WARMER MIXTAPES #1493 | by James Seymour [Feelds] of Swim Season

1. Volcano Choir | Comrade
This is atop my list because it was a no-brainer to include for me. Justin Vernon is undoubtedly my musical idol. He's a genius, and I believe his songwriting is something completely unique and unparalleled, which is something that really resonates with me. His morph with Collections Of Colonies Of Bees to create Volcano Choir was something that blew my mind. Bon Iver was already a masterpiece, and his more recent venture shows his passion to push boundaries and ideas. The 2013 album Repave and the song Comrade in particular is a musical journey that will never turn stale for me.

2. Josh Pyke | Momentary Glow
This gem is taken from Josh Pyke's latest release But For All These Shrinking Hearts. Another massive influence on my own style of songwriting, Josh spares no lack of feeling, melody and meaningful lyrical content throughout his 5th album. Momentary Glow is the standout track to me. It presents an honest and evocative story that explores the relationship between himself and his creativity.

3. Bad Pony | Down To You
A band that we at Swim Season have been great friends with for many years now. While we are finally forming a distinctive sound ourselves, Bad Pony have morphed into an Indie-Rock songwriting beast in the meantime. Their latest EP In Limbo really demonstrates their energy and prowess, and Down To You is a big standout for me.

4. Manchester Orchestra | The Ocean
Andy Hull is full of Honesty and Expression. His vocals are nestled superbly between the heavy guitars, harmonies and driving beat as he sings; I... I give it to the ocean, the ocean. For me, this song is one of those ones that I can involve immerse myself in while it takes me on its journey.

5. Bombay Bicycle Club | Luna (with Rae Morris)
Quite possibly my favourite song of 2014! Just a fantastic feel good track. Magnificent songwriting - and it features vocals from Rae Morris! Love that she became a part of the album So Long, See You Tomorrow.

6. The Weeknd | Losers (feat. Labrinth)
I'm a big fan of vocal lines that are organic, and I think this track really presents this idea. It's refreshing to hear the textural difference between The Weeknd and Labrinth when they sing relatively the same lines, and it's just a great bliss out tune!

7. Alpine | Damn Baby
Alpine have GROOVE! The unison in the chorus melody with a subtle harmony just fits together perfectly. Stoked to see this local Aussie band pushing out Music that just gets better and better.

8. Daniel Johns | Preach
When I first heard that Daniel Johns was putting out a solo project after so many years since Silverchair, I had no idea what to expect. I suppose I thought it would be a little Grungy or dark or something. I shouldn't have worried, because it is bloody brilliant!

9. The Preatures | Ordinary
Another Aussie band absolutely killing it. Haven't had the opportunity to see them live as yet, but if they are as fun and captivating as their recordings, I'll be making sure I get to their next show. I love the early Fleetwood Mac influence, and the way Isabella's lead vocal captures your attention throughout the whole recording.

10. Novo Amor | Anchor
Just a slow ballad that I am drowning in at the moment. It's fragile and powerful at the same time, which is a dynamic that always resonates with me as a songwriter and avid Music listener. So glad I came across Novo Amor.