WARMER MIXTAPES #1478 | by Mark Castle (MRK&JMY)

1. Smalltown Poets | There Is Only You
When I was little I wasn't really aloud to listen to all the Secular Music my friends got to experience. I mostly had Christian Rock as an entertainment source. I never really connected with any messages the songs were bringing, but the melodies were good enough for me then. Out of all the Christian songs I had heard, this one stuck with me and I catch myself humming it every once in a while.

2. Melanie Martinez | Soap
I actually discovered this song recently while playing around on Vine. The drop had drawn me in, but when I had found the actual song I was really captured by the lyrical theme and its special meaning. It really is a great sad song that you can dance to, and it reminds me of a very specific experience with Love. It's comforting hearing someone else sing about what feels like you. She's a newer artist and I look forward to hearing more great songs like this.

3. Anne Murray | Could I Have This Dance (Urban Cowboy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This song really only has one memory tied to it, and that's my mother. I remember how happy it made me when she would sing this to me most nights before bed. It's a song I'll never forget, and a memory I'll always cherish.

4. Goldfrapp | Number 1
I first heard this song at a club in Ybor City called The Castle. I saw the Music Video on the wall and asked my friend Is that Madonna?... I was new to clubs and not Christian things and really the visuals and synths blew me away. Possibly my favorite Pop song.

5. Kelis | Bossy (feat. Too $hort)
This simply is a fabulous song that was the anchor of my party days. It holds so many great memories for me. Kelis is really an underrated Hip Hop artist.

6. Innerpartysystem | American Trash
Good God, it's just so good. It's droll but sharp, and I'll still drop everything to dance my face off... Or do some ironic mirror posing.

7. Britney Spears | Stronger
Empress Britney reigned over my preteen days. So many people see her as just some blonde Pop star, but I had a lot of fun dancing around to her Music. It made me feel gorgeous. It's fun and empowering and there's nothing wrong with that. Slay.

8. Michael Jackson | Scream (with Janet Jackson)
Because obviously.

9. The Cranberries | Linger
When this came out I wasn't really the one making my Music choices, but later in adolescence I found this song and fell in Love with the melody. Then a little bit after that the song gained more meaning after the lyrics almost dictated personal experiences in my life. It's a really good example of how amazing Music was in the 90s. It also kinda makes me sad that I didn't get to experience it in its own time.

10. Crystal Castles | Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith) (Platinum Blonde Cover)
This is my all time favorite song. I had first heard it in a club when it had originally been released. The instrumental alone is so magical and invokes every emotion in me all at once, and the message really hits hard. This song absolutely terrifies me on every level, and I really enjoy that. It's almost too good, too perfect. I'm angry that it's not MY song! I'm so thankful it exists though.