciated this song, but I never realised how much of a good, well written track it was, until it was pointed out to by my friend Rick. It's got a really uplifting vibe to it, and is probably my favourite Lionel song.

8. The Raconteurs | Many Shades Of Black
For me this is one of the greatest, unrecognised Rock ballads of the last decade. Brendan Benson's lyrics are so beautifully written. He makes it sound so easy to write. This is one song I really wish I had written.

9. David Bowie | Suffragette City
I need not to say anymore than: Balls to the wall, flat out, Heavy Glam Rock! Ronson's guitar tracks sound like a wild hungry beast.

10. Pulp | Common People
This song makes me feel 15 again. I think when people get into Music at an early age, there is always some a person aspires to be, Jarvis Cocker was that guy for me. I think he's an incredible storyteller in his voyeuristic style. I admire his confidence to be blatant about the point, or description he's making.

+11. The Band | Don't Do It (The Last Waltz Live Version) (Marvin Gaye's 'Baby Don't You Do It' Cover)
This is one of the greatest encores to a concert, and at the same time, one of the greatest intros to a Music Documentary of all time. I was introduced to The Band whilst working as a roadie many years ago, and have never looked back since. Even though this is a cover of a Marvin Gaye song, in my opinion, The Band really do make it their own, and is a popular song on route to a show.

SIDE B | by Richard Birkin

1. Nelly Furtado | Maneater
Really vibe off this song. The four to the floor drumbeat sets the foundation for the song's carnal attitude. It reminds me of writing beats at the early part of Hot Soles.

2. Aretha Franklin | Rock Steady 
This song features one of my all time favourite drummers Bernard Purdie. Famous for his 16 note shuffle, he has been the most inspiring on how I play the drums to date. From the start of the song you feel rare groove. There is a drum break 2:28 mark (depending on the version of the song) which is amazing. This reminds me of learning the drums.

3. Amerie | 1 Thing
A song with a mind blowing drum hook, that really makes the track. The drums being sampled almost give the track an urgency which compliments the high flowing vocals.

4. Primal Scream | Rocks 
The production on this track is incredible. The amount sub on the kick drum is gargantuan. The lyrics are great and really do match the personality of the song. This track make me feel like a million pounds.

5. Radiohead | Kid A 
I decided to choose this entire album instead of just one individual track, as I feel it is one continuous musical journey, and completely trackless. It features every feeling on the emotive spectrum. Typically visiting Radiohead's trademark Sound of Beautiful Sadness.

6. Radiohead | High And Dry 
Another Radiohead classic. Always enjoy listening to this on way back from a gig. The production really adds to the Crestfallen Serenity song style.

7. Stevie Wonder | Master Blaster (Jammin')
From start to finish it is non-stop vibe. The shuffle beat makes this track so easy to listen to. This is another song for post show playlist.

8. Jeff Buckley | Dream Brother 
Another amazing drum track from another amazing drummer. The rudiments/fills style for most of the song really add tasteful textures and flawless dynamic.

9. White Denim | Say What You Want 
This is a big track! So spacey, big and open. White Denim are a musical entity like no other and this track proves that. Raucous guitars, soulful gang vocals and out of the box song writing. This song doesn't stick to convention and keeps surprising until the end.

10. Rival Sons | Open My Eyes 
Love the open groove this has. The big booming drums carry the vibe all way through the track, while the searing vocals punch in and punch out in a soulful dynamic.