WARMER MIXTAPES #1501 | by Nathassia Devine [Nathassia]

1. Runa vs In Progress | Saam (Under This Remix)
I really love the foreign sounding vocals on this track, has this Gypsy feel to it and the remixers have made it into beautiful & powerful Tribal breaks.

2. Soundprank | Flare 
Soundprank is one of my favorite Progressive Trance/House producers. I love the Indian vocal on this track, combined with the uplifting melodies in this production, just gives you chills in the drop.

3. John 00 Fleming | The Astrophysical Nebula
I'm a big fan of John and this track is just epic. With a title like that it's easy to see why! Grabs you right from the start, mysterious choirs, magical strings, it sets me on an emotional journey every single time I hear it.

4. 65daysofstatic | Sleepwalk City
I saw 65daysofstatic ‎ live at Incubate Festival in Tilburg (NL) last year, and watching them perform Sleepwalk City live was absolutely mind blowing, what an amazing experience.

5. Kate Bush | Wuthering Heights
I have a childhood memory of me watching this video! I loved this song so much whilst gazing at her performance. And even though I was born late 80s, Kate Bush left such a magical impression on me at a young age, so to now be compared to her is an amazing compliment!

6. Cocteau Twins | My Truth
It's such a sweet & innocent song, beautiful vocals, clever harmonies, I love the singer.

7. Hybrid | Until Tomorrow (feat. John Graham)
Another massive track from a great band. Powerful build up, amazing guitars, fantastic vocals that reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd, full of Melancholy.

8. Andre Sobota | Astral Lady 
This is quality Progressive House, just how I like it! Great bass sound with a very interesting produced vocal and, hey, I'm a bit of an astral lady!

9. Sezer Uysal | Le Grand Labyrinthe 
Another Progressive House track and I really love the Arabic/Turkish sounds in this. Reminds me of bewitched Istanbul, had a great time there filming for one of my songs!

10. AKASE | Rust (Midland Remix) 
Great track this, haunting vocal, love the eerie feeling, reminds me of Radiohead, would definitely like to collaborate with this producer in the future!